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David Poole – “Go Rest High On That Mountain” April 28, 2009

Posted by claireblang in 2009 Season.
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He gave many a reason to get up in the morning

Sadly, today – we mourn the tragic death of a comrade, a friend, and one heck of a motorsports journalist.

The passing of David Poole today – – is a great loss ,of course, to his family which he treasured and talked about often on the road – but also to our sport

The NASCAR media core is a tough group but an extremely close clan ——even as we bicker and debate and wrangle issues on the road and in the media centers at tracks far from home. To all of us —and to everyone who loves racing….we struggle at a lost for words with an ache that won’t go away inside at word of David Poole’s passing.

Poole was a guy who could argue with you on racing until you got mad –or gave up crying uncle or stood your ground until you made him blustery. That was David. No one more than he enjoyed the pure debate on the sport he loved. He was passionate about his views on racing and he was good at it. If you thought David Poole was wrong on an issue, you’d better have the facts to back up your challenge because David was on his game. Behind that columnists’ exterior (columnists are paid to get your blood pumping) he was a writer who gave us all a real great reason to drop in a few coins to pick up the newspaper and read it and react every day. I believe it is that tribute that would mean a great deal to him. You bought the paper because David had something to say. That led to him joining SIRIUS NASCAR Radio.

Behind that columnists’ exterior was also a guy who would give you the shirt off his back —back you up when you didn’t know it – and help you when you were down and out.

Drivers and folks in the sport respected him so much that they’d almost always call his name out, refer to him, or banter with him at the start of news conferences – no matter what the issue. Calling out to David was part of most news conferences held in the sport..no matter what the issue.

I don’t know if anyone ever made much of how hard David Poole worked. He wasn’t a guy who mailed it in, who stayed at home. Week after week, with very few exceptions Poole was at his desk in the media center at a track, or traveling to a race track, to deliver the story to his readers.

At SIRIUS NASCAR Radio he was extremely kind to me when I joined the channel this year . I was formerly the competition, but David even wrote me a note welcoming me when I moved over to SIRIUS and it meant a great deal to me.

I always told David that he had a big heart –but that I wouldn’t tell anyone….He loved playing the tough guy on the radio and being the guy who you wanted to argue with. He actually enjoyed it a great deal.

Inside though, David was a sensitive guy who had many friends in the sport, who was respected by the drivers and the business folks and who loved racing.

I am so sad at his passing. It’s hard to imagine the sport without Poole.

I wish his family strength and I admire that nowhere on this earth was there anyone else exactly like David Poole.

He made his mark. He gave us a reason to get up in the morning to read the paper or listen to the radio and he did what he loved. Someone asked about a charity and there are several you could contribute to in his name – but I think he’d feel good also if you put a few quarters in the box and bought the daily newspaper tomorrow morning in his name – no matter where you live.

We’ll miss you David.

Go rest high on that mountain!

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1. Pam Johnson - April 28, 2009

Wonderful tribute Claire. Will definitely miss reading his work and listening to him on Sirius. Prayers to his family, friends, fellow media, and the Nascar community.

2. Dave Kallmann - April 28, 2009

Well said, Claire. Very well said.

3. Alisandra - April 28, 2009

He will be greatly missed. I have listened to him and Mike B. for the last 2yrs. I can’t imagine the TMD without him. He was more like just the regular Joe than a writer. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

4. Jo Wynn - April 28, 2009

Excellent Claire — so very sad — so very young 🙂

5. Betty Long - April 28, 2009

He will be missed!

6. Joanne Katz - April 28, 2009

Thanks for the wonderful sentiment Claire. Joanne

7. Nealie - April 28, 2009

Great story, Claire. Thanks for sharing.

8. HELEN - April 28, 2009


9. Debbie - April 29, 2009

Dang, Claire–that was good! I always loved listening FOR DP at the press conferences on the radio, and I always loved when he went head-to-head w/KP on Tradin’ Paint (or anyone else for that matter).

He was a great guy. My gosh! He will be missed!

10. Brady Newby - Las Vegas, NV - April 29, 2009

Very Heart Felt Clair B. , I am listening to TMD on Sirius Nascar Radio now, I hear Rick Hendrick and Hendrick Motor Sports will honor the Late David Poole by running a decal on all Hendrick and Affiliated Cars at Richmond, I am very emotional of all the kindness from the NASCAR Family, may god be with each and every one of us, especially the imediate family of Mr. Poole

11. Just Another Racer - April 29, 2009

Lets not forget about a charity David started called “Pennies for Wessa”. Wessa Miller touched David’s heart and I know he would want us all to continue to support Wessa.

12. Mike - April 29, 2009

As usual, you so eloquently put into words, what we all feel.

D-Pizzle will be sorely missed.

13. Alan Snyder - April 30, 2009

Well said, Claire. I wish for you all (the media core) a enjoyable time at RIR, remembering DP and covering the race. Godspeed in your travels.

14. Top Posts « WordPress.com - April 30, 2009

[…] David Poole – “Go Rest High On That Mountain” He gave many a reason to get up in the morning Sadly, today – we mourn the tragic death of a comrade, a friend, and […] […]

15. Jeannie Rush - May 13, 2009

That was an awesome tribute. That song always brings tears and it was well deserved by DP. I hope things are getting back to some sense of normal, even tho total normal is never going to be again. GOD BLESS.

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