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Carson High School, Carson City, Nevada

Check this out –
Mackena Bell was the prom queen at Carson High School in Carson City, Nevada. She was on the air with me on “Dialed In” today – and she held her own. She was on her game.

The 17 year-old competes in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series at All American Speedway in Roseville, Calif. Her last race was Saturday, the day she also graduated from high school.

As soon as she got her diploma she jumped in the car and speed to Rosville to get behind the wheel of her race car where she finished 9th. Here’s something even more unique – Bell is her schools homecoming queen and she attended the prom — in a NASCAR-themed checkered-flag dress. She turned 18 this past week and became the owner of her own race team.
The custom-made NASCAR prom dress, with race-checked themed material from RaceChex(www.racechex.com) made her a standout at the prom. She was the queen – and she wore a race themed prom dress – and she drives a race car driver. How can she be more perfect?

Bell is an honors student who’s been racing seven years and she fully intends to give the NASCAR guys a run for their money one day. You go Mackena!

Claire B





1. KW Saramak - June 10, 2008

Great interview with McKenna Bell. Enjoyed listening to her and would be interested in hearing more about her. Do you plan to have her on again? Do you have a website or contact person for her? I know you to be very “Go Girls!” so lets help this BEAUTIFUL young woman in chasing her dream.
KW Saramak

2. Mike M - June 11, 2008

Congratulations to McKenna, I hope she is the first female NASCAR
driver, but who is the handsome young man with her ?

3. Miranda Basham - May 2, 2010

How did you find a racing styled dress?

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