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Kyle Busch’s Team Not Changing Motor Today October 21, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Breaking News, Crew Chiefs, Teams.

I’m here in the garage at Martinsville Speedway – and getting IM’s from some of you who wonder if the #5 Hendrick team was changing a motor this morning. They were working o
on their race car this morning in the garage – and some folks thought they saw a motor change. They are not changing a motor – I walked into the garage a few minutes ago to check with crew chief Alan Gustafson….

CBL: It looked as if you were changing a motor but you are not, correct?

#5 Crew Chief Alan Gustafson: “Well we were practicing here at Martinsville the Kelloggs Carquest Chevy had some bumper issues. Had some contact with the 16 here on Friday and bent our bumper bar back so thats in pretty close proximity to the radiator so … we all know there’s going to be a little beating and banging here today so we just had to pull the radiator out and fix that front bumper bar and do some work on the nose that’s pretty much it. A little more (work) than usual but not too out of the ordinary for Martinsville.”

CBL: I guess some folks thought they saw you changing the motor on the TV shot

“We had the car backed in here to work on it cause we didn’t want to get a bunch of debris here in the garage and all over these other guys cars here so we had the car nosed out of the garage which is usually the way you’d have it when you change motors.”

It’s amazing how on top of things the race fans are. Great job to those of you who asked about this today.

Claire B



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