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Road Trip!! LIVE from Batesville, Arkansas April 9, 2009

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Road Trip!!
LIVE from Batesville, Arkansas

5th Annual Mark Martin Fan Appreciation Days
Thursday, April 9th & Friday, April 10th, 2009
Mark Martin Ford Mercury Dealership, Batesville, AR

I’ll be broadcasting live tonight (7-10 p.m. EST) and tomorrow (11a.m.-3:00 p.m.) from Batesville, AR. and Mark Martin Fan Appreciation Days. Several members of the SIRIUS team will be there broadcasting live and although my schedule has not allowed me to accept the invite to attend in the past I was honored to be asked to come – and this year I was able to make it happen. Mark has been doing holding this event for a number of years now and his fellow racers will be showing up in support. My 3 p.m. show on Friday will be a repeat of the mid day LIVE show by the way.

AJ Almendinger: “Lynne and I aren’t doing a thing this weekend. We’ve been gone every weekend since before Daytona so this weekend we are just going to hang out around the house. Lynne has family and I have some friends coming over and we are just going to have fun. It will be nice to take a break from racing for a while. But I’m sure after a couple of days I’ll be ready to go again.”

Reed Sorenson: “My off weekend plans are pretty simple. There are a ton of things that I have to do around the house with putting in some hardwood floors at the top of the list. After that, there’s a lot of little things that need to get done. We travel so much that I just haven’t had the time to just get to work. So that’s what I plan for this weekend. Probably not the most exciting thing in the world, but it just has to get done.”

Elliott Sadler: I’m heading down to Nags Head, NC to spend some time with my wife and family. My mom makes sure that every year we spend this time together as a family. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together each day and do most things as a family. This is also my first trip back to Nags Head since I proposed tomy wife so it’s going to be kind of a special trip for us to go back and be there now that we’re married. We also try to get out and do some deep sea fishing or play some golf. This is really just a complete vacation from racing.”

Casey Mears: NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series takes the weekend off with this being their last break until mid- July. Jack Daniel Chevy driver Casey Mears has family and friends in Phoenix so, since next weekend’s race is in the valley of the sun, he’ll head out to the desert early.

Go Karting Tonight: Tonight from 6-7:30 p.m. Burney Lamar and Trent Owens will join Toyota drivers Jason Leffler, Joey Lagano, Michael McDowell and Leffler’s crew chief, Scott Zipadelli in a little on track fun with members of the media at the Cedar Creek Sports Center in Mount Juliet, TN.

Listen- the airplane is about to board and so I gotta go. I’ll keep you posted with a blog from Batesville. Lots of inside stories from there.

Take care..enjoy the day! Oh yea and be sure to check out the new photos posted on the blog.

Claire B

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On to Vegas! If You Don’t Want To Watch – Don’t February 25, 2009

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Hey all! Here’s my broadcast schedule this weekend:

Wed. (Feb 25) 7-10 p.m. EST (“Dialed In” – LIVE from Satellite Studios at Claire’s House)
Thurs. (Feb 26) 7-10 p.m. EST (“Dialed In” from Las Vegas Motor Speedway LIVE)
Friday (Feb 27) “Dialed In” – On after Sprint Cup Series Qualifying until 11 p.m. EST

Saturday (Feb 28) 2-4 EST – “Dialed In” pre Nationwide Race
AND “Dialed In from the end of the Nationwide Race until 10 p.m. EST

Sunday (Mar 1)
CBL Anchors pre race with Steve Post 12:30 -2:30 p.m. EST pre race

Post Race: CBL live in victory lane — with SIRUS TEAM until 11 p.m. EST

NOTE TO ALL: Thanks for all the emails at insidercbl [at] aol [dot] com. I have gotten a bit behind from my normal mode of answering all emails just because of the trip from Daytona to California and back to Vegas. Be patient if you have not had an answer yet – and keep sending the emails I love them. Thanks – great conversation and I appreciate it.

Here’s something to chew over:
If You Don’t Want To Watch – Don’t
Covering Auto Club Speedway – On to Vegas!

Ok – I’m going to say it – and it’s unlike me to be so up on the wheel. I am not afraid to say what the heck it is that is on my mind. No one has ever told me not to. But in the world of cynical journalism – I have looked around and I guess that I have figured that I am simply the eternal optimist.

I usually see the best in people and while I relish good hard questioning of the values and rules and officiating of our sport each week, which is good healthy discussion, and callers who might ask the hard questions, which is also good, I am not one to want to spend hour after hour of my life on national radio being unduly negative.

I want to hammer home the truth, ask the question others may not and dig deep for the real story –even when its tough tickets or may cause uneasiness – it’s the job of a journalist. I just am interested in doing it in a way that does not include bashing for the sake of bashing. Salt in the soup is good. A vat of salt is too much to take. Enough said.

I have a new philosophy. That is this – if anyone listening doesn’t like the racing, or a particular track or our sport– then don’t watch, don’t listen and don’t come. Let folks who have saved their money to go, finally got a day off work, or carved out precious time in the week to enjoy the sport they love have some fun.

I repeat, I am not looking for a ban on great discussion- even rants and arguing or mentions of dislikes and fan to driver rants— not at all. In fact, bring it on. I don’t even expect you to understand how I feel – because it’s hard to explain. If I’m wrong tell me – black flag me – and tell me to my face on the radio.

Here it is. I get calls occasionally from race fans who are going to their first race, taking their wife to their first race, or going to the race they have gone to for twenty years. I hear the excitement in their voices as they call in on the air and they sound like people I could be friends with. I’d love to sit next to them or camp next to them cause I can hear right through the radio what genuine people they are and I only know them from what they say from the heart and it touches me.

Occasionally they will tell me that they are having hard financial times but they found a way to go to the race and they are so excited they almost can’t stand it — that their race weekend has started. I actually get to feeling happy for them that they are going to have some fun in these tough times. They are packed up, they are on their way, they are at the campground, they are hunkering down at home in front of the TV to watch and they love racing.

Mind you- I am not trying to sell tickets with the above comments or to fill up race tracks. I cover what happens. I don’t try to make the news. I am telling you, though, that I hear such excitement and happiness in the voices of these callers and I am so happy for them and so appreciate that they would call my show and I want to be able to talk racing with them, have fun doing it, enjoy the discussion – and leave them less than beaten down and depressed for planning the trip and calling or tuning into my show.

Ok – yes, I know I’ll get letters from people who had a problem and didn’t have fun because of a logistic issue – and when you gather that many people in one spot that happens. I also know that I was working in the media center and had media access so I enjoyed it from a different level. I always seek to find the story of the race, that no one thought of –and I really enjoy trying to find that ever elusive nugget that will make following the race more interesting. It seems I am never bored with trying to find that story – and dig deep into it.

You know – I’m just the kind of person that covers what is there – I work to bring what is happening to life. Maybe that is it – I’m not trying to change it – I am simply covering it and I find our sport fascinating every single minute of every single race. Some races are more exciting than others – but I really never ever am uninspired by what there is to cover.

I can always find a story waiting around the next turn.

Talk to you on the radio!
Claire B

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BLOG BREAKING NEWS- Ryan Newmamn July 12, 2008

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Saturday – July 12, 2008
Chicagoland Speedway, Joliet, Illinois
4:37 p.m. EST

Hey: I’ve got so much to tell you and it’s been crazy busy here with a short weekend show. JD and Joe Gibbs are in the deadline room right now – I’ll get back to you later on that. The driver’s meeting is coming up so stay tuned. What about Ryan Newman – is he going to Stewart-Haas Racing? Here’s what he had to say a few min ago.

Penske Racing — Alltel Driver Ryan Newman:

Newman: “In generally I have a career here – I’ve had a career here at Penske Racing and if it works out to move on then I will move on with them but I don’t know the answer yet. I talked to Roger (Penske) a little bit this week – talked to him a little bit last week. Still working on performance – still working on a lot of things – it’s just a matter of when we decide we’re going to move on -when we’re going to said we part ways if that does happen.”

Tony said the ink was dry for a month before he announced it – are you that far along? Have you agreed with somebody already?

Newman: “Are you a month ahead of me? – is that what you are asking? No I haven’t agreed – I told you point blank. I have never lied to you guys I won’t lie to you. I haven’t agreed I don’t know my answer.”

Is driving for Tony’s team an option?

Newman: “Driving for Tony’s team is an option. He has a seat. Obviously you know even you guys have marked me as one of the guys – the lead candidates to get in there so yea it is an option.”

Have you had discussions?

Newman: “Have we had discussions? I’ve had discussions with a lot of people.”

Any of the discussions involving you owning a team?

Newman: “Actually yea. I haven’t decided yet.”

What beats in your heart?

Newman: “The most important thing to me is performance – winning the championship achieving the goals outside of what I’ve done which was a lot of poles and wins and the Dayona 500. There are still a lot of things out there for me to achieve.”

Have you been frustrated – because you should be a winner – you should have been a champion already.

Newman: “Coulda woulda shouda. All things happen for a reason – we’ve been close we just haven’t succeeded in ways and times that we could have or should have but that’s all in the past. Like I said I’m working on working forward I just don’t know my final answer. I have a – b – c – and D – and I don’t have a 50 -50 right now and I don’t really even have phone a friend – I’m just working on a final answer.”

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