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A news note to friends and “Dialed In” listeners September 17, 2008

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C L A I R E B. M A I L
Tuesday, September 17,2008 – Charlotte, NC Studio

A news note to friends and “Dialed In” listeners:

Hey all! Thank you for your undying support and friendship. It means a lot and I appreciate that you listen to Dialed In and participate in the show. You all matter to me a great deal.

I hope you were able to find me beginning this week on XM Channel 148 – I know it’s a big change to move to our own special channel and to a new time period 3-6 EST. Many of you found the show and we had full phone lines so that means a bunch of you hung out on the new channel for the first “Dialed In” on Channel 148- Thanks!

If you sent me an email asking “Where are you?” I am sorry if you missed the show. I have a policy of answering all emails individually but yesterday I had so many that I could not possibly answer each one so I apologize for the format of this note but I wanted most to get the word out on my blog to all of you fast.

Stay in connection here with claireblang.com where I will be posting my blogs and information about the show – and I’ll do my best to keep you all updated.

I can’t begin to tell you how much you all matter to me – many of you have been listening to the show since I began at XM – and you have been my friends on the road and along the way and on the air for many years. Some of you are new listeners and I have met a lot of you at the tracks broadcasting in the XM Chevy Dialed In mobile broadcast unit or through your emails to insidercbl [at] aol [dot] com or your calls to the show.

I’ll keep you posted on the developments and hope that you can listen 3-6 EST on Channel 148 Monday – Friday and of course I will still be feeding reports in the mornings on XM 144 around 6, 8 and 10 a.m. and breaking news on sports updates over on XM Sports Nation.

See you on the radio on Channel 148 today at 3 p.m. EST.

Thanks for following me to the new channel and hanging out with me on Dialed In. It matters a lot.


Claire B

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1. M. Wold - September 17, 2008

I just got used to being able to tune into Dialed-IN, and all the other great shows on XMSN 144, over my internet connection. But I can’t listen anymore since it would be hard to do my job sitting outside in the Tahoe. Since channel 148 isn’t a “full” channel, it doesn’t even show up in the “Complete XM Program Guide”, let alone being available to the internet stream.

2. Courtney Rogers - September 17, 2008

Claire, I have been a loyal listener from the beginning. I love the show. I have sent emails to the XM folks but no replies. 3 to 6 pm is not a fair time for most of us. I don’t get off from work until 6 many days. While I do get to listen if my job has me on the road mainly I catch it on the ride home. Today I was able to catch the last five minutes before you went off the air. Is there anyway they can rebroadcast the show later or in the am on the next day (like they once did). Lord knows we don’t need another talking sports head but someone felt like they needed to spend the money (don’t get me started). Please let us know what we can do to help…who we can write too that will listen? If it wasn’t for you and the music I would have left XM for Sirius when NASCAR left (big Smoke fan but I didn’t make the switch). The only thing XM has done right since then is finally got Alabama signed up on the SEC channels.

Courtney in Richmond

3. Carrie in Ohio - September 18, 2008


I listened to you everyday on my way home from work and now nothing that guy who took your spot is TERRIBLE how did he get a radio show? I get 148 but with nothin is on it, it says the channel is not available, so I called xm and they said the same thing it’s not available. First they take nascar race away and now you we who have xm and cannot get you are upset, you are our link to the nascar world.
The whole reason to buy xm has no meaning at all anymore. I have emailed xm with no answer, they don’t care they only want the money.
Thanks for listening to me B—h, if you find out anything for us please let us know.

From a loyal use to be xm fan.

4. Brian Wilson - September 18, 2008

I’m missing you Claire B.

Crying in Quebec

I also do not have chanel 148 and even if I did; it’s at a bad time for me. I work untill 6:00 p.m.

5. Lou DiBerardino Jr. - September 19, 2008

Claire my wife and i love your show!! Saw you at bristol ,wipe all booth you were great. we need to get channel148 streaming soon!! I have emailed xm radio 2 times; no answer (go figure) It’s hard to listen in my driveway (neighbors think I’m nuts lol )please try to light a fire uder their butts,loyal listener Lou P.S. send that 88 around

6. Casey in Iowa - September 21, 2008

I always listened to the last hour of your show on the way home from work. Now, with the program time change, I’m just getting off work as you sign off. I MISS YOU!! I already feel lost in the world of Nascar. I got more interesting information from you than from anywhere else. Is there any way to listen to your show in an archive somewhere? I was so upset with XM when they lost the Nascar channel, and this is pretty much the last straw with them. I made sure I purchased a new GM product this year, just to make sure I still got XM, but I guess that was almost a waste. Maybe if Sirius and XM merge, I’ll be able to listen to the Nascar channel again.

7. Sandy Genova - September 23, 2008

Claire B……

Imagine my surprise today when I tuned in to hear you on XM 144 and you weren’t there! I immediately went online to find out where you’d gone. HOORAY !!I’m now “Dialed In” on XM 148.
I’ve been a faithful listener for several years now. When NASCAR left for Sirius radio, I stayed behind with XM because I love “Dailed In.” I catch up on all the latest developments in NASCAR by listening to your show.
Keep up the good work!

Sandy in West Babylon, NY

8. rj rumfelt - September 25, 2008

hi claire! i used to live in charlotte. i’ve been here in georgia for 11 years now. i’ve listened to you for a long time. i go back to the john boy and billy days! anyway, i think your show is the best nascar show period. you give details no one else does. i catch you on xm 148 but wish you could go on til 7! i’m a late worker

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