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David Poole – “Go Rest High On That Mountain” April 28, 2009

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He gave many a reason to get up in the morning

Sadly, today – we mourn the tragic death of a comrade, a friend, and one heck of a motorsports journalist.

The passing of David Poole today – – is a great loss ,of course, to his family which he treasured and talked about often on the road – but also to our sport

The NASCAR media core is a tough group but an extremely close clan ——even as we bicker and debate and wrangle issues on the road and in the media centers at tracks far from home. To all of us —and to everyone who loves racing….we struggle at a lost for words with an ache that won’t go away inside at word of David Poole’s passing.

Poole was a guy who could argue with you on racing until you got mad –or gave up crying uncle or stood your ground until you made him blustery. That was David. No one more than he enjoyed the pure debate on the sport he loved. He was passionate about his views on racing and he was good at it. If you thought David Poole was wrong on an issue, you’d better have the facts to back up your challenge because David was on his game. Behind that columnists’ exterior (columnists are paid to get your blood pumping) he was a writer who gave us all a real great reason to drop in a few coins to pick up the newspaper and read it and react every day. I believe it is that tribute that would mean a great deal to him. You bought the paper because David had something to say. That led to him joining SIRIUS NASCAR Radio.

Behind that columnists’ exterior was also a guy who would give you the shirt off his back —back you up when you didn’t know it – and help you when you were down and out.

Drivers and folks in the sport respected him so much that they’d almost always call his name out, refer to him, or banter with him at the start of news conferences – no matter what the issue. Calling out to David was part of most news conferences held in the sport..no matter what the issue.

I don’t know if anyone ever made much of how hard David Poole worked. He wasn’t a guy who mailed it in, who stayed at home. Week after week, with very few exceptions Poole was at his desk in the media center at a track, or traveling to a race track, to deliver the story to his readers.

At SIRIUS NASCAR Radio he was extremely kind to me when I joined the channel this year . I was formerly the competition, but David even wrote me a note welcoming me when I moved over to SIRIUS and it meant a great deal to me.

I always told David that he had a big heart –but that I wouldn’t tell anyone….He loved playing the tough guy on the radio and being the guy who you wanted to argue with. He actually enjoyed it a great deal.

Inside though, David was a sensitive guy who had many friends in the sport, who was respected by the drivers and the business folks and who loved racing.

I am so sad at his passing. It’s hard to imagine the sport without Poole.

I wish his family strength and I admire that nowhere on this earth was there anyone else exactly like David Poole.

He made his mark. He gave us a reason to get up in the morning to read the paper or listen to the radio and he did what he loved. Someone asked about a charity and there are several you could contribute to in his name – but I think he’d feel good also if you put a few quarters in the box and bought the daily newspaper tomorrow morning in his name – no matter where you live.

We’ll miss you David.

Go rest high on that mountain!

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Welcome to Daytona International Speedway’s Media Center! February 7, 2009

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American NASCAR drive Richard Petty meeting Ge...
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I wanted to let you know all that is going on here at Daytona and send you a few thoughts.

Around the Garage:
First: I heard wind that NASCAR might be looking at the restart lines at the race tracks and the pushing of the limit of picking up speed in the “vicinity” of the line by drivers abusing the system. It seems that the competitors have pushed that rule to the point that they may be abusing it. That is why you may have been seeing cars behind the restart line starting to “go go go” when the flag is not out yet and that some of the restart messes you have witnessed may actually not be the guy holding speed on the restart who gets the blame – but the guys behind him who are jumping the gun and abusing the restart line rule. Look for some thoughts on this to be reviewed. What do you think?

48 team replaces tire specialist at 11th hour:
Hearing that the 48 tire specialist Sean Kerlin was replaced the day before the team left for Daytona on Wednesday evening. Sean did driver comfort for Jimmie Johnson and was the teams tire specialist….He was replaced by LIsa Smokestead who is doing tires for the 48 team here at Daytona. She has been the data base manager and has been the tire specialist for the test teams of the 88 and 48 and I am hearing she is a temporary replacement.

Budweiser Shootout Pick Party:
Yep I was standing out in the cold at the Speed Stage as well as inside the media/VIP tent at the Budweiser Pick Party. Drivers huddled inside the tent prior to heading up to the Speed stage “Bar” set up. I got a kick out of AJ Allmendinger wearing his new “AJ” gear cap. Did you see his cap on the TV broadcast? It was a good one. It’s available on line. David Reutemann was teasing him in the tent before the pick party that he wanted one —and AJ said he’d make sure to get it. So if you see Rutemann wearing and AJ cap don’t be surprised. Most of the drivers huddled in the tent talked about being ready to get out on the race track….finally.

Viewers watching the Bud pick party were studying #20 crew chief Greg Zipadelli’s interaction with his young driver Joey Logano. I got this email:

CBL do you get a sense that Zippy and Joey (Logano) are getting along ok because last night on the (Bud Pick )show where they picked their starting position they barely spoke to each other. I didn’t know if it was just Zipp was annoyed he had to be there because his driver is under 21 or there are “issues”

No- there are not issues. I spoke with Zippy before he went out on stage in the TV area and he simply had a terrible cold and was feeling awful. He was sick…and didn’t feel well. If he was quiet that was the simple explanation. The two are doing fine.

THE KING – & NASCAR’s Top 35 System:
Richard Petty Motorsports unveiled today a paint scheme with historical significance at Daytona International Speedway. (The newly-formed Richard Petty Motorsports’ No. 44 Valvoline Dodge Charger, driven by AJ Allmendinger during Daytona Speedweeks, will feature a tribute to winning history with a replica paint scheme of the Valvoline Dodge that Kyle Petty drove to an ARCA victory for Petty Enterprises at Daytona 30 years ago.)

Question to The King – What is Kyle Petty doing these days?
Kyle Petty taped his show for Speed, as his father, Richard Petty, was in the garage unveiling the paint scheme of the No. 44 car (to be driven by AJ Allmendinger) that has been made to resemble Kyle Petty’s ARCA car that he drove to a win in his Daytona debut in 1979. Question to the King…what is kyle up to these days?

“Last time I seen him he was doing television. I don’t know, ” Petty answered. “In fact I have not seen him for a pretty good while. Cause we’ve been busy. I was in Connecticut yesterday talking to the Stanley people. So you are out there doing all that stuff. Then he’s out there doing a bunch of stuff. He’s been doing a bunch of stuff for the camp. Then he come to Florida to do a Red Cross deal this past weekend sometime and then he was at the 24 hour run for four or five days, I don’t know,” Petty said.

We have racing on the track. I have missed talking cars on the track with you. Cannot wait! The race season has actually started. Here is my weekend Sirius Schedule:

Friday, February 6th –
Dialed In with Claire B Lang
7-10 p.m. EST

Saturday, February 7th-
Dialed In with Claire B Lang
2:00 -4:15 p.m. EST
I anchor Bud Shootout Pre Race Show 4:15 p.m. EST leading into Budweiser Shootout

Sunday, February 8th –
Following qualifying until 8:00 p.m. EST

Looking forward to covering the 2009 race season and for you all and taking you live to races coast to coast.

Thanks for being such a big part of it! I appreciate your emails and live on the air discussions and your opinions and race rants.

Claire B

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Jan 16th – FANFEST Daytona January 16, 2009

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Looking across the Daytona International Speedway
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LIVE from Daytona Blog
Friday, January 16th, 2009

Welcome to Daytona!

After waaaay too much time away from the track during the off season – it’s time to go racin’ boys! (Girls too!) I officially declare today, January 16th 2009 the official start of blogging on this site from the race tracks and the start of an inside look at the 2009 season.

I’m here at Daytona International Speedway covering Fan Fest and as I set up here in the media center I can hear the cars on the race track (ok – it’s the Richard Petty Driving Experience) and I can hear the thumping of music from the Fan Fest stage located right outside the door. I’ve always noticed that Daytona International Speedway plays the best music over the sound system – and each year when I arrive at Daytona to start the season -I wonder who put the music mix together up in master control.

Tonight (Friday, Jan 16th) 7-10 and tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 17th) 12-3 p.m. I will be broadcasting LIVE on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio from the media center here at Daytona.
Here is a tentative list of drivers that I will have on live and what time to expect them:

LIVE on “Dialed In” SIRIUS NASCAR Radio – Friday, Jan 16th
7:00 -10:00 p.m. EST – Channel 128

7:05 EST John Wes Townley

7:15 EST Reed Sorenson*

7:50 EST Jeff Burton*

8:00 EST Martin Truex, Jr.*

8:35 EST Greg Biffle*

8:50 EST Mike Skinner*

9:00 EST Ryan Newman*

9:35 EST Casey Mears*
LIVE on “Dialed In” – SIRIUS NASCAR Radio -Saturday, January 17th
12:00-3:00 EST Channel 128

12:15 EST David Ragan*

12:30 EST Jimmie Johnson*
1:00 EST Rick Crawford*

1:15 EST Paul Menard*

1:30 EST Jeff Gordon*

2:20 EST Alex Garcia

2:40 EST Denny Hamlin*

I’ve gotten a number of emails on the new rules regarding the Budweiser Shootout. The in box is going crazy on both sides of the issue.

Fans who follow a driver that is in the Shootout now because of a new wild card wrinkle are naturally thrilled.

Other fans are not happy: Here’s one on the “don’t mess with it” side:

Hi Claire B.

They turned the Bud shoot out into a joke….They’re just making it up as they go…I won’t even watch…what a farce how we just go ahead and let the rest of the field in….They screwed it up when they changed the format in the first place…Now they’re just making it worse…


Remember this is a non-points special race – like the All Star race. LMS event folks make format and rule changes to that race each year on a whim….is this any different? We know that getting the stars of the show into the Budweiser Shootout is good for ticket sales. What’s wrong with changing the format – as promoters have been known to do when the race is a special event? Just asking the question. Email me at insidercbl@aol.com.

The newly announced Budweiser Shootout rules below:
NASCAR announced today a revision to the 2009 Budweiser Shootout at Daytona format that provides each manufacturer with a ‘wild card’ entry, increasing the size of the field from 24 to 28 cars, highlighting the manufacturers’ involvement in NASCAR, and featuring more drivers for fans to support.

The 31st annual season-opening event at Daytona International Speedway will be held on Saturday night, Feb. 7. As was announced last August, the lineup will consist of the top six teams from each manufacturer, based on the final 2008 car owner points. Eligibility is based on owners competing in this event with the same manufacturer as 2008.

The new wrinkle calls for each manufacturer to be able to enter a seventh car, or “wild card” entry, based on the following criteria:
• Any owner outside of the top six in year end 2008 owners’ points whose driver is a past NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion that attempted to qualify for all of the 2008 events (only one position will be filled per manufacturer and will be based on the most recent past champion per manufacturer).
• If an owner/manufacturer does not have a past champion driver, the next highest eligible owner outside the top six in year end 2008 owners’ points from each manufacturer will be eligible to compete in the event.

As of today, cars eligible to compete in the 2009 Budweiser Shootout at Daytona would be as follows (using 2008 car numbers):
Budweiser Shootout
70* 10** 22** 38**
* past champion (Tony Stewart)
** based on seventh highest finishing position in 2008 owners’ points

Ok so what do you think? Email me if you can – I want to hear your comments!

Stay tuned to this blog for inside stories and updates on my travels and the show. I’ll be starting to blog more regularly and stay in touch this way with you.

I cannot tell you how great it feels to be back at a race track.
By the way, don’t we all feel great about the miracle on the Hudson! Incredibly positive stuff to watch.

Hope 2009 is starting great for you. Stay tuned.

Cheers and many blessings this New Year!
Claire B Lang

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New York City- NASCAR Champions Week Schedule December 1, 2008

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Jimmie Johnson in August 200...Image via WikipediaHey All! Greetings from New York City. Thanks for all the emails and for keeping in touch. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

I wanted to write you a note and let you know when I will be broadcasting on Sirius NASCAR Radio (Sirius Channel 128 and XM Best Of Package 128) here in New York City for Champions Week and post the schedule. I arrived today (Monday) in the city and will be on site and in and around the city covering and hosting live broadcasts at the events all week long – and I’ll be hosting a special wrap up show at the end of each day.

Did I tell you that the Sirius Studios are on the 36th floor of this building? Don’t look down 😉

My Schedule in New York City:

Monday, December 1

“Dialed In” with Claire B. Lang
Monday / 7p-10p ET
SIRIUS NASCAR Radio studios, Manhattan

Tuesday, December 2
“Dialed In” with Claire B. Lang
Tuesday / 8p-11p ET
SIRIUS NASCAR Radio studios, Manhattan

Wednesday, December 3
“Dialed In” with Claire B. Lang
Wednesday / 7p-10p ET
LIVE from the Sprint Champions Party, Sports Museum of America

Thursday, December 4
“The 2008 Stewie Awards”
Thursday / 6p-8p ET
SIRIUS NASCAR Radio studios, Manhattan


“Dialed In” with Claire B. Lang (Claire B Hosts Stewie’s After Party Show)
Thursday / 8p-11p ET
“Stewie’s After Party” — SIRIUS NASCAR Radio studios, Manhattan

“The 2008 Championship Year In Review”
Claire B Lang Back Stage LIVE at the Waldorf
Claire B – Friday / 3p-5p ET
Waldorf=Astoria Hotel
Featuring: Exclusive interviews with the entire #48 team including Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus, Rick Hendrick and the rest of the Championship team, plus the listeners will have a chance to call the show LIVE to talk with the team!

Remember: LIVE coverage of “NASCAR Awards Night / Banquet”
Friday / 7pm-TFN ET
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (Anchored by MRN Radio)

I am slamming getting the show ready and getting used to the different layout in this studio. I’m looking forward to hearing from you on air tonight and sure hope you can catch the shows from New York City.

Take care,

Claire B

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Claire B Lang moving to SIRIUS Radio- Dec 1st November 24, 2008

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Official logo for Sirius XM Radio, Inc.Image via WikipediaC L A I R E B. M A I L
Tuesday, Monday, November 24,2008 – Charlotte, NC Studio

An note to friends and “Dialed In” listeners:

I wanted to let you know how much I have, over the years, appreciated your friendship, support, loyalty, calls on the air, race rants, observations and the good times we’ve shared over the radio on “Dialed In” on XM. It may be that some of you are now SIRIUS subscribers, that you got the “Best Of” package and can get NASCAR Radio now on XM or that you have been listening every day and are tried and true loyal XM’ers. When I decided to stay at XM back when NASCAR Radio moved to SIRIUS, I thought of you – of how many radios you already had purchased and I stayed. Many of you did too and I’ll never forget your kindness and support during that time.

Many of you moved with me from XM channel 144 to 148 when they moved the show after the merger and I was truly amazed. When they moved me again to channel I43 I figured it would be really tough for you to find the show – but you moved in droves and sought out being a part of “Dialed In” again. I was humbled. I promised that you all would be the first to know what would happen to “Dialed In” when the two services merged. Now, finally I can tell you.

On December 1, 2008, I am going to be moving to SIRIS NASCAR Radio on The “Best of” Channel 128. “Dialed In” will once again, be a part of the line up on Sirius NASCAR Radio. I will be anchoring coverage at the race track, on weekends, doing specials and “insider” coverage as well as doing “Dialed In” during the week. I will be returning to the radio channel that I helped to launch when NASCAR Radio first began. I was so proud of helping launch the initial NASCAR Radio channel and I’m happy to be returning to it now.

“Dialed In with Claire B Lang on Sirius XM” New York City – December 1

I will kick off being a part of SIRIUS NASCAR Radio on Monday, December 1 at the Sirius XM Studios in New York City. I’ll have a special show each night after covering all of the press conferences, parties and insider events that NASCAR will have during Champion’s Week in NYC.

I’ll take you behind the scenes as if you are actually at the events yourself. Plus, I’ll host an exclusive show with the entire Hendrick Championship team, featuring Jimmie Johnson, Chad Knaus, Rick Hendrick and their entire crew!

My main concern now is that no one tunes into XM Channel 143 on Monday, December 1 looking for “Dialed In” and is disappointed not to find it. We have been moved many times and I worry that some of you may be looking for my New York City Champion’s Week coverage on the channel I have been on the past several weeks.

If you have SIRIUS Make sure to update your radio pre-set to SIRIUS NASCAR Radio channel 128 so you don’t miss one second of the show on December 1. If you have XM and you don’t have “The Best of SIRIUS” on your XM radio, you can get it today by logging onto www.xmradio.com/best or by calling 888-5-SIRIXM (that’s 888-574-7496) right now.

I have been blogging here on Claireblang.com to keep you all posted so be sure to keep up with what is happening with me and the show behind the scenes by logging on here for all of the details!

In closing, It’s hard for me to tell you what you have all meant to me over the years. If you are a regular listener then you know how much you matter to me. I most often travel alone on the road although I have friends on the circuit. But most times I am alone in a studio in a city away from home and when I click on the ISDN broadcast line you are there. You are my friends, my neighborhood and my listeners and you all matter a lot to me. You have shared much with me over the years and I wanted to make sure that you were a part of the latest chapter of my life.

Thanks for everything! I’m lucky to have had listeners like you. I hope to hear from you on Monday, December 1 at 7:00 p.m. EST when I sit down behind the microphone in the Sirius studio in New York City for the very first time to kick off Champions Week coverage.

Many blessings and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Thank you for your loyal, support and friendship.

Claire B.

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A news note to friends and “Dialed In” listeners September 17, 2008

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C L A I R E B. M A I L
Tuesday, September 17,2008 – Charlotte, NC Studio

A news note to friends and “Dialed In” listeners:

Hey all! Thank you for your undying support and friendship. It means a lot and I appreciate that you listen to Dialed In and participate in the show. You all matter to me a great deal.

I hope you were able to find me beginning this week on XM Channel 148 – I know it’s a big change to move to our own special channel and to a new time period 3-6 EST. Many of you found the show and we had full phone lines so that means a bunch of you hung out on the new channel for the first “Dialed In” on Channel 148- Thanks!

If you sent me an email asking “Where are you?” I am sorry if you missed the show. I have a policy of answering all emails individually but yesterday I had so many that I could not possibly answer each one so I apologize for the format of this note but I wanted most to get the word out on my blog to all of you fast.

Stay in connection here with claireblang.com where I will be posting my blogs and information about the show – and I’ll do my best to keep you all updated.

I can’t begin to tell you how much you all matter to me – many of you have been listening to the show since I began at XM – and you have been my friends on the road and along the way and on the air for many years. Some of you are new listeners and I have met a lot of you at the tracks broadcasting in the XM Chevy Dialed In mobile broadcast unit or through your emails to insidercbl [at] aol [dot] com or your calls to the show.

I’ll keep you posted on the developments and hope that you can listen 3-6 EST on Channel 148 Monday – Friday and of course I will still be feeding reports in the mornings on XM 144 around 6, 8 and 10 a.m. and breaking news on sports updates over on XM Sports Nation.

See you on the radio on Channel 148 today at 3 p.m. EST.

Thanks for following me to the new channel and hanging out with me on Dialed In. It matters a lot.


Claire B

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