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Tony Eury Jr Status August 25, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Breaking News.

Max Siegel the President of Global Operations for Dale Earnhardt Inc. on #8 Crew Chief Tony Eury Junior’s status which he says will probably be announced at Richmond next weekend. “Tony Junior has expressed an interest to go with Dale Jr all along, it’s not been a secret,” Siegel said. “What we have been trying to do with the whole process is work through what makes sense for everybody involved kind of taking a look at who we have what our resources are. The one thing you can’t get anybody in this camp to disagree with is that everyone is truly interested in the long -term health and success of Dale Earhardt Incorporated. Probably the most, the thing thats the most different about this and probably the most difficult for people that are emotionally involved is people take a lot of pride in this company they are very passionate about it and they really truly care that no matter what they do for themselves that this company goes on to win and be successful. And that’s different I mean people change jobs a lot and often times they just look for the next opportunity so every person at this company that is affected by this change is sitting down trying to figure out how they’re going to be ok and we’re going to be ok.”


1. Flora Stanton - August 25, 2007

My thought on this is I think Tony Jr. should go with Jr. It tells you right along that Driver’s and crew chiefs are important to the race. Jr. and Tony Jr. have a combination that they understand each other. Tony Jr. I’m sure knows what is going on in Jr. head when he is on the tracks. I hope it happens!! Flora

2. Sarah Conkle - August 25, 2007

I hope that he can go with Dale Jr, He needs him and it will be good to keep a good team together.

3. Tracy C. - August 25, 2007

I hope Tony Jr. will go with Dale Jr to Hendrick. They work so well together, and I think Dale Jr wants his cousin to be on his team when hegets his first championship.

4. tina doran - August 25, 2007

let him go with jr, he should be allowed

5. Marisa - August 26, 2007

Hi! Claire. I did not know you were on the infield parking site. Thanks for all the inside info. Take care and thanks for doing such a great job. Marisa

6. Kirk - August 26, 2007

Go Tony Eury Jr.!!!

7. Iris Holloway - August 26, 2007

I hope they let tony junior go with dale jr. it only makes sences.That way junior can keep working with someone he already has been with for years and they work go together.

8. blee1815 - August 26, 2007

Think Tony Jr should go with Dale Jr but I dont know if he should be the crew chief. He might be car chief for littly bit untill they get uses to the new car.

9. PaJrFan (Kathy) - August 26, 2007

I hope DEI let’s Tony Jr. go with Dale Jr. But I’ll tell you, I’m a little worried about it happening because DEI hasn’t given Dale Jr. anything he wants yet!

10. babs - August 26, 2007

Let TJ go with Jr. Maybe it will show Jr TJ is NOT the best Crew chief in the garage. If he was, he would be winning races. TJ will mess up Jr at HMS like he is at DEI. Pops wwas the great CC. That was when Jr was winning. TJ is only a good Car Chief. He can not keep up with the track and do the right adjustments.

11. Tori - August 26, 2007

I think Tony Jr will end up at JR Motorsports working for his dad. It’s the best place for him. Jr needs a clean break from all things DEI for the time being and that includes his crew chief/cousin.

12. Deanna - August 26, 2007

Mark Martin wants to take his crew chief over to the 8 team next year, so let Tony go.

13. Eric - August 26, 2007

I think tony jr should go with dale jr. They can talk to each other a certain way that i dont think another crew chief can handle dale jr. dale jr can talk to tony jr about how something is bothering him on the car and tony can calm him down and the team can get the car right.

14. C.Feehan - August 26, 2007

Junior and Tony should be together they understand each other and make a good team

15. Greg Vineyard - August 26, 2007

Hey Claire B, Love the new blog. Talk at ya soon!

16. Sherri - August 27, 2007

As much as I have supported the Earnhardt’s and extended family over the years, I would like to see Dale Jr. make a clean break from anything associated with DEI…not because I still don’t support the company 110% and wish them well, just think he needs to walk in to HMS with a new firesuit and helmet and let HMS handle the rest.
Of course I wish Tony Jr. all the best but his latest decisions in the pits have left a lot to be desired and often have me banging my head on the desk in confusion.
Good luck to Tony Jr and Dale Jr in 2008!

17. Kathy - August 29, 2007

Love having your column on IP. Great Job!
I think Jr. should get a new crew chief. I’m sure he is too loyal to tell TJ that he wants someone new. I totally can see that being the case.
Hopefully the owner gets to make the decision. I won’t even to pretend to know what TJ is doing wrong. But from listening to some of the calls he has made…usally overriding what Jr. wants to do…I think Jr. could do better.
Go Junior!

18. Jay Menard - August 30, 2007

If Tony Jr goes to HMS his learning curve will be MUCH bigger than Dale Jr’s. IMO the ideal situation would be an Alan Gustuston/ Tony Jr team for at least half of the year. Alan could teach Tony Jr the HNS way of doing things.

I didn’t know that this website existed until I seen the article on Infield Parking. I am a Claire B fan and feel jilted by XM since they no longer offer her show replayed at night.

19. Rich - August 30, 2007

Sorry Tony but your old school,If we want Dale Jr.to win he has to have a Crew Chief from Hendrick!

20. old man - September 2, 2007

I have in-car and june and tony jr fuss like cats and dogs
but they are a good match! I don’t think no person could
handle june like him they have been together to long now
plus popps is gone so the son should go too!!!!

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