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Ray Evernham in Garage this morning in Dega October 6, 2007

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Busy in the garage at Dega:

Some notes from this morning:
Evernham says NASCAR is coming to a fork in the road:
Team owner Ray Evernham had some interesting things to say about the growth of NASCAR and says the growth is all well and good as long as the sport does not become “racing wallets”

CBL What can NASCAR do to prevent “racing wallets” :

Evernham: “I think they (NASCAR) are taking the proper steps with the car of tomorrow. The next thing that they are going to have to do really is take a look at some kind of a team union type thing because people are not honoring contracts they are stealing people from other teams they are raising labor crazily. I think NASCAR is working on the car stuff. I think they they are working on the engine stuff but the next thing is going to be in the personnel. You know again we have lost some team members to other people here that have come in and just doubled their salary and that’s ridiculous.

CBL: Team union….

Evernhan: There needs to be some sort of fairness on negotiating with team members.

Evernham said that he is not the decision maker on the much talked about contemplated merger of resources between Petty Enterprises and Gillette Evernham Motorsports adding, “I think those discussions are probably between the Pettys and the Gillettes. I think a lot of that stuff has stalled but again I have not been involved in (those discussions) purposely…at this point it’s like, ‘Look, tell me how many cars you neeed and I am going to make them as fast as I can.”‘

Ray Evernham has put his name to a charity event next week – Racing For A Reason Celebrity Cutsom Bike and Auto Show Fundraiser at the Cabarrus Arena October 10-11th. http://www.racingforareason.org/event .


1. admin - October 6, 2007

Ray Evernham started a page on Infield Parking: http://www.infieldparking.com/RayEvernham

2. Rosie - October 7, 2007

Welcome to IP, it’s the best place to be outside of the tracks, of course. Great article, good luck in Dega.

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