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NO Penalty for Stewart – ESPN 2 September 30, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Drivers.

Jim Hunter, NASCAR’s Vice President of Corporate Communications says Tony Stewart will not be penalized for an almost off camera, almost inaudible remark live on ESPN 2 after practice at Kansas Speedway Saturday that included an explicative.

NASCAR brought media into the NEXTEL Cup Series hauler to show the video tape that included ESPN hosts in the booth discussing what Stewart might be saying as he leaned in to have a discussion with Robby Gordon.

After leaning into the car to have a casual conversation with Robby, Stewart walked away and, as he was almost out of the shot, made the remark to the camera man asking him in no uncertain terms to move away. The remark was picked up by the camera man as natural sound.

NASCAR says that they’ve dealt with the matter by talking with both sides.

Jim Hunter:

“At the present time I don’t think there will be any penalties coming down as a result. I think there were some very unusual circumstances surrounding that incident and we will just move on. Everybody knows where we stand. We discussed it with Tony we discussed it with our TV partner…..It wasn’t a live interview – he didn’t know that they were live…”

“He was walking away from a conversation that had taken place. He was discussing something that had happened on the race track with Robby Gordon I guess during practice and he came away from that.”


1. Flora Stanton - September 30, 2007

Will good, I don’t beleive he should. Sometimes I think the media go too far some times, the drivers are in the chase and they have pressure on them along with the sponors. Flora

2. Nila - October 2, 2007

Probably a good non-call. Give the drivers some space, particularly when they are working (practice sessions, etc.).

3. Nila - October 2, 2007

Probably a good non-call. These drivers need a little space when they’re working, especially during practice sessions.

4. Dana - October 2, 2007

Ya he does to, because everyone else does!!!! It’s not right for nascar to play favorites if you know what I mean.

5. Helen - October 7, 2007

I am glad Tony didnt get in trouble… Number 1 he made a comment that we all say ” Move Away ” I mean please let these driver’s alone already… They go out there and run their hearts out but yet the nascar foundation and the tv reporters get all up in their business All the time….. So i say good call…. Helen in Pennslyvania

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