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Welcome to 2010 Race Fans! January 6, 2010

Posted by claireblang in 2008 Season.

Are you ready to go racing? Let’s Kick Start 2010.

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog- I tried to take a little break during the holidays and, this year, I have a new resolution to keep you posted more often with inside stories and information. I hope you are all well and enjoying the start to a fresh new year. Here are some quick updates:

“Dialed In” back on the air on Sirius NASCAR Radio this week:

Yea! “Dialed In” on the air tonight (Wed. Jan. 6th) 7-10 EST, Thursday and Friday of this week. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve all be up to and share my off season adventures with you. It will be great to be back with you live on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio this week kicking off a bright new season of covering racing from inside the sport.

Heading to Sound and Speed in Nashville this Weekend!
Live from Nashville Friday Night.

I will be traveling to Nashville this Friday, Jan 8th for the Fifth Annual Sound and Speed Presented by Suntrust. I dedicate an off weekend each year to the worthy causes of this event – the Victory Junction Gang Camp and the Country Music Hall of Fame – and have been a part of and a supporter of this event since it’s inception. The drivers love the event and it’s fun but also something that helps others and the community of NASCAR joins the country music stars to show some love this weekend.

I will be doing my “Dialed In” show from the Sirius XM Studios in Nashville this Friday night (7-10 EST) and then I’m going to be on the stage emceeing at the Sound and Speed Fan Festival event on Saturday. The Nashville studios are incredible and I always enjoy the hospitality and atmosphere of the studios, the staff there and the city of Nashville. It’s a great event and I hope that if you are near Nashville you can come on over. Visit http://www.soundandspeed.org for more information on the fan events.

Congratulations Jimme and Chandra!

If you listen to “Dialed In” regularly then you got the scoop on Wednesday, December 23 that the Johnsons are expecting a baby in 2010. The story has now been making it’s way around the web sites with a formal announcement. I didn’t make much of it or post the story on the internet because Gary Johnson let the great news slip on air (he couldn’t contain how happy he was about it) and I wasn’t sure the Johnsons were ready to announce it officially so I didn’t post it. I figured anyone listening would hear it and the rest of the world would hear it in a formal announcement. You heard it first on “Dialed In.” Gary Johnson says his son is so caring that he thinks he’ll be a great father. I agree. This is happy news for the entire NASCAR community!

Listener “Tom” and his weight loss:

I read the email from Tom – a listener who included me in an email asking for support and prayers from all of us on his need to loose weight, or he might die. Over 300 pounds – Tom had never been on a diet before – and was publicly committing to change his life. Many
“Dialed In” listeners called and pledged support. I have been emailing Tom and trying to keep him on track, although I have never met him. But your support was huge and he knows that. Here’s the latest update from Tom:

I thought I had done better this week than since the diet began. I cheated less, exercised more and walked more. I am not 100o/o confident about my scales this week but it looks like I gained almost 2 lbs this week.

We are back in the truck and on the road. The scale may not be accurate due to the carpet. I will find a way to create a better, harder platform for them by next week,
I promise you all that I will work even harder this week. I am going to reach my goal. I still feel better. I am hurting less when I walk, and I didn’t run out of wind as fast so I know I am moving forward. Thanks for all your continued support.


Tom has a ways to go – and is still needing support. We’ll stay on him.

The Loss of DJ Richardson:

I am still incredibly sad over the loss of DJ Richardson the tire changer for Richard Childress Racing who died of complications from H1N1. His memorial service was in New Hampshire and I wasn’t able to go but am still so sad at the loss. He was a regular on “Dialed In” and he was a tough guy -who fought the good fight – and we miss him. Several team guys called me over the holidays about the loss and we had long conversations about DJ. There’s going to be a service in Charlotte and I plan to go. I’ll keep you all updated on what is planned within the NASCAR community. I hope DJ found a good poker game up above and I say to him – go rest high on that mountain. Sad story and felt by the guys out on pit road. It’s a close community.

That’s it for now. I’ll be updating more regularly.

Thanks for the friendship and for listening.

Claire B


1. Nila - January 7, 2010

Welcome back, Claire. DJ’s passing is just unbelievable. Such a tragedy.

Truthfully, I’ve enjoyed the break from NASCAR these past few weeks. That being said, by month’s end the need to hear the engines, smell the fuel, and touch the tires will be in full force. I’m looking forward to what the 2010 race season has to bring.

2. Phyllis - January 11, 2010

Something is missing this year, Claire. I haven’t listened to Sirius for months, and no longer feel the incessant hunger for NASCAR news or crave the latest gossip. I have not renewed my season tickets and do not plan to attend any races. It seems there is a “pending disconnect” in the works.
I wonder what it would take to make me care again……..

NASCAR has become lonely and irrelevant, and it has let this fan down. The quality of the racing and the overall, disingenuous presentation is unworthy. I remain bored by the standard “happy face” presentations” and bogus and anachronistic mindsets.

NASCAR racing is irreparably flawed and destructively exclusive. The drivers have “LOST US.”

Will 2010 be a banner year, or even a good year?

I wish I cared, but quite frankly, there are too many more important things going on in the world, right now.

Good Luck to you, Claire. Your devotion to the sport of racing is admirable, although sometimes you appear to be everywhere and heard much too much, like “the girl who could not say no.”

“If a car is sent around for you, you don’t alway have to accept the ride……..”

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