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Important Show Update Information & NYC On-Location September 10, 2008

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claire b lang inside XM Mobile UnitHey Friends! How’s your day going?

I am at the XM Studio in New York City – after a 6:15 flight out of Charlotte this morning and wanted to keep you updated on some things…..

“Dialed In” LIVE from New York City then Live from New Hampshire Friday:
Today and tomorrow “Dialed In with Claire B.” will be broadcast LIVE from New York 4-7 p.m. EST on Channel 144 – same time, same place. Friday, I’ll be live in the media center at New Hampshire Motor Speedway 4-7 EST Channel 144 – and all weekend I’ll be covering the first race in the Sprint Cup Series Chase. As always I’ll update this blog with news and will feed breaking news stories to the XM 144 sports updates.

Fan Info: Hard Rock Cafe for Chase Drivers Today:

NASCAR’s 12 Chase drivers in 2008 will appear at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square today (Wed.) from 12-3:00 p.m. for an event that includes media interviews and interactive fan Q&A to kick off the 2008 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. Today, on Dialed in I’ll have interviews with the chase drivers, I’ll kick up a little dust and we’ll talk about the chasers visit to the national TV shows, including Letterman! Did you see it?

NEW Channel and Time for “Dialed In with Claire B.” on Monday:
Starting Monday Mad Dog will debut his show 2-7 EST on Channel 144 – and so they have found a new spot for my show on Channel 148 beginning Monday. The time available on that channel is 3-6 EST – so I’ll be an hour earlier and on a new channel starting Monday. More news to come but wanted to let you know of the move. This channel is not a full channel so don’t be surprised when you find it’s just a spot to put this show during this time period. I’ll still be doing updates on XMSN in the mornings in the 6:00, 8:00, and 10 a.m. hour and feeding breaking news to sports breaks. But the show will move Monday so please pass the word.

Thank you!
You have all sent me the nicest emails and instant messages and they mean a lot. Part of the reason I chose to stay at XM was all of you and it matters. You have talked racing with me, cheered me on a hard day, and let me into your lives and it means more to me than you will ever know. I am focused every day on how much I owe all of you – I owe you the straight story and not a quick comment, I owe you checking to make sure it’s right and staying unbiased. I owe you going to the track and making sure that when I’m there I am your eyes and ears so that you are a part of all this no matter where you live or what you do for a living.

I have never been on the road alone because you have been with me. The truck drivers across America are pretty incredible and you all are woven into what I’ve done like family. You have led me more than once to taking it an extra mile, finding where I am going or honest and well meant friendship and support.

No matter where you live or what you do for a living -you have all really been such friends – and such a supportive network that I wanted to say thanks and let you know that I keep that in mind at all times when the days are long or the weather is crazy or things are tough and there are challenges. It’s humbling that when a girl broke the door down doing NASCAR for the first time in national broadcast radio- you all accepted it and treated me fair and I’ll always remember all of you who have been there over the years since the start.

Thanks again. I hope that you will be able to find the show on the new channel and that the new time works. I’ll keep in touch with you via this blog and as always you can email me at ClaireBMail [at] ClaireBLang.com

I’m headed over to Hard Rock Cafe and I’ll tell you all about it today on Dialed In. I am thinking right now what I can possibly ask these guys that hasn’t been asked yet.

Thanks again all!

I will keep in touch and will blog more coming up soon. This is the place to check for updates and news…..

Enjoy the day!

Claire B
XM Satellite Radio


1. Kat Sprouse - September 10, 2008

Claire B – Thanks for all this info. I’ll have my XM radio “Dialed-In” on channel 148 as of Monday, so I won’t miss anything you have to say!!! I think you are AMAZING… you don’t miss a THING that happens with NASCAR. I have learned so much about the sport just listening to you and your show. Thank-YOU for all your hard work and dedication. It is obvious that you are a very respected member of the NASCAR media… everyone LOVES talking with you.

I hope that the XM radio folks know you value… and that you have a new permanent channel, soon. I’m hoping that the “more news to come” from you will be the “best news ever” for all of us. I’d love to see your show be more like it was BEFORE Sirrus took over the NASCAR coverage. It was great when you could give us live coverage during events.

What about other NASCAR shows on channel 144… will they be moving at some point? Will there be another NASCAR only channel?

Sorry we missed seeing you at RIchmond… we saw the mobile unit on Fri (around 2PM), but you weren’t there. AND… regarding all the comments/remarks about how bad traffic at Richmond was, we were camping in the speciality lot (on the track property – right behind turn 2). Two hours after the cup race ended, we were pulling out of the lot and there was no back-up. We were impressed with the job that the track and local law officials did. Sorry to hear that others had a bad experience.

Thanks again for all you do for us… YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!

Kat in VA

2. Nila - September 11, 2008

thx, claire, for the info 🙂

3. Richard Abel - September 11, 2008

Since this new channel is an open channel, can they rebroadcast the show at several different times. I do not get out of work until 5pm central time. This means now I will even hear my normal hour of your show.

I think this is a problem for a lot people in the different time zones. If they did it so the first rebroadcast would start at 6 pm est. The central and Mtn times would be able to hear your show on the commute home. The west would still be able to hear an hour of during their commute. I realize this competes with the over show on 144 but they do not give the information on Nascar as your does. Besides I can hear the rebroadcast of the other later at night.

4. Dave C - September 11, 2008

It seems too bad that in a time when XM is going through lots of changes they would move a show that has been as popular as yours . I certainly hope that the future leads to an increased availability of NASCAR for XM subscribers,and that you are a centerpiece of that new presence.

5. Dave - September 12, 2008

Thx for the update Claire,we the true XM nascar fans who brought this show to the top will always be with you!

6. eddie pritchett - September 12, 2008

hey clair b. i want to say how much i love your show. kepp up the good work. what will the new channel be called? will nascar be back on x?

7. Jeff - September 15, 2008

Glad to hear that Dialed In will still be available on XM. One of the reasons that I had originally signed up for XM was their NASCAR coverage. Once NASCAR went to the other satellite service I was a little worried that with Mad Dog taking over XM144 you would be forced off of the XM dial.

With the announcement last week that XM subscribers will once again be able to add NASCAR race coverage to our listening package by adding “the best of Sirius” on October 6th, I will once again be a very happy listener.

8. Hugo - September 16, 2008

Hi Claire are you going to have any replays of your show all of us in the central time zone who work till 5 and were able to catch your last hour are left with no Claire.That would be like taking nascar off TV

9. Julie - September 16, 2008

Thank you for the information. I have been looking for your show for the last 2 days. I finally called XM to find out what happen to “Dialed In”. The customer service rep couldn’t find your information. They told me to keep checking back. I did not accept that! So I googled you. I am so glad I did because I found this website. Now I know where to find you tomorrow! Thanks for the great show!

10. Annette - September 16, 2008

please, please, please do something!! I can’t go without your show! I also live in the central time zone and listen to your show during my commute home. I will now miss it!!!! Will it rebroadcast at another time? This is just unacceptable.. lol

11. Linda - September 18, 2008

Hi Claire!

I listen to you every day on the way home from work and I really enjoy your show. I just thought I would mention that in Minnesota, we now get you an hour earlier than before and we can only listen to you until 5:00 PM which cuts us short! Please mention this to the “powers that be” that we are very disappointed that we cannot listen to you until 6:00 PM week days like we used to. I am thinking about canceling XM Radio because of this.

Just thought I would voice my opinion as there are many of us who enjoy your great show and cannot hear very much of it any more.

Send the number 99 around!

Thank you!

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