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Posted by claireblang in 2008 Season.

Behind the Scenes at The Auto Club Speedway of Southern California!!

I thought I’d drop you a postcard from wherever we are at – while the name of the track is throwing a few for a loop and broadcasters are stumbling over it -the track hasn’t changed. The Cup cars have, and, oh yea, it never rains in Southern California – yea right. The good news is that despite rained out qualifying in three series yesterday the Nationwide Cars and Sprint Cup Cars and the NASCAR Craftsman trucks were back on the track today and everybody is happy to have practices underway -and racing to cover. Ooopp it’s raining after only 30 minutes of Cup practice. Stay tuned for more schedule changes.

What the heck would anyone have to talk about if Robby Gordon, the RG fans and the Jim Beam PR folks didn’t protest the severity of the team’s penalty for a non-approved nose the team put on the car at Daytona. Today, I took a trip out to the infield to see what the RG fans are doing and they are, indeed, livid and enjoying making a statement and rallying around Robby. The Jim Beam machine came into the media center and handed out “Rally For Robby” t-shirts and people were snatching them up like candy. The fans right outside the garage are wearing their t-shirts and yelling as anyone walks by to make their stand known. They are having fun with it. Those on the other side of the fence (opinion wise) say that while it’s a bad situation for Robby and clearly a mistake- it’s impossible for the sanctioning body to decide intent, case by case, on wrong parts. This could get interesting on appeal. Stay tuned. Does he win?

Have you seen Jeff Gordon’s wife Ingrid Vandebosch in the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit edition? http://www.sportsillustrated.com.

Behind his hauler in the garage yesterday here in California (hey it was a long damp day) Gordon was asked about what he thought of the pictures of his wife clad in a bikini in SI, “That she he looked hot man,” Gordon Responded with a big smile. “Yea, I always have known I’m a lucky guy but after I saw that I was like, I’m really lucky! It was cool I was proud of her. I was excited for her you k now somebody that has been a successful model like she has you know I think that when she came to America , you know, she found out that Sports Illustrated swimsuit is a big deal and I don’t think she ever thought she’d get asked to do it while she was seven months pregnant so she used it as motivation to get, you know, in shape and I think that in all ways it was a positive thing for her.

Have you seen Juan Pablo Montoya’s new Juicy Fruit commercial? It will air during the race on Sunday and I did see an airing of it today as well in the Craftsman Truck coverage. Montoya strolls into the picture and says that nobody tells him what to say – and then adds that they can put their name on his car but he’s behind the wheel. It’s a clever commercial. Montoya told me while he had fun making it. But he told me he really is not a “bad-ass” and that he isn’t a bad guy and that while he had fun making the commercial he doesn’t want people to think it’s so serious that they take it literally to mean he’s cocky. As to whether anyone does tell JP what to say – he says yes, that two people do – “My Wife, and (team owner) Chip Ganassi,”

More coming….we are in a holding pattern again while the rain situation is only going to get worse, and worse and worse.

Stay tuned for updates.

Claire B Lang
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