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A little more..too got not to share July 26, 2008

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Allstate 400 at The BrickyardImage via WikipediaMcMurray Claims He’s Solid
Claire B Lang – Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jamie McMurray was 7th fastest in the NSCS Practice 3 here at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and will start 8th in Sundays Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. After Qualifying on Saturday I asked him about Jack Roush leaving his name off when listing his drivers that nobody could take from him on Friday – and other reporters joined in.

CBL: YESTERDAY JACK (ROUSH) LEFT YOUR NAME OFF A LIST OF DRIVERS THAT NOBODY COULD TAKE AWAY FROM HIM. ARE YOU THE ODD MAN OUT WHEN THEY GO TO FOUR CARS? McMurray: “I don’t know. They haven’t discussed that with me and I don’t think that’s really even been discussed. I can’t control what Jack says and sometimes Jack will go off a little bit and it maybe gets out of control, but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s been a tough season for sure and this is a performance-based business and the 26 team, if you look at the results, hasn’t been as good as the other four teams, so Jack is just kind of stating the obvious. We’ve got to get our performance better. It’s not where I want to be, the team or Roush Fenway or Crown or Irwin, whoever – we’ve got to get better. The good thing about our team is that our cars have been really fast, and I think the hardest part in this sport is to have fast cars week-in and week-out, and when happy hour has been over every week we’ve had good cars. At Sonoma, running second with a few laps to go and we got run into, and cut a tire down at Chicago. I can give you a long list of things that if it would have been just a little different, we would have had some really good finishes. So I’m optimistic with all that, so we’ll just have to move on.”

DO YOU THINK JACK WAS TRYING TO SEND A MESSAGE? McMurray: “You’re asking me to speculate and I’m not into speculating.”

ARE YOU CONFIDENT YOU’LL BE BACK AT ROUSH? McMurray: “I tell you what, if you guys want to print the truth, the truth is I’ll be there with Crown Royal. There’s not a question. It’s 100 percent. I know there’s been some reporters that have speculated again on where I’ll be and who the sponsors will be, and certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I wish that for all of the media that they would just base it on facts. If they’re gonna say they have a source, then they should reveal that source, but, 100 percent, I will be here with Crown and with Irwin and at Roush Fenway.”

CBL: WHAT ABOUT THE RUMORS OF YOU AND THE FOURTH CAR AT CHILDRESS? McMurray: “There’s no truth to that. Richard is looking for a driver and I’m somewhat flattered to have my name on a list that another owner would want you, but I will be in this car and not at Richard Childress Racing.”

McMurray continues to insist that he’s secure – even saying he’s 100% sure he is coming back next year. Jack was clear that the performance of McMurray has not delivered – but stopped short of saying that the team would be dropped or that :McMurray would be gone.

Jack Roush: “Jamie is important to me but today you know Jamie is not the driver that has been productive to the extent the other four are. I certainly expected and expect great things from Jamie but the productivity has not been there at this point.

Reporter: If you have to go down to four teams is that the team that could be going somewhere else?

Jack Roush: “It really has more to do with the sponsorship relationship than the driver but one of the reasons that I fostered the relationship I’ve got with Max and with Doug (Yates) is to be able to have a place to put a sponsor. We do help them sell their sponsorships – we do help them with their marketing programs – we do all the engineering- we do build all their cars so it’s a closely affiliated relationship that maintains the covenant , the barriers that NASCAR wants to put up for competitive considerations but it has not been determined that the 26 program or the Crown Royal will go. I’ve got two more years, I’ve got the rest of 2008 and 2009 to sort that out.

This story is one that continues to be discussed by media here in the deadline room. Watch McMurray’s team bust off a solid performance this weekend in the Allstate 400.

I’ll keep you posted on what is happening here.

Claire B

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