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Patent and Trademark Office Gets Hendrick Number Request August 28, 2007

Posted by claireblang in NASCAR, Rumors.

I am sitting in my studio in Charlotte, North Carolina and have in my hand the United States Patient and Trademark Office request from Hendrick Motorsports for the use of the #38, #51, #81, #82, #58. The filings from Hendrick Motorsports for these numbers started on July 25th and the #81 was the first, the last number requested was the #38 which was on August 9th. Hendrick Motorsports says that they will not comment on their plans and are not ready to do so – but it’s obvious they are preparing for the various options. CBL


1. Shawnda Moore - August 28, 2007

Well to start off……..ClaireB you rock!…lol. As for the “numbers” game….I dont care which one, what color, what sponsor……….what ever Dale comes up with is gonna ROCK!

I have been saving up my money ever since Jr announced he was leaving DEI at the end of this year. Cus when he uttered those words, I knew then everything would change in 2008, and that included team, number, sponsor….everything!. And being a life long Earnhardt Fan, and Dale Jr fan, I knew I was fixen (sorry Im from Texas…..lol) to have to replace alot of stuff! This comes with being a NASCAR FAN. The way I look at it, I have five years to replace everything, from the light switch covers to my shower curtain in my bathroom…..lol. And so many other things in between….lol. And at the end of that five years, I know there is a chance I will have to replace it all again. But that is what a true NASCAR fan does……..follows his driver anywhere!

I would also like to commend Dale Jr for asking everyone to “lay off Teresa”. I to read alot of it on the internet myself. I am not saying I was inocent, I myself bashed her for about 5 mins. Then I moved on.

Well, I have taken up enuff of your time, for now……lol. But, one more thing………I have really enjoyed seeing your “blog thingy”….lol….here on the front page of “Infield Parking”. (Which is the best thing since sliced bread! Kudos to Jr!!) Keep doing what ya do girl!

Shawnda Moore
Munday, Texas

2. Marcie - August 28, 2007

I have a question for you…when will the first time be that Dale Jr is allowed to test a HMS car? The day after the season ends? The first of the year? When will he officailly be an HMS employee??

3. Trisha - August 28, 2007

Claire, What number will Yates use in place of the #38 then?

4. Sue - August 28, 2007

Thanks for the “in the know” info! Hopefully the decision will be made soon! It’s like waiting for the lottery numbers to come up!

5. Sherri - August 28, 2007

Yep…found this info out yesterday but thinks for being the source that fans of Jr. might believe!!! 🙂

6. Jeremy - August 28, 2007

Awesome news! I think it would be cool if the fans got a chance to vote on the numbers or at least different designs of a number.

7. Flora Stanton - August 28, 2007

Claire I’m glad that you came on broad IP, I think we can get more Info. this way. As for Jr. and what number he will have next year. Does not matter to me, I just love watching him race. Yes I do have some Jr. things and you bet I will keep them and be proud to wear them. Flora

8. Michael D Miller - August 28, 2007

that would be cool if Jr does get the 38 and that would make sence and i am also wondering when jr will test for hendricks like the other person said every 5 years you would have to replace your favorite drivers memorbilla so I am game if Jr gets the 38 and I hope the fans get to vote on a number

Thanks for Listening to me

Michael D Miller
Markle IN

9. Ri Ri - August 28, 2007

Hey Claire, I LOVE having you on board here. You’re so fresh, and you can feel your openness and honesty with everything you do. And it means the world to us fans having someone to give us the “inside scoop” to what’s going on with something that means so much to us. You’re the best! *Ri* ~ SassaRi Infield Trouble Twins

10. SmackHo - August 29, 2007

Speaking of patents and trademarks, do you know if Junior was requesting the use of “any ol” #8 from DEI or was he requesting the Trademarked DEI 8 that has been on his Bud car? Also I have heard it said that 100% of all merchandise goes to JRM and none to HMS, is this true?


11. Jen Keller - August 29, 2007

When will Junior’s number be revealed to the public? Prior to the end of the season or not until he is an official HMS driver?

12. Racedriven - August 29, 2007

Interesting, I just heard on NASCAR Now that Junior will have his number by the end of this week and that was from Kelley, JR Motorsports manager. It was also reported that the new number will not have a 3 in it, all points towards the #81, that’s marketable and is available in all three series. Note on the #51, that number has two thing to it, Kyle Busch drives that number in the Truck Series and it’s also the Mello Yellow car number in days of thunder – that could be interesting too for a sponsor.

My thoughts are towards the #81, go get it period. It’s available, no one has used it in years and its very marketable, plus it still has an #8 in it for those who have body art.

See Yeah!

One question, is infield parking allowing blogs for its members now, I am interested in a blog and I know others who are too?

13. Speedmouse - August 31, 2007

The #38 has my vote. 3 8 = 38!! 🙂

14. BUD8MAFIA - August 31, 2007

Thanks for the insight Claire! It’s great to have you aboard to let us really know what is going on in the NASCAR WORLD.As for the number it would be great to see Dale Jr. drive the 38 to HONOR Dale Sr. and Ralph Earnhardt!! But know matter what number he uses or what sponsor’s he takes on I’ll always stand by him on his decision.

Have a blessed day,

15. Lisa - September 4, 2007

I heard some where that Hendrick and Junior won’t be getting the 38 number. Is that a fact or just hear say?

16. Mary A Eatwell - September 12, 2007

Do they know when the merchandise will be on sale once this is finalized? Being from Oregon so far from the tracks, no way to get anything except on internet, so news depends on tv and this stupid computer!

17. jerri wieners - September 12, 2007

I love NASCAR but don’t know all the rules . I was wondering do the numbers on the car have to be one or two digit only? Has anyone thought about a 3 digit for Dale Jr. next year? Like 838 It’s his Grandfather, his Daddy, and his old # Maybe an exception could be made to honor the number series for the Earnhardt family!

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