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DOVER DATA June 4, 2008

Posted by claireblang in Items of Interest.
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Hey All! I’m here in my studio in Charlotte at my house thinking about a way to qualify the Dover race. I’m not much for data but thinking about how typical the Dover race was to other Dover races as far as cautions and lead lap cars at the end of the race……
Interesting information; for discussion – regarding the race at Dover and how it compares to previous years.

Here’s a table (see below) that includes the number of lead lap cars at the end of the race, the number of cautions, and the number of caution laps for each Dover race back to 1997. The spring race is listed as “1-year” and the fall race is “2-year”. The averages for each column are listed on the bottom. It is interesting that the average number of cars on the lead lap at Dover is 9.5. Also, the races that are highlighted with a gray background are races where the lucky dog rule was in use.

Dover Stats

I’ll point to this chart today on my “Dialed In” show and ask you what this says. Interesting information. Thanks to Nick who put it together for me – Thanks Nick!
Claire B.

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