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Claire B’s Mail

I get so many interesting e-mails from listeners that I am going to start publishing some of them in my blog.

Send me an email at:  insidercbl@aol.com and let me know what you’re thinking about your favorite racing topic!

Get up on the wheel and send me what you’d like to have talked about on air or talk to me about how you feel about a specific topic.

Always glad to hear from you!

Claire B Lang

P.S I just got this email this week and wanted to share it. It’s awesome to know we have such cool listeners!

To: Claire B Lang

I have been trying to contact you for some time, but did not have the correct adddress.   I live in a mountain area in California and have no e-mail servicer other than when I go to town,which is 1 hour from my home.  I listen to you any time I can on the  ride home, via sirius radio. I would love to go to another race, but dfo not sere me doing that.  I am 77 and now a Widow, so watch on  TV.  We went to many, many races over the years.  We were at Telladega when Bill elliot did the 212 mph.  He was my driver of choice.  We ran open comp cars for 11 years in Calif., with drivers Jim Insolo, hershell McGriff, Billy Scott etc.  We had one car we ran at Riverside and Phoenix.  we also built “Real Wheels” for a couple of years.  These were aluminum, 2 part wheels that coulfd fit any offset, for any type of car.  My job was timer and tire person.  Those days were checked tire size and air pressure for proper handling.  I so enjoy listening to you.  It is great to be able to keep track of how things are down now and keep up with drivers  and all the goings on.  My driver of choice, is Carl Edwards. If I do ever get to a track, I will try and find you, as I would very much like to meet you.Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping me company on the long mountain drive home.
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