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Claire B.Log – Road Trip! July 15, 2008

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City of MinneapolisImage via WikipediaCharlotte, NC – Chicago – Minneapolis – St. Cloud, Minnesota, Indianapolis

I wanted to let you know what I’m up to this week and that “Dialed In” 4-7 EST will have some exclusive new interviews mixed with some classic best ofs Tuesday-Thursday.

Me, I decided that I needed to see some family and friends that I have not seen for many years and take a little bit of time during this off week to rest up in preparation for the rest of the season and the chase. I had the idea that I could go from Chicago to Minneapolis and to Minnesota where I worked 7 years in radio in St. Cloud. Road trip!

I am broadcasting from the road and will cover breaking news stories – and insert some cool new interviews each day that you have not heard before as well as any breaking big news.

I feel pretty strongly that since the XM listeners pay to listen I don’t want to skip a beat -and I want to deliver for all of you. Most of the crew chiefs and drivers are gone this week on vacation and taking their last break before the big push to the chase. I can’t wait to cover it – it’s going to be so interesting and battle to the line for the points. If you can listen to the show -and I hope you can- I have prepared some race fan interviews for the white flag lap from my trip to the campground(s) at Joliet. I met some really cool race fans that were up on the wheel and so fun to hang out with. Of course I took my microphone.

I will post your emails this week and write to you from the road. Email me at insidercbl@aol.com and I’ll post your emails on the blog. What is your report card on your driver look like half way through the season?

Friday on the show, I will be live for the most part from northern Wisconsin where my parents have a lake home. Isn’t technology great? I am a little worried that there will not be cell phone service and that my computer air card may not work. So – get ready, we’re going to be in the North Woods together roughing it, all of us, and we’ll see what happens! Bring the bug juice.

I then head to Madison, Wisconsin to do the show Monday – and then early to Indy to join up with engineer Robert Morrison and the XM Chevy Mobile Broadcast Unit.

You never know what to expect this week and I’ll be keeping you posted on the blog.

Right now – there’s a fish fry planned for tonight here in Holdingford, Minnesota at the farm. Do any of you know where Holdingford is? Thanks for listening and take care.

Enjoy the show and the day!

Claire B
XM Satellite Radio

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1. Leslie Eaton - July 21, 2008

Dear Clair I hope you have had a wonderful time visting Family and Friends during the off week,I hope you have rested and relaxed and most of all had fun!!!!!!!!!!! Tell Robert Hello and have a great time at Indy!!!!!!!!!Keep us informed of all the juicy tidbits at Indy.

2. Carson R. Smith - July 22, 2008

Clair, love your show. I have one thing I feel very strongly about. Like the Robby Gordon deal and now Martin Truex with taking points. Drivers earn points, while risking their lives, doing what they love. For NASCAR to take points away from any team that was earned on the track, with a car that passed post race inspection is absolutely wrong. Both infractions were found in pre-race inspection and the car was not even raced! Fine them, take the driver out of the next race or whatever they want to do but taking points earned with a legal race car is just wrong, wrong, wrong! If the infraction was found during post race inspection then I have no problem taking the points earned during that race.

3. jeff hultberg - May 7, 2009

Gosh, darling, whatever you are doing, keep it up gal… you are on fire and i have a ton of respect for you and what you do. if you need anything doll you have my mail…

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