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Posted by claireblang in Races.

The driver’s meeting just concluded here at Atlanta Motor Speedway. As the meeting started, NASCAR’s VP of Competition Robin Pemberton warned the drivers and crew chiefs in attendance to allow the race to play out today here at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He told the drivers to not make NASCAR have to step in and/or monitor teams, teammates or competitors related to this race playing out and reminded them there were just four races in the chase left and not to do anything on purpose or outside the lines of good racing that would alter the outcome of the race. .
After the body of the meeting concluded, as always, Race Director David Hoots asked if there were any questions.
Drivers asked about competitors utilizing the grass while going down pit road. Hoots said there is no reason to be on the grass. Ryan Newman asked a follow up question regarding whether drivers would be penalized if they are forced onto the grass.
NASCAR President Mike Helton stepped in and said that NASCAR would keep an eye on the situation and that if a driver is forced onto the grass they would take that into consideration in their rulings but that drivers should not be using the grass as an extra lane on pit road.



1. Steve - October 30, 2007

Why is this any different than anywhere else? Do they think anyone would go to the grass on purpose……problem is they are racing on a smaller track getting on and off pit road. Sometimes strategy can make up more spots than on the track, so give and take courtesy is not an option….and with aero being a major factor, avoiding contact because of someone’s eagerness to get ahead will cause spillage. Change the pit road racing and grass won’t matter

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