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Old School Racers Race Again – In a 2008 Race Tour!

Yesterday, on “Dialed In” on XM, I had Gene Weaver from the Old School Racing Champion’s Tour on – with breaking news about a race tour for 2008 that will feature past racers who will now have the opportunity to race again in venues near tracks on dates that are adjacent to NEXTEL Cup dates. I had a tidbit emailed to me from a listener who caught wind of this and when I dug into it was an interesting breaking story.

I have had so much email from listeners asking for the web site for the project and so here it is: http://www.osrct.com.

When I called Weaver yesterday he had told me that manufacturer support was coming and he was about to break the story on air when he said he had not had final confirmation. Later in the show, after he got off air with me, he emailed me that he had gotten the confirmation to release to me that Toyota Motor Sales had approved the contract and has come aboard as a Title Sponsor of Two OSRCT races in 2008. The news release will probably go out Monday on that breaking news.

Drivers who have said they will participate include: Johnny Rumley, Harry Gant, Andy Hillenburg, Jack Ingram, David Pearson, Dave Marcis, Larry Pearson, Geoffrey Bodine, Phil Parsons, Joe Ruttman, Tracy Leslie and more (see the osrct site for full list).

Race dates include tracks near the following 2008 Cup race locations on adjacent dates: Cup All-Star Race, Cup Lowe’s, Prelude to the Dream, Cup Michigan, Cup Daytona, Cup Weekend Off, Cup Michigan, Cup Richmond, Cup Lowes, Cup Martinsville and Cup Daytona in February of 09.

In the OSRCT, each driver will be competing for a charity of their choice as well as for themselves. Each driver will have the logo of the charity they are competing for on the side of their race car. This will bring attention to the charity as well as a donation on behalf of the driver. There will also be a limited access autograph session before each race and all proceeds will go toward charity. OSRCT has preliminary drawn up a system very similar to other popular racing series.

Drivers are only eligible to compete in 6 of the 10 races. OSRCT will take the best five of a drivers six races and that would be their points total for the year. After the 10 regular season races, OSRCT would take the top 10 in driver points and they would advance to the Championship Race.

Points positions 11-30 will compete in the Last Chance Race the night before the Championship Race. The top ten in the Last Chance Race will be placed with the 10 drivers already in the Championship Race, for a one race Championship “shoot-out”. And we’re thinking “Winner-take-All”. What a heck of a race that will be!

The vehicle will be a fully adjustable complete race vehicle, meeting the current safety standards approved by an outside third party. The vehicles will be equally prepared, maintained, transported and provided to the drivers by OSRCT. I hear it will be a Busch North Type Car.

For more information you can check the web site for the OSRCT. I have had a lot of email from fans who are excited to see the likes of Harry Gant and David Pearson racing again.

I’ll keep you posted.


1. James - November 7, 2007

Hot damn, real racing again!

2. Flora Stanton - November 7, 2007

OH MAN Claire this is down to the root of racing now, WOW it is coming back and I’m happy to hear this. This is the old school can’t wait. Flora

3. Amber - November 18, 2007

I am one of those really excited to see Handsome Harry race again. This will be an awesome event.

4. Brad - December 4, 2007

Wow now this is a great story you were able to break in the off-season. So glad to have a reporter that keeps going when the on track action slows down. This series is due at a time when Nascar is under major seige to resolve the olde schoole new school controversy. In Nascar style why not captilize allowing everyone an opportunity to make more money, eventually solving the problem of idle tracks and 1 date no date law suits. I hope more of my favorites will jump in Tommy Houston, Tommy Ellis, Pete Silva, Garry Niece, Glenn Jarrett, John Settlmyre there are just too many to name.

5. Kristina - January 1, 2008

That would be soooo SWEET! I’ve been watching “Back in the Day” so I’ll be boning up on my old history plugs…anyone know where those old Coke Pit Pants got off to? I need a pair in my size!

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