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“Dialed In” LIVE at Dover- Mobile Unit September 17, 2008

Posted by claireblang in 2008 Season.
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Dover International SpeedwayImage via Wikipedia Dialed In LIVE at Dover:

I will be broadcasting from the “Dialed In” Chevy XM Mobile Broadcast unit at Dover International Speedway.

The unit will be outside of Gate 11 at DIS near the Ticket Office and the Terrace Lounge. I will broadcast LIVE 3-6 p.m. EST from the Mobile Unit at the track Thursday and Friday on Channel 148.

Hope to see you there!

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1. Cheryl - September 17, 2008

Man! I wish I could be there with ya on Friday, Claire, but I just can’t deal with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge anymore. lol

2. laurie - September 18, 2008

Claire B…it was great while it lasted…being in Canada there is no channel 148 nooooo instead we get to listen to some g@@f called Mad Dog ..not liking that much. I want my Dialed In back I think I’m having withdrawls… Any news on this situation? what about all of your Canadian fans who have stayed true and now we are out in the cold. There are channels that are currently on the dial that arent being used maybe they could fire it over to one of those or to keep things simple just air the darn 148 up here….grrrrrrr I’m gettin my knickers in a know over this one for crying out loud Claire B Lang is why I have XM radio for pete’s sake. Help, from Canada

3. Diane - September 18, 2008

you should broadcast from the casino! 😀

4. Brenda - September 19, 2008

Not sure why they are moving your time slot around so much. Just my thoughts, “don’t like the show ending at 6” I don’t get off till 5:30 and I have a hour drive home. I only get to listen to the last 30 mins. I’ll have to set up my portable xm in my office…..Want be much work done after 3:00.
You do a “GREAT JOB” keep up the good work.

5. Max Mitchell - September 19, 2008

Claire B –

I’ve been traveling the past few days, so, my listening has been interrupted. I can’t keep up – can you tell me a little about 148? When I turn to it, your show is listed and states that “the program has not yet started.” So, I see that you are presently the only one on that channel. Kinda cool to have your own channel. But where did the engine block go? Since Sirius and XM are combining, does this mean that NASCAR will be coming back and being located on 148?

148 isn’t listed on the channel guide. So, hopefully they are just not finishing out your contract, but that this channel will be building into what 144 once was. Channel 145 is there and the Indy car season is over.

Keeping me informed about NASCAR is why I listen to your channel. You do an excellent job and now that we are down to the final races the channel is even more important. Heck – I even listened to your program in December when you cover all the background for the NASCAR banquet. The old 144 even did the banquet.

These are just some questions on my mind…. All you need to do is settle Jr. down and let Mr. Hendrick talk him to a championship!

Keep up the good work!

Max Mitchell

6. John Courduff - September 20, 2008

Hey Claire,
I’ve missed you the past few days. They had some wacko named Mad Frog in your place. I’m so glad you now have a channel of your own, or should I say our own! Your’e the only reason I have XM. Love ya, keep up the great work!

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