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Loose Lugnuts…from Talladega April 27, 2008

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Since my last post there are a few things (loose lugnuts) I wanted to let you know about –

JD Gibbs and Joe Gibbs (Joe Gibbs Racing) held court – regarding Tony Stewart’s Contract:

How much is Tony Stewart worth and what will you give up for him?
JD: “The reason my dad went back to coaching the first time was to pay for his last contract. If we have to send him back in — I have no problem with that. I think for us, there’s a financial value, but we’ve had some great drivers in our history — Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte really built this team and Tony (Stewart) is a huge asset to JGR, our organization and our history. We would love for him to be a part of our future as well until he feels like it’s time to go do something else.”

Where does Joey Logano fit into your plans?

JD: “He’s a phenomenal talent, we love him and we’re in no hurry — Joey (Logano) can take his time, if he’s rocking and rolling out of the gate — great. If it takes him a little while — great. He’s kind of our future and we don’t have any plans to speed that up and steam roll that to fill a void right now.”

Does this contract have to do with money for Tony (Stewart)?
Joe Gibbs: “Tony (Stewart) doesn’t have to worry about money. Tony’s got enough money to last the rest of his life. JD (Gibbs) put it best, I think for us I think back on it and it’s been 10 great years. I remember the very first time I met Tony standing on the tarmac over there in Columbus. I think it’s been 10 great years and we’re hoping that somewhere in this we wind up staying together. That’s simply the way it is.”

Rick Hendrick in the garage pre race regarding his interest in Tony Stewart:
Rich Hendrick regarding Tony Stewart and speculation that he might end up in the #5 car in his stable. After saying that the inn is full at his place and taking questions about it -with him saying he’s working on performance with the teams he’s already got signed at HMS -Hendrick added –

“Tony and I almost hooked up before he went to Gibbs so – he’s a great guy and a great friend but ah..you won’t see Tony Stewart in the #5 car how about that – you can write that.”


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