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Zippy note – usually don’t add on but this was good April 25, 2008

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Garage Note: 11:59 a.m. Friday April 15, 2008

Hey all: I just got back from the garage after talking with Greg Zipadelli (Tony Stewart’s Crew Chief) here at Talladega Superspeedway. While he says “nothing is forever” he also said it’s way too early to be talking about where Tony Stewart and he individually or together might end up after contract talks end.

Zippy: “It will work itself over time you know what I mean. Hopefully, you know it works out where we’re all still racing here in orange you know what I mean? But…nothing is forever, you know what I mean.”

Regarding the possibility of an early contract release:

Zippy: “…From what I’ve been told, what I’ve seen ..it’s really not an option. We’ve got commitments – we have obligations and that’s one thing that our group is strong believers in is finishing what you started, or finish what you signed up for. So to me it’s business as usual.”

Zippy said its way too early to speculate what is going to happen.

Zippy: “Right now we are racing for the next two years right here with these people with this sponsor with that car and that’s pretty much….that’s it and until something changes…..”

More on “Dialed In” at 4:00 EST today.
Claire B. Lang


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