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I’ll be on a new channel today – XM Channel 143 —from 3-6 EST. November 12, 2008

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Hey Listeners!

I am writing this from the Miami airport – and I will be broadcasting today from the Chevy XM Mobile Broadcast Unit –

I’ll be on a new channel today – Channel 143 —from 3-6 EST.

“3 on 143” 🙂

Sorry to have to ask you to move again – but wanted to let you know – hope you can find “Dialed In” and hang out today from 3-6 EST on Channel 143.

Thanks for listening…..you all rock.

Claire B

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1. Diane - November 12, 2008

I panicked this morning when I realized Blue Color Comedy was now on channel 148. I went to XM on line but couldn’t find out where you were.

I’m glad you had the info on your website. I love your show, even though I can’t hear the first hour anymore. I like the 4 to 7 timeframe better.

Hope XM is fininshed moving you around.

2. Dee - November 12, 2008

I will be glad when XM and Sirius get their channels straightened out. I need to know where to find you….and hope you stay there. We can’t get thru the race week without you, Claire B.

Dee..trucker on the road

3. Larry Tyrrell - November 12, 2008

DITTO…….no officer, I’m just having withdrawls, I can’t find CBL on my XM.LT.

4. Mike G. - November 12, 2008

glad to hear you’re still around…I did panic a bit scanning the dial and not seeing the channel logo…

5. Debbie - November 13, 2008

Thank goodness you posted this! I completely missed you yesterday. I went through every channel to see what they all were now, and I just figured they put on you the regular Nascar channel.

I 2nd the post above. They need to get it all straightened out and on one channel.

This is getting ridiculous. You ARE Nascar; why are they treating you like a red-haired stepchild?

JMHO…Deb in Cumming

6. New14fan - November 13, 2008


I am in the Central timezone and don’t get off work until after 5:00pm. Therefore, I no longer get to listen to your show on 148 or 143. At least on 144 I could listen through XM RADIO ONLINE (internet). Please ask XM to add 143 to the XM RADIO ONLINE.

7. Mike - November 13, 2008

Will this be permanant?

8. gary - November 13, 2008


This is rediculous! I looked all over the XM site and guide and could not find your channel information. You need to ask XM to step up and make it clear what channel you will be on!! Your new channel is not even listed in the program guide!

9. Nancy - November 14, 2008

I agree! I had a panick attack when you moved the first time! I found you by accident. Thanks for letting us know where you are! We need you for our race week updates! I also like the 4-7 time frame. Being on the west coast (Seattle) I am not able to hear much of the show until I ge toff work 2pm Pacific time. I guess an hour is better than not at all. Love ya CBL!!

10. Ernie MacDonald - November 15, 2008


I only kept XM after NASCAR moved to Sirrius radio because of your show. Since they changed your broadcast time I do not get to listen hardly at all. I live in the central time zone and used to get 1 hour per day. I have tried to contact XM and I get no response. No e-mails back or returns from my phone calls. XM has a great radio line-up but I do not need any of it. If I cannot get your show soon (either by new broadcast time or internet) then I will be cancelling my subscrition. Is it really a problem to re-run your show so we can all hear it during drive time? Tell the mother ship that if I want to be ignored, I will go home and talk to my wife.

11. Debbie - November 18, 2008

We need an e-mail address that we can write to AND KNOW that our feelings/thoughts will be heard.

I don’t understand why they won’t meld you into the new Sirius channel. Maybe it’s a legal thing or even logistics, but if they are NOT going to add you into the mix, then I agree with the above poster that said they need to add 143 to the on-line portion of XM, so we can hear you out of the car.


12. Kay - November 18, 2008

Hey Claire, we can’t find you on XM. Aremyou still on and what time ans channel? Will you be on during the off season? We love your show!!! The guys on Sirius don’t compare to you at all!!

13. Debbie - November 19, 2008


It was good to talk to you yesterday on air about Regis & Kelly. I wanted to post my comment here because who knows if I’ll be able to call again today! 🙂

I just watched the small segment with Jimmie this morning. It was OKAY, nothing spectacular or to write home about…but maybe that’s because I already heard it on your show yesterday.

I still stand by my opinion yesterday. I don’t expect substance from Regis or Kelly. This show is all about fun and silliness. I don’t think, on any subject, I’ve ever seen them get serious. I think that’s the way Gelman likes it.

What I DID want to see was how JJ reacted. He was very cordial and polite, as he normally is. He took he question seriously and answered it as such.

Who knows Claire. These drivers are required to make these t.v. appearances, and maybe these type questions are a welcome relief to the barrage of mechanical questions they receive day in and day out.

It wan an OKAY interview. Not ventured and certainly nothing gained.

So, my next question is–what do YOU think is a harder job?? Starbucks or Coldstone? LOL….

14. Dan Fulk - November 21, 2008

I’ve had Sirius since the Nascar channel changeover two seasons ago. And Oh how I’ve missed listening to you in the afternoons(I’m a trucker) I was very much in favor of the satilite radio merger hoping to get to listen to your show again. I don’t care for the afternoon show currently on Sirrius 128…Tell your producers to have your show piped into the Sirrius channels soon !!!! Love ya !!! Dan

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