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All-Star Bachelor Party May 31, 2008

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Hey Racers! – Remember the guys who came to Lowe’s Motor Speedway for the All-Star race to celebrate a bachelor party. They sent me a picture this week- check it out (below) – They had a heck of a good time. Guys, thanks for the postcard! I’m passing it on to the web site 😉

Claire B

Claire B-
Attached is the 7 of us from the Bachelor Party in Charlotte.
L-R , Rob “Dorrman” Dorr, Rick “the TRickster” Shea, Wayne “Scrap” Applebee, Top: Chris “Wheezit” Leavitt, Woody “Woodman the Bachelor” Bailey, Carl “Kool Breeze” Urquhart. Dave “Live Cheap or Die” Withee. Thanks again!
-Rick Shea


Saturday Coffee Break: from Lowes Motor Speedway May 17, 2008

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“Saturday Coffee with Claire”
Greetings from Lowe’s Motor Speedway!

Wish you could be here too. It’s beautiful, an absolutely beautiful day – blue skies and sunshine. I got to the media center, as usual way before it opened at 1:30 p.m. (avoid the traffic)- and so I wrangled my way in to get set up and started working – feeding the XM Sports Nation with reports etc.

I think we’ll see a presidential candidate here today – a bunch of secret service looking guys in dark suits with sunglasses and pins on their lapels were escorted in here by a security guy before the media center opened. They were given a detailed tour of where the deadline media room is and the layout of the place. I told them that they were pretty obvious with their dark suits on and asked who was coming. They tried to be all serious at first- but, finally ,with me poking at them they laughed, actually I joked with them for a while, but I didn’t get the full story on that one.

Last night of course Kyle Busch won the pole for the All-Star Race and then had to rush off to get to the truck race. Some of the print media were frustrated that they hauled him off after the qualifying and did not bring him in the media center.

I headed to a party last night – something I rarely do because I’m always working it seems but what the heck. During race weeks here there are so many things going on – all at onetime – next week is going to be insane. I guess that tomorrow is for sleeping and then it’s wide open.

Here’s part of what Jeff Gordon said about Kyle Busch. I thought you’d like to read it:

IS KYLE BUSCH’S AGGRESSIVENESS ON THE TRACK REMINISCENT AT ALL OF DALE EARNHARDT’S AGGRESSIVENESS? Jeff Gordon: “In a youthful way, yeah. I think that Dale Earnhardt, he was a little more stubborn (laughs), which I find myself doing as I get older too. That’s how he was. He was aggressive but I never saw Dale out leading the race with the car that could just lap the field, bounce a car off the wall every couple of laps, never saw him do that. If he was trying to make a pass on the guy for the lead, I’ve seen him go in there and get loose underneath the guy and take the guy out and possibly even himself, seen that happen. But to me there’s a big difference between the two and I think that Kyle is an extremely talented driver and we all recognize and know that but I still think that sometimes his aggressiveness and his youthfulness does get the best of him and when he balances that out and if he ever really truly balances that out he’ll be unstoppable. He’s almost unstoppable now, but those times he hits the wall, if he hits it a little bit too hard that car might not be quite that good.”

Kyle is the pole sitter for tonight’s All-Star race. Here’s what he had to say to reporters about the pole and the race. I figured you’d like the short transcript editorial free:

Kyle Busch – Post Qualifying:
Was your qualifying run a great team effort? Kyle Busch: “It definitely was — I’m surprised. I thought I got busted speeding there. If it wasn’t it was that close — very close. Man, I can’t thank these guys enough at Joe Gibbs Racing. Steve Addington (crew chief) and all these guys that work on this do such an awesome job for me. That thing is humming this weekend. If (Kevin) Harvick thought the Toyota had motors before, watch out now because we’re coming big time. This stuff’s nice. We just keep clicking them off and keep going. It’s obviously paying off really, really well. I just have to thank M&M’s, Toyota and everybody that’s been involved on this whole deal.”

Does the All-Star race lend itself to your style? Kyle Busch: “I don’t know about the race, but qualifying I was as nervous as I’ve ever been in qualifying for anything. That was pretty nerve wracking. This race, it lends to my style and I’d have to say yes, being able to start out front and hopefully get some clean air and see what these guys behind us have for us. We know the 99 (Carl Edwards) style, but we know he’s going to come from a long ways back.”

How important was your crew in qualifying? Kyle Busch: “This M&M’s team and everybody at JGR do such an awesome job. They gave me a great race car that ran three laps phenomenal and gave me great pit stops — they were solid on pit road and that’s all you need in this kind of deal. I was nervous as I ever was today. I guess it’s probably because if I knew, I would have screwed up just a little bit, which I thought I did coming to pit road, I would have got busted. Proud of the effort.”

Can you talk about your entry to pit road? Kyle Busch: “I don’t know, it was awfully, awfully close. I knew that if I could get it to the maximum limit and I had a spot in turn four where I was going to start braking at. My car was so much faster than it was in practice. We ran over a second faster lap time, so I was going faster. I just misjudged by a little bit. I guess I didn’t over misjudge, so it was pretty good.”

Well I’m going to get back to work here. Expect more when the garage opens. Take care….enjoy the afternoon. I have to admit I like the concept of a burnout contest – I’ll probably be right on pit road laughing my butt off while those boys burn the tires down.

Take care. Have fun today!

Claire B
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All- Star Race – Lowe’s Motor Speedway