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“Speedway Bells”

Just like you I’m opening Christmas cards this time of the year. One, that I received in the mail today (12/12/07) was from the PR staff and General Manager at Texas Motor Speedway. Nothing from TMS is ever small – or bland. They always try to take it up a notch. Seems Mike Zizzo and his team got together and wrote a rendition of “Speedway Bells” to be sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells,” and the verse is contained in their Christmas Card. They outdid themselves…don’t you think?

Speedway Bells
(Written by Texas Motor Speedway Staff)

Dashing through the frontstretch,
In a powerful racing sleigh,
Over “Dales Dip” we go
Racing all the way.
Nose to tail they zing.
Making leaders fight,
What fun it is to cheer and roar
for another great race tonight!

Oh, Jeff Burton, Jeff Burton
History was on the way;
Oh what fun it is to win,
The Samsung 500 that day;
Repeat Winner, Repeat Winner!
First time ever this way,
Oh what fun it is to ride
In an 800 Horse Chevrolet.

A month or two ago,
Jimmie Johnson took a ride;
And soon there was Matt Kennseth
Racing by his side;
JJ raced for the win not points;
Misfortune not his lot;
Jimmie never lifted in the bank,
And the Dickies 500 was what he got!

Oh, Sam Hornish, San Hornish
A bombardier Learjet win was on the way;
Oh what fun it is to ride,
In a speedy open-wheel sleigh;
Hornish wins, Hornish wins!
Holding Kanaan at bay;
Oh what fun it was to fire,
Berettas in Victory Lane that day!

Best fans in every way!
Oh, what fun it is to visit,
Every single race day;
Throttle up! Throttle Up!
Fun is on the way;
Oh what fun it is to watch,
Those powerful racing sleighs!

I know that you have your own renditions of songs with NASCAR flavor that you could sing to Christmas tunes…If you do ..I challenge you ….post them! Make sure you put your email address in the comment form.

Beware…I just may call you to see if singing them is an option!

I hope that you are enjoying the Holiday Season with some good, loud laughing and fun!

Claire B

Happy Birthday Infield Parking December 4, 2007

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Happy 1st Birthday Infield Parking!


To my listeners: I will be doing some cool stuff over these next few weeks.