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Here in the Dallas Convention Center September 19, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Breaking News, Drivers, NASCAR.

I’m here in the Convention Center in Dallas for the Dale Junior sponsor and number announcement.

Observations: Two cars with black covers over them. National Guard troops visible in the hallway and rooms here. We just got set up in the media room.

Conversation on the airplane with the beat journalists headed to Dallas is how the Earnhardt Junior sponsor and number announcement can top the Clydesdales bringing Kasey in on a hitch and handing down a case of specially brewed Budweiser. It’s interesting to me that the two announcements – Budweiser and Dale Junior’s sponsor ended up on subsequent days. Coincidence? Or just great planning?

I heard in the garage last weekend that Tony Eury Junior has the option via agreement with HMS to select only a handful (4-5) of his team members to bring to Hendrick Motorsports. Therefore, most of the team guys have signed with DEI and are staying put. I am also hearing that after one year he would be allowed to bring more – but by then many of them will be well situated in the program there. I get lots of email from race fans asking about whether the team members will go with Tony Junior to HMS. Only a handful allowed I have heard.

More later….stay tuned.

Claire B Lang
Dallas Convention Center
Pre-Earnhardt Sponsor Announcement


1. tracy - September 19, 2007

awsome! thanks for the great info!!!!!

2. Samantha - September 19, 2007

Hey Claire,
As the wife of a National Guard solider, I couldn’t be more excited. We enjoyed having Casey Mears as our driver but for my husband and I the thought of having Dale Jr. as our driver for the National Guard car is awesome! I’m sure he will do all of the National Guard soldiers proud!!! Thanks for the great info and keeping us informed!

3. Candace - September 19, 2007

hey claire, can you go and take a peek under those black covers. PLEAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE the suspense is killing me!! lol and time’s going soooo slow!!!!

4. Lela - September 19, 2007

Thanks for the information!! How exciting…cannt wait for the announcment!!!

5. Race Grl 8 - September 19, 2007

I am going to have to change my screen name now! LOL!

6. Shellie - September 19, 2007

The “show” of the Clydesdales bringing Casey in may have been great…but its show. Looks good, but really I dont think the “Casey” deal will bring in anywhere near the amount of, fans or sales (which is the bottom line) that the deal with Dale did for AB. I like Casey, just dont think he’ll bring ’em in like Dale. But…..at least now I can buy my kids JR gear…..I just couldnt put a 5 & 6 yr old in Bud gear! LOL Go 88!

7. pettygirl45 - September 19, 2007

i just hope you had a nice time in our city…it was kinda neat to have that sort of publicity here…not a big jr fan, liked his dad a whole lot less, but he’s growing on me..as long as the media gives equal time to the 42 other drivers…but now that this is done, maybe we can get back to racing! i hope he gets to grow now as a driver and not in the shadow of the name…i mean, how can i fault a guy who claims that one of his prized possessions is a pair of adam’s racing shoes…

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