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New Mail: WalNutz….. May 16, 2008

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Michael WaltripImage via WikipediaGood day! In the email category – I got a note the other day from a listener who said that no one ever mentions the loyal group of Michael Waltrip fans. The emailer said that although the broadcasters mention the “Said heads” and the “Blaniacs” they never mention the “Wal-Nutz.” Now, I’m not going to lie to you I had not ever heard of the Wal-Nutz, although I have had a bunch of Michael Waltrip fans on the air over the years- but I mentioned this email on the air about the Wal-Nutz and and since then have heard from a number of this band of Waltrip fans. They sound to me to be fun loving and extremely devoted to Michael Waltrip.

I say again as I have said before, die hard fans die hard and often inside for their driver and it’s always good to hear about or meet fans who are not just cheering for a guy who wins every week but for any guy who maybe struggles and doesn’t win all the time -and still his fans are behind him. That’s character -and I wish this group well. Thanks for the emails.

Claire B

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