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Kyle Busch Confirms Getting the Toyota Call August 31, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Breaking News, NASCAR, Rumors.

I’m here in the garage at California Speedway. If you’re looking for a “say it ain’t so” on the story I talked about on the air yesterday about Toyota is going to Joe Gibbs racing you won’t find it with Kyle Busch. I just left the garage meeting room where Kyle Busch said about Joe Gibbs going with Toyota: “I think that they are going to be just fine. This is a business decision that they felt ah right -and I guess now I gotta talk to five star race car bodies to make me a late model body that is a Camry so I gotta make my changes too.” I asked Kyle if he knew ” They kind of led into the fact that they were definitely looking at that and it was a very good possibility – they never gave the definitive answer whether or not it was going to be true so you know I got the call and you know pretty much was OK with it I mean it’s something more so that the crew chief’s and the engineers and all those guys need to approve on you know us drivers it doesn’t matter what we’re driving especially next year it’s just going to be the motor that is going to be the biggest difference you know the bodies are all pretty much close to being the same.”


1. wayne - August 31, 2007

Now Thats A Racer Just Give Me A Car Lets Ride!!!!!

2. ChristineD - August 31, 2007

I hope you are holding up well in the heat. I will be out there tomorrow. Have an awesome weekend!

3. Racedriven - August 31, 2007

If its true, that’s disappointing, not for gibbs racing going to toyota, but rather Tony Stewart driving anything other then a Chevrolet, of course we are also talking about kyle busch.

4. Greg Vineyard - September 1, 2007

Looks like JD has his hands full already!

5. Don - September 1, 2007

Kyle and Tony are both racers, just put them in a car and they will race

6. seann - September 5, 2007

If they build it.SMOKE will drive it.

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