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DOVER DATA June 4, 2008

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Hey All! I’m here in my studio in Charlotte at my house thinking about a way to qualify the Dover race. I’m not much for data but thinking about how typical the Dover race was to other Dover races as far as cautions and lead lap cars at the end of the race……
Interesting information; for discussion – regarding the race at Dover and how it compares to previous years.

Here’s a table (see below) that includes the number of lead lap cars at the end of the race, the number of cautions, and the number of caution laps for each Dover race back to 1997. The spring race is listed as “1-year” and the fall race is “2-year”. The averages for each column are listed on the bottom. It is interesting that the average number of cars on the lead lap at Dover is 9.5. Also, the races that are highlighted with a gray background are races where the lucky dog rule was in use.

Dover Stats

I’ll point to this chart today on my “Dialed In” show and ask you what this says. Interesting information. Thanks to Nick who put it together for me – Thanks Nick!
Claire B.

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Driver’s Meeting – Dover International Speedway June 1, 2008

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NASCAR on FOXImage via WikipediaFOX Wraps Up Broadcast Third of Season

I just left the Driver’s Meeting here at Dover at the end of the Sprint Cup garage. David Hill Chairman and CEO of Fox Sports was called to the front of the driver’s meeting to acknowledge VP of Competition Robin Pemberton’s thanks for a good first third of the broadcast season – which Fox will wrap up today before turning it over to TNT and ESPN.

Hill said “This has gone really quick,” and added that it’s been a “fabulous” one third of the season. He thanked the driver’s and crew chiefs and NASCAR folks in attendance for their help and said it’s “been great.” He also asked those in attendance to extend the same kind of warm welcome and assistance to TNT and then ESPN that they received at FOX and said they’d be back ready again for the 2009 Daytona 500.

Hill said “Fox Sports and Digger thank you,” and ended his time at the microphone in front of the Driver’s Meeting by plugging dwstores.com to purchase Digger t-shirts.

The driver’s meeting went on as usual – nothing much to report. Race Director David Hoots reminded the drivers that pit road is tight saying, “We all know how hard it is to get onto this pit road,” and advised the drivers to, “use great judgement,” when doing so. He announced that there will be a competition caution after lap 30. The reason for the caution is the rain yesterday on the race track.

Red Bull F1 driver David Caulthard, is a guest of Red Bull at the race here today and getting a chance to see NASCAR up close and personal. I might add that he’s having a spectacular time. Caulthard’s PR person stood next to me in the driver’s meeting and she said it’s wild how so many race fans can actually get into the garage in NASCAR pre-race. She said they are having a great time checking out the NASCAR race day atmosphere. He’ll be in the Red Bull pit for today’s race enjoying it first hand.

It seems everyone in upper management at Best Buy was at the driver’s meeting here at Dover.

That’s my driver’s meeting report.

I hope you enjoy the race!

Claire B
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Dover International Raceway

Logano Visits Infield Car Center Sunday Morning Checks Out Post Nationwide Race Numbness June 1, 2008

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logo of Nationwide SeriesImage via WikipediaGood Morning! (11:10 a.m.) It’s a beautiful day here at Dover International Speedway. I ran into Nationwide driver Joey Logano today as I emceed a fan hospitality session out front of the race track this morning. He had just left the Infield Care Center.

Logano Visits Infield Car Center Sunday Morning
Checks Out Post Nationwide Race Numbness

Joe Gibbs racing driver Joey Logano – who finished 6th in his Nationwide debut Saturday made a visit to the infield care center this morning (Sunday) – because he says his arm fell asleep during the Nationwide Series race here in Dover and the feeling had not yet come back.

Logano says that he has never before had the feeling of numbness that he was experiencing in his arm and hand this morning but he’s not concerned. What caused it? “Not real sure,” Logano said. “ It just kind of fell asleep during the race yesterday and it hadn’t come back awake yet. It’s something like I think when you’re slung over the side of the seat it’s the rib thing in the seat was too far away and it pinched something right about here and it just made my arm fall asleep.”

Logano made an initial visit to the care center, then went to a scheduled fan appearance, and planned to return for a check up. “ I could not even sign my name in the little infield care center,” he said. “Yea, we’ll get it checked out and we’ll be alright.”