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Blog From the Garage:Richmond International Raceway May 3, 2008

Posted by claireblang in Breaking News, Drivers.
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Bobby LabonteImage by sidehike via FlickrI have all your IM’s and emails about what I know about Bobby Labonte and if he’s staying at Petty Enterprises. I came back from the drivers meeting to quickly post this and am returning to the drivers meeting now. Reports earlier today had said he had signed an extension. Talking to him today walking into the drivers meeting it sure doesn’t seem like he has made up his mind where he’s going.

Labonte Says He Has Not Made A Decision: 5:26 EST Saturday, April 3

Walking into the driver’s meeting today behind Bobby Labonte there was a chance to catch up with him on contract talks. Associated Press reported today that an unnamed source had said that he had agreed to a contract extension with Petty Enterprises.

Labonte said that until he says it nothing that is circulated is true. “There’s opportunities in a lot of things right now so I mean you know we’re just trying to weigh some options out and see what’s there.”

When asked if he had made a decision he said “No…I haven’t – Nothing from me from my mouth has come out to say that I’ve done that -so until then..stay tuned.”

I gotta run to the drivers meeting. More later. CBL



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