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Claire B Lang moving to SIRIUS Radio- Dec 1st November 24, 2008

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Official logo for Sirius XM Radio, Inc.Image via WikipediaC L A I R E B. M A I L
Tuesday, Monday, November 24,2008 – Charlotte, NC Studio

An note to friends and “Dialed In” listeners:

I wanted to let you know how much I have, over the years, appreciated your friendship, support, loyalty, calls on the air, race rants, observations and the good times we’ve shared over the radio on “Dialed In” on XM. It may be that some of you are now SIRIUS subscribers, that you got the “Best Of” package and can get NASCAR Radio now on XM or that you have been listening every day and are tried and true loyal XM’ers. When I decided to stay at XM back when NASCAR Radio moved to SIRIUS, I thought of you – of how many radios you already had purchased and I stayed. Many of you did too and I’ll never forget your kindness and support during that time.

Many of you moved with me from XM channel 144 to 148 when they moved the show after the merger and I was truly amazed. When they moved me again to channel I43 I figured it would be really tough for you to find the show – but you moved in droves and sought out being a part of “Dialed In” again. I was humbled. I promised that you all would be the first to know what would happen to “Dialed In” when the two services merged. Now, finally I can tell you.

On December 1, 2008, I am going to be moving to SIRIS NASCAR Radio on The “Best of” Channel 128. “Dialed In” will once again, be a part of the line up on Sirius NASCAR Radio. I will be anchoring coverage at the race track, on weekends, doing specials and “insider” coverage as well as doing “Dialed In” during the week. I will be returning to the radio channel that I helped to launch when NASCAR Radio first began. I was so proud of helping launch the initial NASCAR Radio channel and I’m happy to be returning to it now.

“Dialed In with Claire B Lang on Sirius XM” New York City – December 1

I will kick off being a part of SIRIUS NASCAR Radio on Monday, December 1 at the Sirius XM Studios in New York City. I’ll have a special show each night after covering all of the press conferences, parties and insider events that NASCAR will have during Champion’s Week in NYC.

I’ll take you behind the scenes as if you are actually at the events yourself. Plus, I’ll host an exclusive show with the entire Hendrick Championship team, featuring Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus, Rick Hendrick and their entire crew!

My main concern now is that no one tunes into XM Channel 143 on Monday, December 1 looking for “Dialed In” and is disappointed not to find it. We have been moved many times and I worry that some of you may be looking for my New York City Champion’s Week coverage on the channel I have been on the past several weeks.

If you have SIRIUS Make sure to update your radio pre-set to SIRIUS NASCAR Radio channel 128 so you don’t miss one second of the show on December 1. If you have XM and you don’t have “The Best of SIRIUS” on your XM radio, you can get it today by logging onto www.xmradio.com/best or by calling 888-5-SIRIXM (that’s 888-574-7496) right now.

I have been blogging here on Claireblang.com to keep you all posted so be sure to keep up with what is happening with me and the show behind the scenes by logging on here for all of the details!

In closing, It’s hard for me to tell you what you have all meant to me over the years. If you are a regular listener then you know how much you matter to me. I most often travel alone on the road although I have friends on the circuit. But most times I am alone in a studio in a city away from home and when I click on the ISDN broadcast line you are there. You are my friends, my neighborhood and my listeners and you all matter a lot to me. You have shared much with me over the years and I wanted to make sure that you were a part of the latest chapter of my life.

Thanks for everything! I’m lucky to have had listeners like you. I hope to hear from you on Monday, December 1 at 7:00 p.m. EST when I sit down behind the microphone in the Sirius studio in New York City for the very first time to kick off Champions Week coverage.

Many blessings and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Thank you for your loyal, support and friendship.

Claire B.

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1. Charline Cvecich - November 24, 2008

This could be redundant, but I am very dissatisfied with XM and Sirius and NASCAR. My only reason for not buying Sirius when I purchased my XM radio was because of NASCAR radio. Then it was taken away and I stayed with XM because Dialed-In was still on. Now it’s being taken away. I have 3 XM radio subscriptions and do not want to purchase the Best of Sirius as the only channel worth listening to in that package is NASCAR radio. XM/Sirius needs to rethink their subscription options. Fans will pay for subscriptions for what they want to listen to, but not for a lot of extra crap channels. The original offer from XM/Sirius was to get the Best of Sirius for $12.99 per month more. This is more than what I pay for my original XM subscriptions. When my subscriptions come due in July, I will be rethinking whether I even need them.

Very disappointed in Idaho.

2. Stephenie - November 24, 2008

I wanted you to know how much you are appreciated and that you are the only reason why I have kept my XM and why I have now added the Sirus package to my radio. You are the BEST and tell all my friends that YOU ARE THE WOMAN!! Keep up the good work as I know you will. I know that you sacrifice a lot for us to keep us informed every single day. You deserve a Huge Pay Raise for everything that you do for us.

3. daniel barnes - November 24, 2008

clair b,
we love you and your show! you get the best interviews, give the best interviews, always keep it fun, very informative. with ya till the end.
how cool is it that i can sit in snowy kenosha, wi. gear up for the packers on monday night football, and write you too.
…..its like a warm fire.

send that 14 and 39 around

4. Shirley McKinzie - November 25, 2008

Hello Claire, I am one of your loyal listeners and will follow you no matter where you decide is the best for you and your family. I did sign up for the Best of Sirus a couple of months ago for the NASCAR programing, but had them remore the Howard Stern and Playboy off my stations, but I do have the package for NASCAR as I am on the road alot to see our grandchildren and do not want to miss the races when unable to watch on TV. I will be listening to you at 4 p.m. California time on Dec. lst. I did not understand if you will still be having a daily program, as I missed the first of your announcement. Are you not on during the off season? Thank you and keep up the great work, and enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. God Bless and as all others, we are praying for Jason.

5. Mac - November 25, 2008

Claire B–Let me start by saying that I have never called into your show. Although I listen as much as possible. I drive a tow truck for a living, and I am in and out of my truck. But you have a great show and I am sure that will continue to be the same. However XM Radio has been a bad investment for me. When I bought my XM, Nascar Radio was still on XM. Unfortunatly that only lasted for one season. So for the past several years I have been paying $12.99 just to listen to your show for 3 hours a day. Thats right I dont listen to anything else on XM except Dialed In. So for me to be expected to pay another $4 a month for what I should have already been getting, is just not going to happen. I cant afford to dig any deeper in my pockets. I will be ending my subscription very soon, but thanks for all the great information you have provided. I have some great memories. Like: when you went for a ride in Jeremy Mayfields racecar in the streets of New York City, while he was doing burnouts. It was truly awesome.

Good Luck to your future! And sorry for any typo’s.


6. Leslie Eaton - November 25, 2008

Yes,I am SO HAPPY I get my Clair Back,Sirius finally made a sound and wonderful decision to keep Clair,O my there is a Santa………..
We got our Clair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Jenn M - November 25, 2008

I’m sad to see you go. Hopefully, Sirius and XM will truly merge without an increase in price and I will be able to get the NASCAR channel back. It will be a lonely afternoon on 12/1.

8. richard - November 25, 2008

I have been listeing to you since xm started the nascar channel. I was glad you stayed with us when nascar went to Sirrus. Are the show hours going back to the 4 to 7 est. Are tye going to have other broadcast of the show. It is hard for me to listen sometimes as I do not get out of work until the show is done now.

Good Luck will be listening.

9. John Barkley - November 25, 2008

Looks like I have to get best of package, I will not be able to function without my CBL fix, you are realy the only reason I have xm. Good Luck

10. Coe in Alabama - November 25, 2008

Claire was torn when NASCAR went to Sirius and, as we all know, decided to stay with XM and the listeners and fan-base she worked so hard to build. She was excited to announce her triumphant return to NASCAR, but just as torn to be leaving part of her loyal fans. Please take a look at the Family Friendly with BOS plan and see what the upgrade would be. It actually is quite small on the multiyear plans.

11. Sharon Langley - November 25, 2008

Since Clair is moving to Sirius, I will have to purchase “The Best of” package. I depend on Clair to keep me abreast of all things NASCAR during my drive home from work every afternoon.

12. Debbie - November 26, 2008

Yeah for you Claire! Not only do we get to keep Dialed-In, but you also get a PROMOTION and we get more Claire air time! Yippee!

13. Roger Mayes - November 27, 2008

I may be the only dissenting voice, but; I am tired of corprate america holding us hostage.
First XM found that the addition of Opie & Anthony wasn’t a good idea so they had to up the fee two bucks to cover their corprate butts.
Now sirius takes what little NASCAR coverage is left, moves it to their tier and tells us to pay up or miss out.
I am already unhappy about the changes to the “commercial free” music channels, they now have even more of the unnecessary yap than XM did, my mp3 player has none.
I will miss hearing you at the end of my workday, as the only remaining reason(s) for keeping satellite radio are the ability to listen to may favorite morning show without changing stations as I move from area to area, and having traffic one button away.
I will end my tirade with this-I already have two useless xm receivers
(I cancelled my family plan some time ago) and will soon have a third
as I have found no reason to maintain a subscription once my driving days come to a not too distant conclusion.
But, It’s not all”sour grapes” I will continue to read your page in Pilot’s magazine, and wish you continued success.

14. HELEN - November 28, 2008

Congrats to you Claire B. you deserve this move for sure!!
Now I have the best of both worlds XM and Sirius!! 🙂

15. Karen Slaton Lavonia, GA - November 29, 2008

WWOOOOHOOOO!! I finally get to hear Claire again after (unwillingly) switching to Sirius so I could hear the races!!!!! Claire, you do not know how happy I am!!!

16. Kevin and Hope Sauppe - November 30, 2008

It’s Great news that we are all getting our Claire back !!! Claire is the most passionate and well respected voice on the air. Whenever there is breaking news, CBL is on top of it with all of the questions that are needed to be asked, and able to deliver those pointed questions both tactfully and professionally. She takes you through the garage on any given raceweek, and makes you feel as if you were at each and every event !!!
Thanks Claire for all of your passion concerning OUR favorite sport while on XM, as we are SO glad that Sirius has decided to make you and “Dialed In” part of their Nascar Team. You totally deserve it, and all of Nascar Nation needs it !!!

17. George - November 30, 2008

Claire B!
I am ahppy to hear the news, though it will cost me a few bucks more. No more “Easter Egg Hunt” each afternoon when I get off work to see where nthey have moved you to today. It was almost like they were trying to move you where no one could find you and then gripe that your audience was shrinking. I look forward to many more years of your insight and your fabulous connections and total credibility and respect within the NASCAR community. You are great, and My wife and I hope to see you at the track in Daytona for the July race. Keep up the good work!

18. Leslie Girard - December 1, 2008

Thank you, thank you , thank you sirius-xm! Claire, I’ms so happy that they valued you as much as we do. While you feel lucky to have us, I think we get the better part of the deal! Welcome to Sirius and back into my car!

19. Dennis Hunt - December 1, 2008

It has been great lisening to you the last 2-3 years. I cancelled me subscription today. I like several others only had XM only because of NASCAR. When thay took that away I stayed only because of you. Now they have moved you to a time that is not even during driving hours. If they cared about the listners they would leave it alone. Best of luck.

20. Eric Yandell - December 1, 2008

Got in the car…turned on 128 and was extremely happy to hear a familiar voice. I have been an XM subscriber for 4 years..and recently opted-in for the SIRIUS best of package. I was a loyal listener on Ch. 144 after NASCAR had left..Got a little worried after you were uncermoniusly booted for more sports talk…and then on an obscure channel.

Welcome Home!

21. Patrick Drews - December 1, 2008

Claire – hate to see you move to Nascar station and your new time slot. I’m a dedicated listener to the PowerShift show (on MyFi) and always listened to you on the way home from work. I won’t be tuning in to Dialed-In any longer, due to Sirius/XM’s decisions – they are really starting to lose listeners. Your show and Powershift are the only reason’s I subscribe, so I’m a thread away from cancelling my 2 Radios at this point. Good Luck! Will watch for any future time slot changes!

22. K.J. Ellis - December 2, 2008

Claire; – Very, very disappointed -(disenchanted – disillusion – let down need I go on?) in XM radio or whatever they call themselfs these days. I live in Green Bay, WI and I’m a “Packer Fan” but if the Packer’s were to let us down and move to another city – Well I like hundreds of others would not be a “Packer fan” much longer – get my point? Sure there are lots of great channels on XM but I’m a die-heart Nascar fan, the main reason that “Had” XM was to listen to the heart of Nascar – that being you, CB. I have listen to you for years and I stay listening during all the moves up & down the dial. Its not the four dollars more that Sirius wants for something we had – we were lead to believe what we had would “Not change”. Sorry to see you change – I know you started out with Nascar and when they change to Sirius, which brought more money to them, you stay with XM as you so stated. When Nascar left XM I like hundred of others stay, well now it is like they say “Money talks and BS walks” I’m not staying or changing for some so call deal – I’m Gone!

23. HELEN - December 3, 2008


24. Chris - December 3, 2008

Claire, I’m not going to rehash all the issues from above, but I am saying goodbye to XM/Sirius or whatever it is called permanently. I called today to cancel and they gave me 3 free months to stay, but its only XM and I’m gone after. I love the show but I’m sick and tired of the BS.

25. John - December 3, 2008

Claire-After much deliberation, I decided to sign up for the “Best of Sirius” today, against my better judgement. I have been trying to find a schedule of when your show will be on XM and what channel, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Any help you can share would greatly appreciated. I really enjoy your interviews and such a fresh approach to your radio show. I have a 45 minute drive home each day and really look forward in listening to your show, great work. So, please can you help?
Send the 88 around!

26. Kim - December 4, 2008

Hi Claire!
When I had purchased my car a couple of years ago, I opted to spend the extra $500 to have the XM unit installed in my car so I could listen to NASCAR, races & you!. About 2-3 weeks after that, XM announced the NASCAR was moving to Sirius. I was pissed!! I called about changing units but they said I’d have to pay another $500 so I stayed with XM only because you were there. (like most everyone else) I was on vacation last week and on my ride home Monday I tried finding you but you were gone. I finally came here to find out that you aren’t coming back!! I give up. I wasted $500 the first time and I won’t spend an additional $4 a month just so I can hear what I originally signed up to hear. I will miss you but thanks for the great years of listening. You rock. 😦

27. Tik - December 4, 2008

Hi Claire,
You’re the best and I will miss you–All other NASCAR announcers only apologize for NASCAR and seem to report the corporate line. I hope you can rescue the channel they put you on. I had forgotten how good local radio free broadcast can be until I searched in vain to find “Dial In.” Thanks for the good years of listening.

28. Mike Travis - December 4, 2008

Hi Claire B.
I have been long time listener. I mourned when XM lost NASCAR but then I found you. It was a bummer not getting the races but you ventured where the mainstream does not and made your show tops. I wish XM would put your show back on ANY channel. I do not want to pay for BOS when NASCAR is the only channel worth listening to on the whole package although I may change my mind come Daytona. XM Sirrus made a big mistake moving your show to exclusively Sirrus. Maybe I can ask the government for the $4/Mo to “bail me out”. Thank you for all you have done to keep me informed.
May God richly bless you and your family.

29. Tom in Cincinnati - December 5, 2008

I too over the last month have gone on the “Easter Egg Hunt” to find Claire’s show, very frustrating! I too was disappointed when the NASCAR channel moved from XM, but stayed because of Dialed-In & Power Shift. I too just ponied up the additional $2.00/month for the “Family-Friendly” (no Howard Stern,etc.) Best of Package. The problem, still no Claire B Dialed-In on my drive home at the end of the day. The current program in that time slot, “Sirius Speedway”, is very poor to say the least. I don’t care for Dave & Suzy Q’s sense of “humor” or NASCAR insight. Claire, come back soon or I’m out of here!

30. Jim - December 5, 2008

Hi Claire,
Ditto with most of the other posters. You were the last straw for keeping XM. Now Sirius/XM will have two less subsribers. I’m cancelling out my sat radios. Sirius made a huge mistake trying to ace out XM for NASCAR, now that they have the potential to get back customers loyal to NASCAR they instead try to milk more out of US to keep NASCAR. Instead they will be losing customers over all. I hope to see you at the track someday.


31. Richard inArkansas - December 7, 2008

claire b;
I have to join in with the others take are very dissappointed with the XM/Sirius merger. Itoo will not spend extra for what I’m already paying to get crap from Sirius( you being excluded,now).
Its been a great ride and you are tops in jounalism,personallity and plain wonderful humanity. As Bob Hope used to say” Thanks for the memories…” I’ll miss hearing your sweet voice.

32. Mike Tribout/Clayton, Delaware - December 9, 2008

I am another voice of displeasure with Sirius/XM… XM giveth and Sirius taketh away… Twice now… NASCAR to Sirius back then and now Dialed In to NASCAR (on Sirius…)
It’s not just your show either. They’ve screwed up the music channels too.
I refuse to pay an extra $6/Month to get the “best of”… By the looks of the other posts, it looks like I am not the only one…
I’ll miss you Claire, you made my ride home from work a pleasure.

33. Russell Reed - December 9, 2008

I’m glad you were able to move back to NASCAR Radio, just disappointing that SiriusXM fired Joe & Thom in the process. The shows that XM had were so much better than anything Sirius has to offer. I am so sick of Dave Moody saying I don’t know to every question that a caller asks him. When the same questions are presented to you or Joe, I hear ANSWERS. It’s always better to hear unbiased answers that tell the truth about whatever the topic is. Welcome back to NASCAR Radio, and put in a word for Joe & Thom.

34. Mike - December 9, 2008

I did not know that Joe and Thom got the axe? I like them too.I guess I am like a creature of habit – don’t like these changes in the least.

35. Kathey - December 10, 2008

Hello Clair B,
This is my first time to write you and appears my last. I ditto what the other listeners are saying/I have searched this week all over for you, but finally realized you were not there. We purchased the XM Radio for the sole purpose of Nascar and then you. Too bad that the higher ups have no clue as to what they have done. All they see is the big $. My car has XM radio and now I just listen to my local stations. What a bummer. The package Sirrius is offering is baloney/I do not want anything but Nascar and you, so I guess I will do without. It has been great/I have enjoyed listening to you on my way home from work. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year………..

36. Kenny Miller - December 10, 2008

Hey CBL, I was looking all week for your show, on XM143, I finally looked you up on the net. I’m very sorry to hear you moved to sirrius, I have three XM radios and I don’t really want any more subscriptions, sirrius and XM should offer choices, not keep adding things that cost more money. I will probally sign up for it but you will be the only reason why, If you want the “good stuff” on NASCAR then you are THE source. Thanks and enjoy your vacation! K. Miller

37. Debbie J - December 11, 2008

If you get the Family Best of Sirius then its only around 2 bucks extra for your main radio. I enjoy now getting to listen to the two first shows on NASCAR radio. I agree about Moody sorry but his show is not my cup of tea. Hope you are going to be on in the afternoon instead of him so I can listen at work but will try to listen to you when I can if you are at night come 2009

38. Doug S. - December 22, 2008

Hey CBL,
It is with sadness that I sign off of “XM”. When I first signed up it was because they had “NASCAR”. NASCAR!!!. Imagine that. How far we had come. Then money took over and XM sold out all the listeners and “gave” it to Sirius. That’s when I left. Your lone voice in the wilderness was comforting but, eventually despair overtook me. When the merge was announced,hope returned. I resigned with XM on their “promise” that Nascar would be blended back on without having to buy a new radio. And, yes, I was told it would NOT cost extra. And so it is, that I have reached the end of the road with this folly. I will not turn back to look anymore.
Clair, I wish you all the best, as you and only you are THE BEST. I will look forward to bumping into you at either Charlotte or Dover.
Best wishes from Doug in NJ

39. Cheryl - December 29, 2008


What will your schedule be on Sirius?

40. Russell Reed - January 2, 2009

What is the latest on the show???????

41. Mitch - January 6, 2009


I have been a loyal XM, or should I say CBL listener for several years. Yes I was disappointed when Nascar left XM, but I always found the station on FM. Now that you are gone, I have no reason to continue the service. Sorry – I will not pay the extra. Tell the empty suits at Siruis to be a good corporate citizen and offer the service to XM for the same fee. Better yet, go to ESPN, they need the help!

42. Joan - January 26, 2009

My husband has been a long time listerner of your show and has been looking for you now for weeks. We have XM just because of you and your insight into the NASCAR scene. Who knows what will happen next. Keep up the good work.

43. Norm - February 3, 2009

Same for me. You are why I got and stayed with XM…First Nascar left to the highest bidder. However I am excited for you that things have worked out. Nascar, Sirus, and XM can kiss my B—. When Nascar went to Sirus I gave up my tickets. When XM moved you, I inquired both on email and phone for where and when, No response. Now they have the stones to charge more for the only reason I ever got sat radio…. I’m done

Norm in Tn

44. Norm - February 3, 2009

One other thing, I forgot to tell you how great you are, and how much I enjoyed the ride home from work everyday. I will miss you AGAIN

45. Larry - February 13, 2009

I echo the sentiments of the previous poster’s. I’ve been an XM sybsriber since 2005 just for NASCAR programing. I too, am not going to be “held up” by the corporate suits and made to subsidize Howard Stern and Martha Stewart just to get Nascar programing. My truck has XM built in, so I’m not going to buy a Sirrius radio in addition. I’ve already told XM they can shut off both of our subscriptions. Good Luck Claire, I do appreciate your style of broadcasting, and hope that Sirius/XM will reconsider their programing.

46. Lorne Sabiston - February 13, 2009

Hi Clare I was wondering when you would start broadcasting again for this year and just found out, I NOW need the best of package to hear you!! what a Joke this whole sat radio thing is!

I live in Canada and got myself a USA address so I could receive nascar on XM as Canada did not offer it at the time.

then the nascar channel goes to sirus radio I LOSE! I didn’t whine to load as I still had you and Pit Reports to listen to, however the companies merge and what happens? now I need to buy the best of sirus to get your show?

what a joke this whole thing is.I will never pay more for what they are offering! Although I think you are worth it, I think Sirus should seriously rethink their line-up prices on who gets what on their radios! My XM subscription is close to running out and all I can say is it will not be renewed!

I’m going to miss you CBL you are truly there for the fans of our great sport. Keep up the great work

47. DAVID SIMMONS - February 22, 2009

I have had xm for two years, I realize times are hard but your show is the only one that is about real people and down to earth. If they dont put your show on at the same time how can they expect us to keep paying more for less. i have 3 radios and not sure if i want to keep the service, Hop to hear you back everyday.

48. Rick Toner - February 24, 2009

Hi Clair,
I love your show but hate what XM and SIRIUS have done. You are the only reason I have stayed with XM up to this point. I am cancelling my subscription and I hope everyone else that just has XM does the same. Maybe if they loose enough XM customers they may bring you back to both XM and SIRIUS. I am hoping to do a class action suite if I get enough support.

I loved your show, to bad I can not listen to you anymore.

49. Dale in NC - February 25, 2009

I, too, have been a long-time listener and you are the sole reason I have renewed my XM subscription. I have been searching for you on my radio, but no luck. Today I found all these comments on this site. How sad, but I am going to have to give up too. Just can’t afford to add more expense to my budget. You’ll be sorely missed, CBL. You truly do a first class show.

50. Doreen O. - February 28, 2009

okay….they have to put your show back in the original time slot of 4 to 7pm….when most of us are in our cars and can listen to you……please get them to move your show….the show on now in that time slot is terrible !!

Doreen from NJ

51. Ray Furar - March 7, 2009

Hi Claire, I miss you, it’s killing me. This is NOT what they promised in the merger hearings that I watched. They must be democrats. How about I give em college football, hockey, baseball, msnbc, cnn, and about 50 other spots for the nascar channel? Thats 55 to 1.What a rip off this satellite radio has turned out to be. Anyone that would pay to listen to Martha and howard…………………..sorry I have no words for them. I’ll probably end up paying the extra just to get you back. YOU were the only reason I stayed with XtremelyMismanaged radio for the last to years. Am I RAINTING. Damn right I am for I am Rantin Ray.
God Bless You and Yours

52. Joe DeJulio - March 21, 2009

How they can put ClareB in such a bad time slot is beyond good programing logic. What they have on the air is like a clone of every other would be NASCAR show. They all have the same comments and lame interviews. ClaireB has the respect of all the drivers, crew chiefs and pit crews, Nascar Officials, as well as everyone else associated with the sport. Her interviews make us listeners feel we are there and asking the questions that go way beyond “how was your car today”. I switched to best of Sirius to get more NASCAR and mainly for ClairB and Dailed IN. Now they have her at a time that is impossible for most of her loyal fans. I am about to cancel your line up stinks. PUT CLAIREB BACK IN A TIME SLOT THAT REFLECTS HER VALUE TO THE SPORT AND THE LISTENERS.

53. Mike C in TX - March 30, 2009

Claire B:

I have missed your show ever since they took you off XMSportNation. The timeslot you were in for 145 & 143 were when I could not listen; I you always made my commute home in the afternoons much better. Unfortuately, you appear to have fallen to the degradation of programming that has occurred to XM since the completion of the merger. “Mad Dog” sports is a joke. The quality of music program has gone down, and I refuse to pay extra to support an embarrasment like Howard Stern just to receive NASCAR.

Hopefully, you’ll eventually return to either a channel that we don’t have to pay extra for, or move to a terrestrial network like ESPN or Fox so more of your fans can enjoy your show.

54. Nikki Console - April 29, 2009

Claire, I am glad that you are on Sirius because I also have it in one of my cars. I hope that you will get more air time now with the passing of David Poole. I am sorry that he died, but you are truly the best person to listen to. I really love to listen to your interviews and reporting. I loved your interview with Bobby Labonte. I was at Riverside Raceway when Terry crashed both times.
I also love the way you treat the callers. You are always respectful and listen. You never make fun of the callers or make rude comments. You are truly THE BEST.
Nikki from California

55. Donnie Henry - September 7, 2009

Claire i heard that Bill Elloit was hurt in a motorcycle wreck and got mad. Then bulldozed the mudhole that threw him.Then he got into the tub to soak it off and had to have help to get to the emergency room. Can you tell me if this is true? Thanks love your show it the best on all of radio!!!!!!!

56. Mike Rackliffe, (LOUISIANA} - April 22, 2010

my battery died on the cell. Again thank you for bringing more and more women to the sport, my bride has been a cup fan with me since 1975. We were blessed with the opportunity to meet you in Daytona and Atlanta. I am a disabled vet and you were just special.

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