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Pennzoil Burn Out Contest Blog! May 17, 2008

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Lowe’s Motor Speedway

Hey: I guess you deserve a quick note on the burnout competition since I talked about it a lot this week.

I just got back from the grid from the Penzoil Burn Out competition prior to the Sprint All-Star Race. Who would have imagined that Jimmie Johnson would have decided to just break the rules and blow the tires? I figured that it was Kevin Harvick that would have done that- but it seemed Johnson got to it first.

How about Harvick getting to the “victory lane” area and then taking the car up to the wall and sending smoke to the grandstands. And Kyle Busch – who bowed to the crowd after a mild burnout but got the fans booing and steamed the stands with the bowing. It was all for fun with charity money on the line. Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion, was declared the winner. Outside the deadline room just now the Pennzoil executive was looking for ideas should they do it next year. Here are some suggestions:

1) Let the drivers bring their own stuff
2) Let more drivers participate
3) Let fans vote.
4) Include the trucks!

Biffle won $10,000 for the Greg Biffle Foundation. Down on pit road afterwards he was still enjoying the moment – Here’s what he said:

GREG BIFFLE “It was pretty fun. I wish it would have started a little bit better because I dumped the clutch over there to get the tires going and the clutch slipped. The clutch just started spinning and didn’t get the tires spinning, so I had to stop and rev it up again to get the back tires spinning. These things don’t have a real heavy race clutch in them, so it was hard to get the tires spinning. They had a lot of grip, but once I got them spinning it was just kind of donuts as usual, I guess – a burnout after the race. I haven’t had much practice this year, but, hopefully later tonight I’ll do another one.”

WHAT ABOUT THE FAN REACTION? “It was awesome and I gave them a little slide job over here around the Legends track, so the fans loved it. They want to see the smoke and the excitement and I think they saw that.”

HOW WOULD YOU RANK YOUR BURNOUT? “Kind of a D- taking off, but I would say after that a strong B, I guess, maybe a B+. It definitely wasn’t an A burnout, but it wasn’t bad.”

YOU GET $10,000 FOR YOUR CHARITY AS WELL. “Yeah, that’s great. We’re gonna give the money to the Greg Biffle Foundation. We support a lot of animal shelters. We’re getting ready to build a shelter in South Iredell County right now, in the Mooresville area, so Friends of the Animal Board, we’ve been working on it for about a year-and-a-half. We’re excited and just getting ready to launch that thing and get it going.”

JOHNSON BLEW OUT SOME TIRES. “Yeah, he definitely put on a show for the fans. We had to follow the rules a little bit and he knocked some cones down and some other things, but it was good fun for the fans.”

SHOULD THEY DO IT NEXT YEAR? “Yeah, I think they should do it next year. I don’t know how to make it better. Kind of change it up and maybe give us a little more room or something and start the cones back a little further, but it was a lot of fun.”

HOW ABOUT BRING YOUR OWN STUFF? “I want to bring one of my cars because I think the fans would get really juiced up about us bringing our stuff out here and doing it. That would be pretty cool for them to see that. I’m talking about one of my personal cars. If Goodyear would bring us some tires, I would bring my Shelby GT500 car. It’s got a lot of power and it would look cool out there laying down some rubber and some smoke.”

If you have ideas for next year’s contest post them here!

Topic: What are your thoughts on the burnout competition and what would you add?

Enjoy the All Star Race!
Claire B