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AT&T Update August 24, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Breaking News.

Claire B here in the media center at Bristol Motor Speedway. Busch Happy Hour just ended with JJ Yeley the fastest 120.068 mph. Cup cars are on the track now. TIDBIT: NASCAR has sent an e-mail to all of its media partners asking them to refer to the #31 Chevy as the RCR Chevrolet. This after an Aug. 13 appeals court ruling overturned an injunction that had permitted the AT&T logos to replace the Cingular logos on the car since May 19.



1. Jeremy - August 24, 2007

So will the 31 car have a sponsor at all this weekend?

2. chris - August 24, 2007

wow!! this is gonna be great to read !! thanks for doing this for us claire

3. Cori - August 24, 2007

I think it is an absolute tragedy that AT&T cannot be on the dang car! Cingular was on it and they never had an issue with it. Only thing that changed was ATT bought out Cingular and changed there name. Argh…. it really has me frustrated LOL!

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