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Quick post for today May 6, 2008

Posted by claireblang in Coffee with Claire B., Drivers.
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Testing Note: Good morning everyone! There was an interesting comment at testing yesterday from Brian Vickers – Here’s a transcript of the question and answer. I thought you’d like to read it. Claire B

What was it like to have ‘Junior Nation’ upset with you following your incident two years ago at Talladega?
“As far as the situation you’re referring to — I didn’t really think much about it to be honest with you. It was a racing incident and obviously the fans are passionate. I believe it was Humpy (Wheeler) that put out a press release about security and that he offered us security and he never actually offered it to me, he just put it out in a press release. I think that Lowe’s Motor Speedway does a good job promoting the race track and supporting the event, but that particular instance with me personally that you’re referring to — it kind of pissed me off to be honest with you. It was really more about publicity than anything else and that’s a shame. As far as the fans themselves, like I said then, I have a lot more respect for our fans than to think that just because I got into Jimmie (Johnson) and (Dale Earnhardt) Jr. or Kyle (Busch) got into (Dale Earnhardt) Jr., his life is in danger. There’s a lot of nuts in the world and I’m sure if you took a big slice of it, there’s a couple floating around here. Maybe even me included, nobody’s perfect and I understand that, but for the most part I’ve met some fans that love one driver and hate me. I’ve never met one that I felt for my safety. I’m ok with that — they don’t all have to like me, they don’t all have to like (Dale Earnhardt) Jr., but most of them like (Dale Earnhardt) Jr., but they don’t all have to like all of us and that’s just part of the sport. I’ve never felt for my safety and I think that whole safety thing is blown out of proportion. Kyle (Busch) is probably going to get a lot more boos, in all honesty, he got a lot anyway and he’s probably going to get even more now. I got a few more after the whole Talladega thing too.”


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