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Michigan Blog Brian France to address media- Justin Lofton wins 1st ARCA race June 14, 2008

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Greetings….I’m in the deadline room at MIS with an update.

NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France is going to address the media at 1:30 p.m. EST in the conference room next to the media center. I’ll be headed over there and post an update.

Check out the photo of me broadcasting here at MIS inside the XM Chevy Mobile Dialed In broadcast unit.
claire b lang inside XM Mobile Unit

The winner of the ARCA race – was so excited here at MIS today. He told me he cried in the race car in the final laps. It was his first ARCA win and I sat down with him for a one on one after his collected the trophy. If you don’t know this young racer you soon will. He’s 22 years old, single, and from Westmorland, CA.


Justin Lofton – Eddie Sharp Racing
Tears inside the race car for young racer – MIS Arca Winner -After crash with teammate last week.

CBL: Justin this is a huge win for you. I think your last win was in 2005.
“This is absolutely awesome. I am speechless. I can’t thank everyone enough for it. There’s a lot of people who have put a lot of hard work into this..the Sharp family, Eddie Sharp Racing, all the behind the scenes people and Brad Parrott has been by my side and the Smith family from Colorado Springs and my parents have been my biggest supporters. This is awesome I cannot thank them enough.

CBL: And it’s Fathers Day weekend. This is a Father’s Day Gift
Yes it is. This is the best one I have given my dad and probably the best one he could ask for.

CBL: What was going through your mind in the final laps?
I heard every creak and crack and ping and pang – and everything in the car. I really didn’t think it was going to happen. You know I have been robbed of a win so many times and last week was a fine example of the luck I have had all year long and I just really didn’t think it was going to happen.

CBL: Because last week you got crashed out by a teammate:
Yes – green, white checkered going into (turn) one at Pocono and a teammate just did a really late move. Complete racing accident – no ones fault. No hard feelings towards it. This is the ultimate revenge though on it.

CBL: Did he come over and congratulate you?
No actually I have not even talked to Scott since the beginning of the Pocono race.

CBL: Ok, so mid week you didn’t even talk.
No we didn’t talk at all. I think we did the best we could to both avoid each other. The only talking we did was you know he came up to me a couple of times before the start of the race (here at MIS) and asked me if I was going to wreck him or not and that was it.

CBL: He did?
Yea he did and I just told him there’s no hard feelings it was a racing accident and it is what it is.

CBL: You got a Karma win!
Yes I did. This is the best revenge I could ask for. Not that I was really looking for any. You know I go out there and race everyone the same. I just race everyone the same – just as clean and as hard as I can.

CBL: What will you remember the most of this win. Drivers always remember their first win in a series?
I think just the whole day in general. You know I woke up and wasn’t nervous, wasn’t anxious and you know the first pit stop where we went back to about 14th or something like that – you know that was kind of heartbreaking. But, when Lauren Ranier , my spotter, said five to go I pretty much started crying and didn’t think it was going to happen.

CBL: You did?
Yea I was tearing up in the car and I was like oh man I gotta get into turn one now and then it just kind of went away. I think the whole day in general – I’m not going to forget this.

CBL: People love to see that emotion –
Yea, this is a very emotional sport. Everyone puts their heart and soul into it. I mean the guys in the shop put 100 plus hours in and me just doing everything putting friends aside, basically putting your whole life aside to do this and this is the payoff for it.

CBL: You got the lucky t-shirt (under the uniform) and cap on -which is luckiest?
Probably my hat. I wore my hat last week at Pocono and even though you wouldn’t think it was lucky – you know we ran up front and you know so …I’m definitely going to have them both on the next race at Cayuga.

CBL: Did you call anyone after you won?
Yes -I’ve been on the phone since victory lane. I’ve got my grandparents both sides. My cousin she just texted me and said that this is the best graduation present for her. She graduated from Cal Poly today in St. Louis and my whole family was up watching the race and it’s just so special.

CBL: What about you and who you are?
Me? I’m very committed, very determined. Probably I scare a lot more people away because of it. You know I do what it takes to win this. I have a lot of good people behind me….

CBL: What do you mean you scare people away? Who do you scare?
I think more emotional wise. Maybe not scare em but more push them away. Try to eliminate as many distractions as I can in my life and just spend as much time in the shop as much time getting myself physically and mentally prepared to do this.

CBL: It takes that.
Yea, last weeked I probably made a couple people mad, made the #2 team mad just because I know a lot of people came up and tried to apologize and felt sympathetic for me but it’s just all the emotions so bottled up inside and when it comes out it comes out in a big explosion and that’s why it scares a lot of people.

I’ll be back with you later. I’m headed into the garage. Back soon.

Claire B
Michigan International Raceway

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