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Fans name the Johnson baby! July 9, 2010

Posted by claireblang in 2008 Season.

Chandra and Jimmie Johnson welcomed a baby girl Wednesday, July 7 at 1:44 p.m. ET in Charlotte, NC. She weighed 6 lbs., 14 oz. and measured 19.5″ long. Dad offered that she is absolutely beautiful and affectionately referred to her as “Baby J” as the proud parents have yet to decide on a name. While commenting that sleep was at a minimum last night, he is extremely happy about getting to spend time with his girls before leaving for the race weekend in Chicago.

Name The Johnson Baby!

Race fans had a field day – taking on the challenge of naming the new Johnson baby. Currently “Baby J” until they decide on a name – I got tons of suggestions for the happy Johnson couple as to what to name little Miss Johnson. Below are some of the emailed suggestions. Think you have a better one? Email insidercbl@aol.com. The race fans came up with some doozies.

Here (below) are some of the emails I have received:

I’m in the Safety Clean trailer at Chicagoland Speedway, by the way, where I’ll be broadcasting from this weekend and I’m reading all the emails laughing.

You all crack me up!

Claire B



I have the perfect name for the baby: Fontana!

Jamie Tucker

Jennifer Jade Johnson is a cute name. Has a nice ring to it. Jade is a rare gem as is a beautiful baby Girl.
*Chris from MT.


Dale, Darrel Waltrip, Richard Petty, Rusty, Awesome Bill, Irvan, Gordon, Earnhardt Smith…..Johnson…..Jr.


My choice. Loni-Caye Johnson. Did I win. Did I win

Impala Bowtie Johnson? From Aaron in Maine
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Listening to your show. I think the Johnsons should name their baby Chayse.


Clare, my last name is Johnson as well, when my daughter was born I thought it would be great to name her “Imma Johnson ” maybe they will too lol. My wife didn’t agree so I didn’t win lol.


Patience Summer johnson


Chadra J Johnson

Barry Einhellig

hey CBL,

l like the name Riley Johnson.

….John, California

Jaycee for the first name Spells there initials


How about sierra
Or. Deshanka June

Deshanka means child of GOD

You can send my prize to me now.

Angel Johnson
Mackenzie Johnson
Melanie Phoenix johnson
Kimberly Meredith johnson



Hi Claire,

If it was a boy Chevy Chase would be a great name. But since it is a girl and she was born on Wednesday. Wednesday would be a great name, remember Wednesday on the Adam’s family? And later on in life, when the boys begin calling, Jimmie can tell them,
“you will have to call her Wednesday.” At least it will work 6 days a week.
I am going to be at the races in Chicago this weekend, maybe see you there.
Greg in Wisconsin

I think that I heard you say that Jimmy’s wife’s name is Shandra…or Chandra. I think that they should to name their baby

Chammy…or Shammy




HI Claire B:

My Suggestion for Jimmie and Chandra’s new baby is Lowes, pronounced “Lois”.

– Tricia in CA


How about Fate for a name? It’s a contraction of forty-eight.
I’m sure that no matter what name is chosen, she will be a lovely baby.



Rikki Bobbi Johnson


Milynn Johnson


Boogidy boogidy Johnson from Kevin peoria il


I think since there are thrr people in “that relationship” that the
thid person deserves some credit. C h a d r a

Have a great race weekend CBL!



I am not sure how shandra, or chantra spels her name, but how about

Shimmie Johnson just athough, I do believe shanny had the hard part?

Brad Hansen
Jennifer Julienne Johnson cause a daughter should be a triple J


Maggie Ann Johnson

Sent from Rodney’s iPhone


Golden horseshoe Johnson


Charlotte Bristol Johnson

Elizabeth Bynog


How about Cheyenne? One of my favorites! Mary Lou from Wisconsin


Jenna Johnson or Christal Johnson

Percilla Johnson or champane Johnson

Sent from Rodney’s iPhone


Precious Johnson
Kimmy Johnson



How about Anybody But Johnson?
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How about chase Dayton johnson.it’s about the chase for jimmy and daytona.
Jack in Arizona
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Tonya Stewart Johnson?…GO 14!
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Bristol for Jimmie’s 50th win at a track he really wanted to win at.

Michelle, IL


Miss Claire,
So sweet for the Johnson Family. Sweeeeeet. 🙂 Is Wednesday Adams Johnson ok? Sincerely, Vaughn

Jimmie is my favorite driver, but I think they should name their little girl Parker.

Melissa from Maine


I think they should name her Charlotte. Billy in TN


Speedena Johnson or claire B Johnson




Take CARE!!!!


It’s cambydon with the suggestion “Chevonne”


Trophy Johnson

Hey Claire, how about “Victoria Lane” for Jimmy’s baby girl? How appropriate for a guy who’s been in victory lane so much! Stan from Louisiana


Treasure Johnson


Name her Chad, lol! have a great show, Mac in PA


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Claire B

Jimmy and Shanny should name their baby girl Victoria Layne. It’s my story and you are stuck with it.

Too Many Denny from Missouri



Baby J???? That’s a hell of a name. These people have had 9 months to
come up with a name. What?? They couldn’t find Chad for his approval???

Ann from Indiana


Well – there you have it. Let me know if you can come up with something better…and congratulations to the Johnsons on their new baby.

Claire B


Hey Clair, listen to you all the time, been a long time 24/48 fan.

My new name for jimmy girl is LOWE-LA KABOLA Johnson, Lowela , is for Lowes sponsor, Kabola is for Kobalt tools , who is on

Jimmy’s car from time to time. Said like LOLA KABOLA Johnson , sounds great doesn’t it. My wife said NO WAY


1. Kathy Quintiliani, Cody WY - July 12, 2010

Love your radio show Claire! Your show is educational and informative as well as fun… Here are a few names to add to your growing list for Baby J….
McKenna Elyse
Elyse McKenna
Victoria Layne
Tova Claire

2. Jeffrey Grand Rapids MN - August 3, 2010

I like Claire Johnson.

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