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Greetings from Texas Motor Speedway! (New Poll- Please Vote) April 5, 2008

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I have received a huge number of emails on the crash of Michael McDowell during qualifying for the Samsung 500 at Texas Motor Speedway. He joined me on the air on “Dialed In” on XMSN (Channel 144) a short time after the crash and while I have interviewed many drivers over the years after spectacular crashes – I was impressed with how calm McDowell was just minutes after such a spectacular and frightening crash.

One e-mailer in particular posed this question to me as an idea for a survey and I think it’s an interesting one for this week:

Which MWR driver’s crash was worse?
1) Michael Waltrip at Bristol
2) David Reutimann at California
3) Michael McDowell at Texas

MWR Crash

The e-mailer suggested that it was interesting that Michael Waltrip’s crash was in 1988 – 20 years ago….David Reutimann’s crash was one year ago and Michael McDowell’s was with the new car.

Many of the emails that I received were complimentary of NASCAR for the safer new car that NASCAR is using in 2008. Here’s an example:

Listener Email:

Hi Claire,

I have written to you several times this year and many times my comments have been flip, based on who I cheer for. This is not one of those times.

Michael McDowell’s crash was a sobering reminder that this is a dangerous business and nobody can afford to let their guard down. I have been a race fan for the last 40 years ( I am 48) and love the sport for the competition. There are those fans that go for the wrecks and I hate them. One year at the Knoxville Nationals some people in front of us said ” I hope we se some great flips ” and I and the people I was with were ready to take them down.

Bottom line is that the C.O.T. passed it’s final exam with flying colors today. Brett Bodine and Robin Pemberton should be very proud and Michael McDowell should be very grateful. And the legacy that comes out of this is that Tony Roper, Dale Earnhardt, Adam Petty, and Kenny Irwin brought change that will make the sport safer and better.

Michael McDowell joins Katherine Legge, Dario Franchitti, and John Force as examples of how motorsports has worked to put safety on the front burner and how all these individuals have gone on to race again.


Other emails mentioned what could have happened and what they saw Friday during qualifying as the crash ended and the driver walked away from it:

Listener Email:
Does the crash makes us fall into a false sense of security….Is there more the sport can do?….Can they really be satisfied with the results?….What happened if he hit driver’s side first instead of front corner first?….What about his feet and legs with the petals?….He looks pretty wobbly walking over to the ambulance.

Today I thank God that this young driver was able to walk away from this crash, kiss his wife and return to race another day.

Claire B
XM Satellite Radio
Texas Motor Speedway


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