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STOP THIEF! October 24, 2007

Posted by claireblang in Help Out, Listeners.


I got an email from a listener today a listener on my show. She needed help and so I put her on the air and she told a heart breaking story about the theft of a trailer with her kid’s race cars in it. I know that a lot of folks on the road listen to “Dialed In” on XM and so here’s the email that I eceived from the listener with the specifics and information in it. To help I’d like you to pass the word, let’s find whomever took this. Please let me know if you have seen this trailer. If you have seen this or have any information a reward is being offered so please let me know and pass the word.

Claire B
XM Satellite Radio

I know that your audience includes many truck drivers and I am not sure if you can help but yesterday we had our trailer stolen from Avon, IN. Inside this trailer is our 2 boys most prized possesions, their quarter midget race cars. I have an 11 year old and 5 year old boy who are heart broken and I am just trying to get the word out to whoever could spot them. They were last seen traveling south on Hwy 51 in Illinois yesterday late afternoon and could be anywhere.
The trailer is a 8X20 Gray United UTX race trailer. It has a side door with a scrape on the side, a ramp door, and damage to the top, front corner. The license plate may still be on it which is 55637 IN plate and it did have a sticker on the side,bottom that read “Driver:Nathan Toney”

I appreciate any help you can provide or point me in a good direction. If someone sees anyone with this, they should call 911. I have 2 very broken hearted kids that just want their cars and a few of their personal items back. We are offering a sizeable reward for anyone that can help us get our stuff returned to us.

Thank you,
Beth Toney


1. Chrissy - October 25, 2007

She should be sure to get this info to the QMA boards…perhaps someone will recognize the cars if they show up at an event or in someone’s yard.

We have two sons who also race quartermidgets. I know how devasting this would be to them and to us.

Best of luck to her. I hope they find the people who did this!!


2. Beth - October 25, 2007

Thank you for your advice. I have contacted QMA and every club in the entire area of the country. My thought was to hopefully catch them before they removed the trailer from the motorhome and definitely before they had time to destroy anything in the trailer. The QMA community is full of wonderful people that have spread the word but we have not heard anything yet.
Obviously our main concern is that we find the cars so that our sons hobby will not be stolen from them by these criminals, but there are personal things in the trailer that can not be replaced from my youngest’s first race suit to something as simple as the paper number on our son’s car for his first win that proudly hangs on the trailer wall. We can only hope and pray that we hear something soon.

Thank you to everyone for their kind words and help,

3. Joey - October 25, 2007

Hey Claire this is Joey….I put out the word here around Prattville and Montgomery..It would be nice to have pictures to go by..But I will put the word out…..Thanks for always keeping us informed about everything….Love ya…..Kisses

4. Barbara - October 28, 2007

hey claire ,my brother is a truck driver and ex i will put it out here in va and tell them to keep and eye out for the trailer. i have grandkids and kids that love racing and my youngest boy use to race in the mini cup . sorry to here that someone could do that to a family especially to those little kids. hope they find the thief and there trailer in one piece and the kids cars.
good luck

5. Beth - October 29, 2007

I just wanted to give you an update of our situation. We got our trailer back on Saturday and it was wrecked on purpose in southern Indiana. It is very damaged where it went through the back of the motorhome (again this was not our motorhome but someone elses that the stole).
These people not only took everything but purposely ripped down numbers off our wall that were taped up for our memories. First races, first wins….nothing to anyone but us and you can see where they tore them off the wall on purpose. All of our kids toys are kept under our bench in the front and we had to sift through all the items to find broken cars and Star Wars spaceships in pieces.
The only lead that we have is that the trailer and motorhome were pulled back into a neighborhood off of 40 in Plainfield and looted there. They then drove either US 70 or Hwy 40 down to Southern Indiana. We are focusing our efforts there that someone will have at least seen something that will give us a lead.
My son has asked me if he asks Santa for a race car wouldn’t he know where to find the one the bad people took…I am still trying to think of a response for that one.
We do have our boys and they are healthy and our family will be just as strong as ever. We do realize that things can be worse and we are trying to remember that and are thankful for what we do have.

Things to be on the lookout for that they took:
3 Nervo cars as seen on http://miniindyspeedway.com/stolen.htm the red car is missing the front body, the other 2 are missing tail cones.
MANY Engine and axle gears
Impact mini champ helmet (very used)
Simpson shark helmet
neck braces and wrist restraints
MANY radius rods
Brand new still in the package Simpson gloves red and blue
Brand new still in the package Simpson wrist restraints red and blue

Above are all the things for quarter midgets that I could see possibly tracking them by so if you see anyone suspicious selling the above things, please contact the avon police and myself. I want these people caught so they can not do this to anyone else. They cut all of our locks, managed to steal a motorhome and 2 trailers out of a gated, locked, lit, facility with cameras (we have since found out they were not working but I am not sure if they knew that). They will most likely do it again to someone else.

I want to thank everyone for their support and help spreading the word.

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