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Lot’s of Mail! May 6, 2008

Posted by claireblang in Claire B's Mail, Controversy.
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Hey all! My email box has been getting a flood of emails from this weekend’s activities. I thought you’d like to read some of them; pop on over to my mail box

– Claire B


1. Steve Underwood - May 8, 2008

Thanks for the job you do on the show Claire. I’ve been wanting to get this Junior/Kyle thing off of my chest this week but have not had time until now. First: The TV guys. I love em all, but it was so apparent that they all 3 were quite aware that Kyle put Junior in the wall intentionally before the producers reminded them that they are to never incite Junior Nation into a frenzy. They were like little kids changing their story after their mother had scolded them for the things they had said. I laughed so hard……

Second: You know as well as everybody at JGR that their was a definite collusion in the, “I think I’ll just sit on the track and bring out a caution because I’m too stupid to know better” scenario.

Third: Thank goodness for DVR. I watched the replay in slo-mo and it is more than apparent that Kyle did turn right to save his butt the first time, but blatantly turned even further right to put Junior in the wall after he had saved his own butt, and anyone who watches this in slo-mo and says differently is a |”|{(_$*# liar.

Thanks for lettin’ vent Claire. Thanks again for the great job you are doing for us race fans and hope you have a great weekend at Darlington.

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