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Kyle Bush vs. Carl Edwards Poll August 25, 2008

Posted by claireblang in 2008 Season.


1. Jackie Burke Marion, IA - August 25, 2008

Claire, Kyle has been pushing, shoving and wrecking other drivers ever since he came up to come. THIS IS HIS PAYBACK! Sooner or later the other drivers are going to start paying him back for his antics and this is just one of them! Kyle is a baby and loves to dish it out, but can’t take it when someone does the same thing to him! This is the kind of attitude that got him kicked out of Hendricks camp! If this is what Joe Gibbs wants, he got it and he will have to put up with the fines and points deductions that go along with it. Also, remember Carl is not an angel either. Ask Dale Jr in a Nationwide race a year ago when Carl bumped him on a victory lap and almost took his arm off! Then decided to confront Dale Jr while he was on victory lane!!!
Is this good for NASCAR? Maybe, but ask yourself this question, is this NASCAR racing or is it a demolition derby? If NASCAR lets this kind of behavior go, that is exactly what is going to happen and someone is going to get hurt, and probably an innocent bystander!

2. Debi - Key Largo, FL - August 25, 2008

Claire, I agree with most that Kyle has been dishing out this kind of driving all year and now he has gotten a taste of his own medicine and doesn’t like it, amazing. It’s about time and I hope to see more of it. You interviewed Billy Bleau(?) Kyle’s truck owner this afternoon on your Dialed in Show and it was funny to hear him stutter when asked about the bump and run. Kyle has done it a few times in the truck race, I can remember when he bump and ran with Johnny Benson last lap of one of the truck races this year. Funny Benson didn’t whine. Kyle maybe a good driver but he deserves whatever he gets and if he can’t take the heat he needs to get out of the kitchen. It does make for good racing but frankly when I see Kyle upfront I loose a little interest while rooting for someone to knock him out of the race. Funny his brother Kurt started his career out with the same attitude but seems to have settled down maybe he needs to teach his brother the same restraint. I think JD Gibbs was absolutely out of line talking to Carl Edwards about the incident. He should be talking to his driver, explaining what happens when you dish it out, evidently your day with come. As my husband says Pay backs are Hell!!!!! GO DALE JR.!!!!!!

3. nicole raines - September 9, 2008

claire, kyle needs to learn some damn manners.he is a baby.if he doesnt win cause he got passed by Carl at the Bristol race in august.kyle deserves to get a taste of his own medicine. frankly,i dont care if he gets the same thing his brother got.a punch in the face.yes kyle drives great,but kurt needs to show his brother some manners as well as restraint.i used to enjoy watching kyle race but after he wrecked junior at richmond in may that was it.that made me mad! i was excited when junior spun him out sunday at richmond and when jason leffler spun him in the nationwide race in may.

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