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Welcome to Bristol Motor Speedway! March 19, 2009

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Welcome to Bristol Motor Speedway!
March 19, 2009

I’m finally back at the racetrack after a weekend off (it’s about time) – and I’m holed up in the Media Center in the rain here at Bristol Motor Speedway. The track crews are painting (or were before it started raining), the NASCAR team is setting up the inspection bay, and there’s an army of guys in rain slickers getting this track ready for an exciting weekend of racing. There’s so much going on here this weekend the story lines will be abundant

Here’s my broadcast schedule:

Dialed In – (Thursday, March 19) Tonight 7-10 EST LIVE from Bristol Motor Speedway
(Sirius NASCAR Radio Channel 128 – “Best of Sirius on XM Channel 128)

Dialed in – (Friday, March 20) (Pre Qualifying) LIVE from Bristol Motor Speedway – A 3:00-3:30 pre qualifying show leading into Sprint Cup Series Qualifying.

Dialed In – (Friday, March 20) (Post Qualifying) LIVE from Bristol Motor Speedway 7-10 p.m. EST Regular Friday night Dialed In.

Dialed In – (Saturday March 21) LIVE from Bristol Motor Speedway -From the end of the Nationwide broadcast (PRN) until 6 p.m. (legends race starts then on PRN)
Then – Dialed In (Saturday Post Legends Race) until 8:00 p.m. EST

Pre Race Show (Sunday March 22) (CBL in booth, Steve Post in Garage) 10:00 a.m.- NOON. EST

Post Race Show (Sunday March 22) (CBL in Victory Lane) following Race.

Dialed In (Sunday March 22) Claire B Lang Post Race….8-11 p.m. EST

I don’t know how many of you got to hear the “Suitcase Jake Elder” audio that I found at my house over the weekend. I interviewed the infamous crew chief in 2001 and did a special on him. But because of music rights I was not able to re run the special and had to find the raw tape in my audio vault. I have almost an entire room of mini disks from various years and have decided to go through it. This is no small task. I was thrilled this weekend when I found the audio of the interview I did with Jake.

I had gone to his house to interview him – and since he was out of the sport by then had never met him. He popped me a beer and started talking. It was an interview that will now be preserved forever and I am so thrilled that I found it.

He’s in a nursing home now – but his stories live on forever. And man, can he tell a story. He’s amazing.

Suitcase thanks for the stories.

The stories of this sport and how the drivers and the crew chiefs and team members told them, leaning on tires, or on long drives to the race track before they had private jets are part of the storied history and fun of this sport. You sense when you talk with someone like Tony Eury, Senior and a list of others from the golden era that they know how to tell a story – how to truly enjoy laughing at someone elses and how to repeat the good ones just right in the garage.

I value that about our sport, the story telling. I also treasure that in 2001 I got to talk to a man named Jake Elder in a one on one interview that was about as compelling as any interview I’ve ever done. I value more that by finding the tape his story will live forever in history.

Here’s to you “Suitcase” Jake.

It was fun.

Claire B

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1. lefty - April 5, 2009

hi clair
I am really enjoying your show . My frend allways told me about your show when he had xm . I allways had sirus . He was right you are great.I think you should have a raffle and donate the money to the victroy juction camp from the champane cork you have from victory lane .Keep up the exellent work
yours truly
Lefty Petrie
Nova Scotia

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