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Carl Edwards signs deal May 2, 2008

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Bristol Motor SpeedwayImage via WikipediaHOT NEWS FROM THE GARAGE – Richmond international Raceway: Carl Edwards announced (when asked today by reporters in the garage) that he has re-signed with Roush Fenway Racing – a multi-year deal that will keep him behind the wheel of the No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion.
Heres a quick update:

Carl Edwards: “I signed my contract yesterday, so I’m staying with Roush. I looked at everything and I talked to everybody and, for me, the number one thing is looking into the future and saying, ‘Where can I win the most races and have the most success?’ I was honored at the people who I got to speak with and I just feel like for me personally this is where I want to be for the near future and we got it done. It’s good. I’m real happy about it. It’s a huge relief. It really wasn’t that painful. Geoff Smith and I get along really well and we just pretty much sat down and he’s really easy for me to deal with. It took us about a week-and-a-half of going back and forth with just little things and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world for the contract I got.”

“It’s really neat. If I was dealing with someone that I didn’t trust or that I felt like I couldn’t just kind of air everything out with, then I’d probably have to have an agent, but dealing with Geoff from day one has been very easy at Roush for me, so it was really pretty simple. Besides, I feel like I know what I need more than anyone else. I know what I want to make me happy and this is cool. I’m very excited about being involved with Ford, too, because from what I understand about their corporate culture right now, they’re on their way up and it’s gonna be good here so I want to be a part of that. I want to help out.”

“There are a few things. Robbie Reiser running the place, that’s a big deal for me. More and more I’m understanding how important that is. Things we’ve been doing with this car of tomorrow to make it better, I feel like it’s very efficient how everyone is working and it’s making the cars faster, and I feel like our engine program has a lot in the near future that’s gonna be great. Plus, my pit crew, I’ve struggled since I’ve been here with changing people and having different pit crew guys, and I feel like finally with Robbie managing that I’ve got a group of guys that are going to be really good over the next three years. I kind of know everything and where it’s headed. We’re winning right now and I think it’s gonna be better, so that kind of made it easy for me.”

“I’ll just say it’s multi-year.”

“A week is a long time around here (laughing). It’s a great contract. It’s a dream contract for me and I’m really excited about it.”

More later on this. Carl Edwards is now out of silly season talk and speculation
Back to the garage.



1. Norm Parker - May 4, 2008

Re last nights Richmond race. NASCAR must be more consistent and be realistic with their rulings. I don’t understand why delibertly running into another car is ever ok. At Talladega they call it bump drafting and unfortunately restrictor plate racing has deteriorated to the point that it is impossible to pass or move up on your own. Yes it’s exciting to watch a large pack of cars running at 195 mph, but you know the big one is coming and that the best car/driver will not win, but the luckiest. It’s NASCAR’S form of Demolition Derby.
As for the “bumping” and or spinning out on the other tracks, sometimes it’s “just racing” and sometimes they penalize the supposed driver at fault. To me if I am in a lane, and a car is along side, I must stay in my lane. If I leave it and hit the other car who has stayed in their lane, then I am at fault because I have overdriven and lost control and should not finish ahead of the car(s) I have wrecked.
Toyota has pumped so much money into NASCAR that I am afraid that no one wants to “rock the boat”, ie did Hamlin have to stop on the track and cause a caution? I suspect he would not have done so if his teamate(s) were leading the race.
Yes teamwork is part of racing, but should be only within the Driver/Pit Crew of individual cars.
PS the above explains my waning interest in NASCAR which dated back into the 50’s when I was growing up in North Carolina.
right or wrong Dale Jr. handled it with dignity and should be credited for that.
Norm in Shreveport, LA

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