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Jason Needs Prayers November 5, 2008

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Claire B. Blog
November 5, 2008
Charlotte, NC Studio

Sometimes something so powerful hits you from a race fan that it literally stops you in your tracks. That happened to me this week when I got an email from a listener about a friend of his that he met at a race track. I get a lot of emails but this one truly made a mark on me. Here’s the first email:

email 11/4/08


I’m having a hard time trying to write this email but I am needing to ask the NASCAR nation a favor. One of my dear friends, Jason Deel, who is a die hard Jeff Gordon fan is in very critical condition after hitting his head and falling 20 ft from a railroad bridge while at work. He has no injuries from the fall, it all stems from him hitting his head before the fall. He is currently in the hospital in Ohio and hasn’t been awake since the accident on Thursday. I met him at the race track through one of my good friends, whom he is now dating. We have became really good friends and share a love of NASCAR. He is a Gordon fan and I am a Jr fan so we are always giving each other a hard time about the race. This weekend was the first time in my life that I was pulling for Gordon to win the race to maybe help pull Jason through this. I didn’t think it was going to happen then at the end of the race there was Gordon finishing second. I immediately texted his girl friend to have her tell him he finished 2nd as I know he would have been very excited. And it was hard not getting that text ragging me about how Jr ran out of gas.

If there is some way you can pass this along to the NASCAR nation and have them pray that he will recover from this and one day be able to attend another race and cheer his favorite driver on I would greatly appreciate it. I got a call this morning and it wasn’t the best of news but I will not give up on him and know he will put thought this situation. I know that everyone in Nascar nation is a huge family no matter who you root for and I would greatly appreciate all the prayers for Jason and his family.

Thank you all!

Gabe Calton

After receiving the email (above) I tracked Gabe down and read his email on the air. He came on the air with me and told the story of meeting his friend Jason at the race track and the many hours of good fun they had ribbing each other about their drivers over the past years. Quickly, the instant messages and emails started coming in – people were listening and they were praying.

Today, I received another email from Gabe with a picture of his friend Jason Deel – who is fighting for his life.

Jason Needs Prayers

email 11/5/08

Claire B,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so much for allowing me to ask the Nascar Nation for their prayers for Jason Deel. That was a hard thing to do and I could talk days about him. I was just trying to keep my composure. It meant the world to me and I have passed on to his Girlfriend Tara that all of Nascar nation is praying for him to pull through this. Its been rough no doubt, I found out later that they are saying he may never awaken but I still stand firm on my statement that he will pull through this with the help of God and I thank you for allowing me to get the word out.

I am attaching a picture of Jason and I at Bristol this spring standing at the pit gate watching the drivers coming in. I’m sure you can tell which on is Jason by his Jeff Gordon gear. The smile you see on his face is a smile that was always on his face. When around him you where always smiling.

I will keep everyone that is interested updated and I appreciate everything you have done for him, and his family and friends.


Like I said – some days I’ll get an email that just stops me in my tracks. To have a friend like Gabe – someone who you met via racing – and someone who refuses to give up on you and to have listeners who would stop and pray for someone they don’t even know. It’s powerful.

Thanks to the listeners who passed a prayer on for Jason. Jason is pictured below (in the Gordon gear) next to his friend Gabe

It means a lot.

Enjoy the day – take nothing for granted. Never give up.

Claire B

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1. acollage - November 5, 2008

Claire, prayers going out right now for Jason and his friends/family. Please update us on how he does? Nascar Nation is a mighty group of people, and their prayers alone can do wonders.

2. Mikki Hurley - November 5, 2008

I to am one of Jason’s friends. I have been praying hard for him. Sometimes, for me, I find it hard to trust that everything will be alright especially when doctors tell you otherwise. With Jason I have complete faith that the Lord will heal him. I do not believe it when they say he will not wake up. I know that God can heal everything and it may take time but God will heal Jason. When Jeff Gordon got second in the race on Sunday I was sort of dissappointed because I was really hoping he would win for Jason. But in an interview with Gordon after the race he said “second is like winning.” I felt like this was very symbolic because the doctors say that Jason may have some problems or brain damage due to the trama to his head. I feel like if Jason can just wake up and pull through this race any way possible, it’s like he won to us. I wish that each of you could know Jason personally because he truely is an amazing person. He is so crazy and comical. Jason is the only person that can make me laugh when I mad. He has such a kind heart, it’s hard to believe that he is in the situation that he is in. Jason needs strength and they say that strength comes in numbers, so for all of those praying with us thank you so much and may God bless you!

Mikki Hurley

3. wrestler's mom - November 6, 2008

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who might be whispering a prayer for Jason. I am from Jason’s home town and my sons were on the Grundy High School Wrestling Team with him. That group of young men became brothers and now years later they are still close and there for each other in times of joy and tragedy. Parents to one became parents to all and we all love Jason and are praying for him and his family. Our prayers are going up from all parts of our country and we ask that anyone who can take a moment from their busy day to remember him please do so. God Bless each of you.

4. Jerry, Deena and Jeremy Hurley - November 6, 2008

Praying for Jason has become a natural instinct daily for us all in our little county — Buchanan County. Everybody here knows everybody and in this case is such a blessing. Everybody that knows Jason knows what a sweet person he is. We’re continuing to pray for him daily and standing firm that he will overcome this. As our Lord tells us in Matthew 18:20 “Where two or more are gathered in my name I am there also”. I know the Lord hears our prayers and we’re waiting for the blessing.

5. Danielle Baldwin - November 7, 2008

I am Jason’s 1st cousin and I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for all their prayers and concern. I too wish each of you could know Jason personally. I can’t think of a single soul that would say anything bad about him. He could bring you up when you are at your lowest low. I miss the random text messages of I love you, do you need a hug or some silly something he comes up with. Jason has always been a huge race fan. Our dads use to take us to drag races together all the time when we were little. I’ll never forget the time that we were walking through the cars and Jason saw a man and was saying Hey buddy, are you Kenny Berstein and the man said yeah little man, what’s your name and Jason said my name is Hammerhead and from that day on everyone in our family called him Hammerhead. I am a firm believer in miracles and I have seen some of the miracles my Lord has performed. I am praying for God to intervene and to help the brother I never had pull through this. Jason is a very strong person and I too believe that he will win this race. On behalf of Jason’s family, we all thank you from the depths of our hearts for helping us pray for such a wonderful person. God bless each of and everyone of you.

Thank you,
Danielle Baldwin

6. Tara - November 18, 2008

Hello I am Jasons girlfriend and I just wanted to tell all of you all who are interested in jasons progress to visit


7. HELEN - November 22, 2008


8. Ronnie Phillips - March 16, 2009

Hope Jason Gets To See Bristol Race I Think Gordons going To Pull it off this weekend.THE DRIVE FOR 5 IS ALIVE.I’m Gordon #2 fan next to Jason.A former Exide Employee.We Had A Great Time At Martinsville.

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