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CBL NEWS: Tony Junior Will Leave DEI Early for Hendrick Motorsports September 21, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Breaking News, Crew Chiefs, NASCAR.

I just talked with Tony Eury Junior – He is leaving DEI before the end of the season to go to Hendrick Motorsports.

CBL: Is it true you’re leaving early?

Tony Junior: “I’ll go over there the Monday after Talladega. My deal is I’ve got to get acquanted with all the people over there you know and I’m going to hang around and look at the shops just get to know everybody and just see how they do things. You know I’m interested in going to the meetings with Grubb and Allan and seeing how they do their meetings and see what they’re after I mean. It’s going to be definately a new role for me and…I got a bigger learning curve than Dale Junior. Dale Junior just got to do his own gig and I gotta make a car go fast. So I gotta go over their and figure out their deal and I just gotta get ready.”

CBL: Did you ask the guys at DEI for a release. It’s probably good for them too:

Tony Junior: Yea when I first talked about getting out of my contract told Max I’m like ‘Look’ I said, ‘We need to think about it. If we make the chase, I’ll work with you till November and if we don’t at some point in time I think we need to well just go I’ll go do that deal and Gibson can step in and get a hand on his game so it’s a benefit for both of us. Pretty much the reason we picked the time frame was just because I think I’ll have everything in line by then. You know these guys I wasn’t going to ditch them and leave them in a hole so all the cars should be lined up in the shop pretty much ready to go except for putting motors in so we’re not going to put these guys in a bind in any way shape or form its just a matter of when things were ready over here and things were good over there then I can go.”

Eury Junior confirmed that he’s going to take four guys from his team as I reported to you earlier this week.

CBL: Will Dale Junior test early (for HMS) or run a Busch car for Hendrick this year?

He probably won’t run any Busch races. We have talked about testing some. Ah, we don’t need to cause any problems. If it will help Regan can drive his car at Atlanta and if we can drive their car then that’s what we’ll do. We’ll do a lot of our winter testing at Kentucky I am sure in November and December but we’re not going to push the envelope too bad to create any more problems than’s already out there.


1. Flora Stanton - September 21, 2007

Tony Jr. said it all he need to go and see how things work at Mr. Hendrick shop.I say good for Tony Jr. Flora

2. poofer - September 21, 2007

Another class act,jumping ship on a “not” so class TEI

3. Sue - September 24, 2007

Looks like a win/win situation for both companies…

4. TOO MANY DENNY - September 25, 2007

I agree with sue…. win/win
no need to stir up any bad blood…. I think It will be fine

5. mike - September 28, 2007

jr and jr go together im proud for the both of them wish jr would go also

6. Lara - September 30, 2007

I don’t think Tony Eury, Jr. could’ve handled this any better. It is really a shame that Dale Jr. couldn’t go ahead & at least race a few Bush tracks for HMS so that he could get accustomed to life after DEI. We are all looking forward to Junebug making a change, it’s still just a shame he has to walk away from the company his daddy built. I’ll be still a fan of their (DEI) drivers, but as for Theresa….well, I guess I’ll leave a lil to the imagination!!

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