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Claire B. Schedule – Martinsville Speedway March 28, 2009

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The weather is iffy here at Martinsville. Everyone’s in a good mood even with the cold, wet weather…….Here’s my broadcast schedule:

Saturday March 28, 2009 – Martinsville Speedway

“Dialed In” Sat. 1pm-1:30 pm ET ( pre Kroeger 250 Camping World Truck Series)

“Dialed In” Saturday from the End of the Kroeger 250 until 7pm ET

Sunday, March 29, 2009 – Martinsville Speedway

Sirius NASCAR Radio Pre Race Show (CBL in Booth Steve Post in Garage on Wireless)
10:15AM-12:15PM ET

Post Race – CBL In Victory Lane

Two hours after the Race “Dialed In” picks up – Live from the media center until 11:00 p.m.

God Bless The Race Fans – It’s Cold in Martinsville, Virginia! March 30, 2008

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How Cold Is It? NASCAR Gets Another “Big Chill”

The high in Martinsville, VA should hover just over 40 degrees for the Sprint Cup race here today – although the weather service says it will feel colder and rain is likely. God bless the avid race fans – who bundled up and trekked in the wind and cold and rain to shivver in the stands and watch the Goodies COOL Orange 500. Appropriately named huh?

Virgina Tech head football Coach Frank Beamer was supposed to visit here in the media center this morning but ice in Blacksburg, VA prevented his helecopter from flying here – so Beamer was piped in by phone just a little bit ago. Smart move coach.

“I like all the Virginia tracks, I know NASCAR is spreading out…but the heart of NASCAR is right here in Virginia,” Beamer told reporters via speaker phone, referring to Martinsville, Bristol and Richmond, Virgnia tracks.

In the garage all the crew guys are bundled up – it’s hard to recognize anyone you walk past and hard to fathom what it will be like for the spotters in the spotter’s stand today.

Seems like everyone in the NASCAR garage has been sick – the flu is going around and yet the NASCAR show continues to roll – without stop to a city near you.

When bad weather hits and we’re hanging out in the rain tents the pit crews put up on pit road or gathered for shelter at the back of the haulers during a red flag rain delay talking with the guys on the teams in the garage – games are played and chops are busted.

I can recall one rainy day when the Dale Junior piloted (then Budweiser team) watched as teams began sending quickly crafted boats down the river of rain that began forming in the garage. Suddenly, a massive, engineered model created by the Bud team was put into the stream – and it sailed past all of the haulers – making it further than any other boat that had been tossed into the impromptu contest.

Down at the end of the garage where the Bud boat finally stopped one of the team guys on a competing team yelled Juniooooooooor as the boat reached their hauler and everyone behind every hauler within hearing distance burst into fits of laughter.

Teams play jokes, come up with games to pass the time, and tell stories when the weather turns bad. It passes time and makes life less miserable on a miserable day.

So I’m thinking – what’s the coldest thing that you’ve heard someone in NASCAR say lately? You can start at the beginning of the season.

What is the last quote you have heard, something that was quoted of a driver and/or a spokesman and you thought, man that is cold.

You start. I am making a list myself.

I’ll share it on the air next week.

Start talking amongst yourselves. Got one?

Claire B