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March Madness NASCAR Style! March 15, 2011

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It’s time for March Madness! When NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France responded this past week that, “This (NASCAR) is a contact-sport,” after being asked about aggressive racing, France slammed the door on any thoughts that the sanctioning body was inclined to respond softly when it comes to allowing the elite of NASCAR to get it on on the race track. Hello up on the wheel!

So with this being an off-weekend for Sprint Cup Series racing, it’s the perfect time to contemplate what we’ll see as we head from the final races of the early spring into the searing, frustrating, burning summer.

Mark Martin says that the drivers were giving every ounce of what they had inside to the racing last season. Yet, even  he said that what happened at Phoenix early in the race, as racers were extremely aggressive early,  had him taking a deep breath. “Even myself, I’ve been up on it and that’s ok but , you know,when you are up on it every second you are bound to make mistakes sooner or later.”  Martin said these are long races and the drivers are fighting for it every single lap. Martin added, “I think it would do us all a little bit of good to take a breath before the flag comes out and think about what we’re trying to really accomplish.”

Kyle Busch has a sense of humor when it comes to how he’s seemingly noticing the big picture, which is less of blowing up over the moment and now comprehending what it would take to win a championship.

When I asked him about it he joked that everything is going well because it’s early in the season. ‘It’s young in the year, were all still fresh,” He told me while grinning at his crew chief. “We’re not wore out, were not sick of each other after being together for thirty straight weeks or something like that. Times are good.”


We’ve seen the Kyle Busch, the boy. We’ve seen the hard-to-guard Kyle Busch but what about the grown up, mature kyle? When I told him that we can’t even imagine yet  how he could race when he gets to that juncture of his emotional development he responded, “Well. hi, nice to meet you.”

I interviewed Carl Edwards both mid-week before Las Vegas, when he almost won and got an apology from Kyle Busch and again after he won at Vegas. He too is thinking bigger picture. What angered him to fits of action earlier on in his career is now something he is tempering, as he assesses what it would take to get the champion’s trophy after Homestead.

For all these guys, in the hunt for NASCAR’s biggest trophy who are all seeing the big picture early on- just wait. As Kyle said, it’s early in the season and everything is still fresh. But the true test is the race season that is just beginning to unfold.

Let’s check out the frazzled, frustration if some of the drivers who are used to being in the hunt don’t have better races soon, after the bloom is off the dogwood and the summer get’s hot and steamy.

It’s going to get interesting.

Fans name the Johnson baby! July 9, 2010

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Chandra and Jimmie Johnson welcomed a baby girl Wednesday, July 7 at 1:44 p.m. ET in Charlotte, NC. She weighed 6 lbs., 14 oz. and measured 19.5″ long. Dad offered that she is absolutely beautiful and affectionately referred to her as “Baby J” as the proud parents have yet to decide on a name. While commenting that sleep was at a minimum last night, he is extremely happy about getting to spend time with his girls before leaving for the race weekend in Chicago.

Name The Johnson Baby!

Race fans had a field day – taking on the challenge of naming the new Johnson baby. Currently “Baby J” until they decide on a name – I got tons of suggestions for the happy Johnson couple as to what to name little Miss Johnson. Below are some of the emailed suggestions. Think you have a better one? Email insidercbl@aol.com. The race fans came up with some doozies.

Here (below) are some of the emails I have received:

I’m in the Safety Clean trailer at Chicagoland Speedway, by the way, where I’ll be broadcasting from this weekend and I’m reading all the emails laughing.

You all crack me up!

Claire B



I have the perfect name for the baby: Fontana!

Jamie Tucker

Jennifer Jade Johnson is a cute name. Has a nice ring to it. Jade is a rare gem as is a beautiful baby Girl.
*Chris from MT.


Dale, Darrel Waltrip, Richard Petty, Rusty, Awesome Bill, Irvan, Gordon, Earnhardt Smith…..Johnson…..Jr.


My choice. Loni-Caye Johnson. Did I win. Did I win

Impala Bowtie Johnson? From Aaron in Maine
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Listening to your show. I think the Johnsons should name their baby Chayse.


Clare, my last name is Johnson as well, when my daughter was born I thought it would be great to name her “Imma Johnson ” maybe they will too lol. My wife didn’t agree so I didn’t win lol.


Patience Summer johnson


Chadra J Johnson

Barry Einhellig

hey CBL,

l like the name Riley Johnson.

….John, California

Jaycee for the first name Spells there initials


How about sierra
Or. Deshanka June

Deshanka means child of GOD

You can send my prize to me now.

Angel Johnson
Mackenzie Johnson
Melanie Phoenix johnson
Kimberly Meredith johnson



Hi Claire,

If it was a boy Chevy Chase would be a great name. But since it is a girl and she was born on Wednesday. Wednesday would be a great name, remember Wednesday on the Adam’s family? And later on in life, when the boys begin calling, Jimmie can tell them,
“you will have to call her Wednesday.” At least it will work 6 days a week.
I am going to be at the races in Chicago this weekend, maybe see you there.
Greg in Wisconsin

I think that I heard you say that Jimmy’s wife’s name is Shandra…or Chandra. I think that they should to name their baby

Chammy…or Shammy




HI Claire B:

My Suggestion for Jimmie and Chandra’s new baby is Lowes, pronounced “Lois”.

– Tricia in CA


How about Fate for a name? It’s a contraction of forty-eight.
I’m sure that no matter what name is chosen, she will be a lovely baby.



Rikki Bobbi Johnson


Milynn Johnson


Boogidy boogidy Johnson from Kevin peoria il


I think since there are thrr people in “that relationship” that the
thid person deserves some credit. C h a d r a

Have a great race weekend CBL!



I am not sure how shandra, or chantra spels her name, but how about

Shimmie Johnson just athough, I do believe shanny had the hard part?

Brad Hansen
Jennifer Julienne Johnson cause a daughter should be a triple J


Maggie Ann Johnson

Sent from Rodney’s iPhone


Golden horseshoe Johnson


Charlotte Bristol Johnson

Elizabeth Bynog


How about Cheyenne? One of my favorites! Mary Lou from Wisconsin


Jenna Johnson or Christal Johnson

Percilla Johnson or champane Johnson

Sent from Rodney’s iPhone


Precious Johnson
Kimmy Johnson



How about Anybody But Johnson?
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How about chase Dayton johnson.it’s about the chase for jimmy and daytona.
Jack in Arizona
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Tonya Stewart Johnson?…GO 14!
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Bristol for Jimmie’s 50th win at a track he really wanted to win at.

Michelle, IL


Miss Claire,
So sweet for the Johnson Family. Sweeeeeet. 🙂 Is Wednesday Adams Johnson ok? Sincerely, Vaughn

Jimmie is my favorite driver, but I think they should name their little girl Parker.

Melissa from Maine


I think they should name her Charlotte. Billy in TN


Speedena Johnson or claire B Johnson




Take CARE!!!!


It’s cambydon with the suggestion “Chevonne”


Trophy Johnson

Hey Claire, how about “Victoria Lane” for Jimmy’s baby girl? How appropriate for a guy who’s been in victory lane so much! Stan from Louisiana


Treasure Johnson


Name her Chad, lol! have a great show, Mac in PA


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Claire B

Jimmy and Shanny should name their baby girl Victoria Layne. It’s my story and you are stuck with it.

Too Many Denny from Missouri



Baby J???? That’s a hell of a name. These people have had 9 months to
come up with a name. What?? They couldn’t find Chad for his approval???

Ann from Indiana


Well – there you have it. Let me know if you can come up with something better…and congratulations to the Johnsons on their new baby.

Claire B


Hey Clair, listen to you all the time, been a long time 24/48 fan.

My new name for jimmy girl is LOWE-LA KABOLA Johnson, Lowela , is for Lowes sponsor, Kabola is for Kobalt tools , who is on

Jimmy’s car from time to time. Said like LOLA KABOLA Johnson , sounds great doesn’t it. My wife said NO WAY

Bristol Brawls -Feuds – and Fights. March 20, 2010

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You know this weekend has been insane – but I remember so many Bristol weekends that seemed to spiral out of control with stories of aggression and anger with hurt feelings, pushing, shoving, calls to the hauler and of course, in the center of it, media grappling for position as the intensity and frustration rises on this race track.
Fights at Bristol — As I left the race track after my “Dialed In” show last night in the media center, I walked up the banking and across the race track. The memories of skirmishes here in years gone by seemed to swirl around in the dark of night and in the empty race track their presence presented a reminder of racers who have battled here in years gone by.
Over the years, Bristol Motor Speedway has seen more than a few on-track skirmishes between drivers whose emotions have gotten the best of them.
Many times the differences of opinion began before they ever got to BMS and then, with the close-quarters action of the race itself at the World’s Fastest Half-Mile, dispositions rapidly changed and emotions boiled over, resulting in some memorable scenes.

Some are forever etched in the memories of fans and drivers alike. So … in no particular order, a few of the most notorious BMS feuds follow:
Dale Earnhardt vs. Terry Labonte (Round 1)
Bristol Motor Speedway was Dale Earnhardt’s favorite playground so whenever he was racing at the World’s Fastest Half-Mile, he was confident he would end up in Victory Lane.
During the August night race of 1995, Terry Labonte went to the point on lap 432 and stayed there. But it wasn’t easy. With just a few laps to go, Earnhardt, who was running second, got into Labonte’s car, spinning him. Labonte somehow managed to stay in front and crossed the finish line backward and beat up but still in front of Earnhardt. The Intimidator had to settle for the runner-up position, a mere .10 second behind Labonte.

Dale Earnhardt vs. Terry Labonte (Round 2)
Again it was the August night race, this time in 1999, and once again it was Dale Earnhardt battling Terry Labonte for the win.
From lap 300 on, the two exchanged the lead eight times. It appeared Earnhardt had taken control by lap 490 but on lap 499 Labonte was able to get around him. With a single circuit to go, Earnhardt drove deep into Turn 1 to move around Labonte and hit his car, sending Labonte spinning.
Earnhardt went on to win his ninth, and final, race at BMS to a mixture of cheers and boos, while Labonte finished eighth. Afterward, as Labonte seethed, Earnhardt said all he meant to do was “rattle his cage.”

Carl Edwards vs. Kyle Busch
In the waning laps of the Sharpie 500 in 2008, Edwards and Kyle Busch had an on-track scuffle that continued into the cool-down lap as Busch hit Edwards a couple of times and Edwards, who won the race, retaliated.
Neither driver was happy with the other’s tactics.
“He hit me getting into Turn 1,” said an irate Busch afterward. “Carl’s going to say he’s sorry, he didn’t want to race that way, because that’s what he always does.
“I couldn’t get by him and I couldn’t get by him,” Edwards said at the time, “and I had to ask myself, would he do that to me? And he has before, so that’s the way it goes.”

Rusty Wallace vs. Dale Earnhardt
Yet another heated confrontation on-track occurred in the 1995 Goody’s 500, the same race as the Earnhardt-Labonte incident, when allace threw a water bottle at Earnhardt while standing at the gas pumps in the infield after the race had ended.
Wallace’s actions came after he and Earnhardt made contact on lap 32, sending Wallace into the wall and ending his chances at another Bristol win.
Rusty Wallace vs. Jeff Gordon (Round 1)
Wallace started from the No. 1 slot in the 1997 Food City 500 and had every intention of finishing in the same place. Jeff Gordon had other ideas.
Despite dominating the event and leading 240 laps, including taking the white flag, Wallace finished second after a tap from Gordon between Turns 3 and 4 sent Wallace up the track and
Gordon to Victory Lane.
Wallace would win three more times at Bristol for a total of nine, but he strongly believes he should have been in double digits and this is one of the ones that got away.
Jeff Gordon vs. Rusty Wallace (Round 2)
The rematch came in the 2002 August race. Wallace was leading the race when, with just two laps to go, Gordon AGAIN applied the bumper, moved Wallace out of the way to take the lead and the win.
Gordon’s win was his fifth at BMS while a smoldering Wallace had to settle for second AGAIN.

Jeff Gordon vs. Matt Kenseth
At the 2006 Food City 500, Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon had been battling all day long, getting into each other on several occasions.
In the late going, Kenseth touched Gordon’s bumper going into Turn 1, spinning Gordon and taking him out of contention.
Kenseth finished third. After the race, Kenseth approached Gordon on pit road. Gordon, helmet still on, went after a surprised Kenseth, pushing him backwards before calm was finally restored.
At least on the outside.

Greg Biffle vs. Kevin Harvick
During the 2002 Food City 500, Greg Biffle got into the back of Kevin Harvick’s car and sent Harvick into the wall.
Harvick climbed from his wrecked car, walked straight to Biffle’s pit, talked to some of his crew members and then just waited for the race to end. At the conclusion of the race, when Biffle pulled onto pit road, Harvick leapt over the hood of Biffle’s car and dove after him. After a heated exchange the two finally were pulled apart.
Tony Stewart vs. Kevin Harvick
On the last lap of the 2008 Food City 500, friendship was set aside and Stewart and Harvick, both starving for wins, got together between Turns 1 and Turn ending the chances for either to make the trip to Victory Lane
So close, but yet so far.

Kurt Busch vs. Jimmy Spencer
The first shot in a feud that would last for months was fired on the high banks of Bristol in the spring of 2002.
Battling for the lead much of the day, Spencer was going for his first Cup win in eight years and Busch for his first ever. With just 55 laps left, Busch “moved” Spencer from the racing groove and never looked back — except to see if Spencer was gaining. Spencer got back to second, but that’s as far as he made it as Busch earned his first win.
By the time the duo returned to Bristol in August, they had exchanged, barbs, bumpers and punches resulting in Spencer being suspended for the event and both being placed on probation by NASCAR.

Randy LaJoie vs. Buckshot Jones (Round 1)
Differences between drivers have not just been limited to Cup races at Bristol Motor Speedway.
In 1997, it seemed two-time Nationwide champion Randy LaJoie and Buckshot Jones were tethered and neither often like the results. After repeated incident with each other throughout the year, it came to a head at Bristol in August at the Food City 250.
Both drivers led laps. Each, it seemed, was always near the other. With the laps waning, Jones found his car backed into the wall, courtesy, he thought, of LaJoie. As Jones began slowly limping his car back to pit road, he swerved suddenly as LaJoie went back by. He missed, however, and destroyed the front of his car. LaJoie finished fourth; Jones 26th. Both earned a trip to the NASCAR trailer.

Randy LaJoie vs. Buckshot Jones (Round 2)
In the very next Nationwide race at Bristol, with barely 30 laps to Jones’ car appeared to cut a tire between Turns 1 and 2 and turn sharply to the right and directly into the path of another car — driven by LaJoie.
It ended the day for those two and five other drivers as well.
There have been other heated incidents, some involving thrown items – like the heel pads Ward Burton fired at the car of Dale Earnhardt Jr. after the two clashed or the race where Dale Jarrett tossed his helmet through the window of Bobby Hillin’s car after a dust-up between the two. Jarrett, after having separate incidents with both Roger Penske-owned cars in the 2005 Food City 500 – the latter with Ryan Newman, which put Jarrett in the wall – returned the favor later in the race, ending Newman’s day.
With Sunday’s Food City 500 looming, and a number of rivalries heating up, anticipation is high as fans wait — and wonder — about what might happen next.
In the course of covering many of these incidents above, I have been knocked to the ground, dodged elbows as folks tried to pull the drivers back out of the way of each other, and in the case of Kevin Harvick had a driver flying over my shoulder as I reached out my microphone to interview the intended target (Greg Biffle). You gotta love Bristol baby.
Tickets remain available for the Food City 500. For ticket information for Sunday’s race call the BMS ticket office at 423-BRISTOL (423-274-7865).


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Welcome to Atlanta Motor Speedway! I’ll be blogging throughout the weekend and into the season now so stay tuned.

First: Here are some pit notes from today’s interviews at Atlanta Motor Speedway

Friday, March 5, 2010

KYLE BUSCH,No. 18 M&M’s Toyota Camry,Joe Gibbs Racing
How would you describe yourseason so far this year?
“It’s finally good to seeeverybody.I’m finally back in the top-12 again, you know, it’s been awhile.So it’s always nice to get back in here and do some mediaavailabilities.Besides that, our year has been pretty consistent I guess– 14, 14, 15.We’d like to make it where it was more top-fives thantop-15s but we still need those finishes in order to make ourselves capableenough to run in the Chase.We’ve had some good runs this year sofar.We had a fast car at Daytona.We had a fast car at Californiaand the same thing at Vegas.In all three races we had circumstances notquite go our way so we’re hoping to change our luck around a little bit thisweekend at Atlanta and get back down to business with the No. 18 M&M’s Camryand hopefully have a good strong run.”

Do you have to take a second lookat how you race the 48 team this year after the way they’ve started theseason?
“No, it’s just the 48 (JimmieJohnson) team.That’s them every single week.So it doesn’t put aworry in our mind at all.We’ve got to be a team that can run with thoseguys.Right now, we’re a team that’s a few spots behind them in therunning but we’re definitely not finishing nowhere near where they are.Weknow they’re going to be tough every single.It’s not that we’re worried,but it’s a long season and right now we’re not racing the 48, right now we’reracing the top-12.We’ve got to be in the top-12 by the 26th race and thenafter that you’ve got to worry about racing the 48.We’ll see whathappens.Anything can bite you here in the next 23 races before we getthere so we’ll just have to try to make sure it’s not us.”

What has your experience been sofar as a team owner with your new Truck seriesteam?
“It’s been a challengedefinitely.We’ve had a lot of things that we were really excited aboutcoming into the year and then we got a lot of bad news and we’ve been strugglingtrying to find some sponsorship but at least the golden goose.We had somehelp from a great company, Heluva Good, for Daytona and we’re giving them somesupport here in Atlanta.They’re on the bed cover.Toyota hasstepped up.They’ve come to help us here for this weekend as well alongwith the 56 (Tayler Malsam) truck.It’s been a struggle just trying tofind the sponsorship dollars that you need to run the team.We’re going torun the year regardless but it would certainly make it nice to pay off all thenotes I got outstanding on buying everything.It’s going to be maybe atough challenge for this year but hopefully down the road it will pay off andtwo, three, four years down the road we’ll be stronger thanever.”

How would you size up the 48 teamright now?
“They’re the best of thebest.They’re the guys that you’ve got to beat every single week, everysingle year.There’s no question that the 48 (Jimmie Johnson) isn’t thebest team probably in history — that they have the opportunity to win everysingle week.They had the opportunity at California and they had a perfectcall go their way and they won the race.They had the opportunity to winat Vegas and they had another good call go their way and their teammate (JeffGordon) to take two tires and whatever, who was the best car all day but theywere the smartest and they won the race.As long as you put yourselves inposition to win some of these races, you’re not going to win them all.Just like myself at California — we put ourselves in position to win that raceall day.We ran second all day and we certainly weren’t the best car towin but we ended up winning.So that’s just how you’ve got to play itsometimes and the 48 is the best at it.”
Do you think the change from thewing to the spoiler will help your driving?
“It’s hard to tell.Ihaven’t been able to drive with the spoiler yet so I’m unsure about how exactlyit’s going to change the handling characteristics of the car.I’m lookingforward to the change.At least we get to test it I think at Charlottebefore we get to go to the race track with it.It will be good to testwith it.As far as what the guys have been doing in the shop, I’munsure.I know they’ve been to wind tunnel testing some numerous things –not just the spoiler but some other things to try to see if we can’t find alittle bit more downforce out of our cars as well too.The rules are sotight, you have such a small area and a small window to work in that you doeverything you can.We’ve been working everywhere trying to findstuff.I know they’re doing their due diligence on what to do and where tofind some more downforce and stuff.That’s not what’s going to make ourcars go faster but it certainly, hopefully will make it better for racing and alittle bit easier to drive in traffic.”
What are the new challenges youface being a team owner and driver during raceweekends?
“To be honest with you, we wentthrough the truck race at Daytona and really nothing was different.It wasjust different because you’re driving your own equipment.You don’t treatit any differently really.I went out there and crashed on the first lapand put it back together and went back out there.We made a name forourselves, at least we had a fast truck that could compete.I might’vemade some other people mad that I was up there 18 laps down or whatever racing,but they’ve got to recognize that I’m trying to work for sponsorships and tryingto get stuff sold so I can be out there and make the series stronger.Thatwas the whole goal in Daytona.Here this weekend it’s going to be the samething.We’re just going to go out there and do what we can, try to sit ona pole and win the race in the truck and of course just learn as much as we canfrom the truck to the Cup car.The same as I would any other time so tracktime is always crucial.”

What does winning 50 Sprint CupSeries victories mean to you?
“I think it’s verysignificant.I think the more significant number — and this might justtell you how long Jimmie Johnson is still going to be around — is somewhere upin the 80s.That’s definitely a more significant number.Jimmie(Johnson) is now at 49 or 50 or whatever it is so he’s right there at the top-10brink.You want to win as many races as you can in anything and of coursethe more wins you get the closer you get to the 200 whether it’s Truck orNationwide.Cup wins, the more wins you get there, the closer you get tothe 50 (wins).Once you get to the 50 then you shoot for the 80s.Ithink I’m at 16 or 17 right now.There’s a long way to go and fortunatelyI’ve got time on my side right now so hopefully we can start punching thoseout.It would be nice if it was as easy as Jimmie (Johnson) makes it lookbut it’s certainly not.”

What has your teammate JoeyLogano improved on this year?
“All around Joey (Logano) hasjust been better.He’s been a better communicator in the teammeetings.He looks like he’s a lot smoother on the race track.He’slearned how to drive these cars.He’s been a lot better — it’s all aboutinformation.It’s all about telling your crew chief what you need and whatthe car has done for you or what you need it to do differently.Joey(Logano) has done a great job and obviously he’s leading the team right now withthe good finishes and leading the point standings for the JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing)drivers.I’m real proud of him.And I think that if he just keeps itgoing and keeps doing what he’s doing he’s got a great leader with GregZipadelli (crew chief).I’d like to say that Denny (Hamlin) and I are goodteammates and that we’ve been able to help him and get him to where he’s at buthe’s got to be the guy that gets himself better so he’s done a goodjob.”

ALLMENDINGER GOES GREEN: AJ Allmendinger’s No. 43 Richard Petty Motorsports Ford will have a new look for this weekend’s Kobalt Tools 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Instead of the traditional Best Buy and Petty blue, Allmendinger will sport a green Insignia logo, representing Best Buy’s own line of affordable consumer electronics. “Best Buy’s been very excited with the name recognition it’s gotten through NASCAR,” Allmendinger said. “They’re using that to take their Insignia brand and boost that, use it as a stepping stone. It shows what NASCAR can do for a great product.”

JOEY LOGANO IS BACK AT HIS SOUTHERN HOME: Joey Logano ruled the quarter-mile Thunder Ring at Atlanta Motor Speedway as a youngster, spending most of his childhood dominating the Legends and Bandolero divisions he raced in. A decade later, Logano is back with the big boys of NASCAR to try to change his stock car luck at what he calls his “second home” track.

“It’s cool to come back and see some of your friends, and this is Home Depot’s headquarters too,” said Logano, who originally hailed from Connecticut but spent his formative years in Alpharetta, Ga. “In the past, this race track been kind of tough for me.”Logano has competed in two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races at Atlanta, finishing 22nd and 30th“ This track’s fun, because it’s so wore out,” Logano said. “It makes it tough as a driver and crew chief to try to make things good on the long run.”

EMAIL BAG………………….

Here’s a look at some of the mail in my email box on a number of topics –

On SPEED Channel’s new TV show “What’s the Deal” with Jimmy Spencer
(Spencer was a guest on “Dialed In” to talk about his new show which airs Monday nights)

I would be interested in the show If jimmy can back his statements then I am okay with it.
I would be curious how long the show would last and if he would have enough material week to week

By the way the only thing the 48 team needs to do is brush up on their

Other then that they are top notch for now

On Kyle Petty being on the NASCAR Victory Lane show on SPEED

listener email: I have been some what critical of him (Kyle) from time to time based on his families position.Now that he is on Nascar victory lane and Jimmy Spencer is not even though he has has a new program. I can not help but feel there is some politics behind it.Kyle made the remark ,that every time he gets a new gig,people think i got some one fired.I can not help but think that that is more that a off the cuff statement…just curious…thx

On Jimmy Spencer:

Still trying to figure out why no driving Jimmy Spencer hit Dale Earnhardtr’s car a Bristol after Dale spun out Terry Labonte

On Ann in Indiana who has written and called frustrated over JJ and 48 wins (she’s a Gordon fan)
Claire, As I a long time Jeff Gordon, I really can’t figure out for the life of me why another Jeff Gordon fan could be upset with Jimmie Johnson. I guess they forgot the days when Jeff ran over the competition the same way or better. I can remember going to the track and feeling like I was on a lone island unless I was around a bunch of other Gordon fans. I was not a easy feeling and wouldn’t want to do it to anyone else. The old saying applies what rises to the to the top will eventually fall down to the ground. And I’m not saying Gordon isn’t good anymore, I’m just saying he’s not at his peak anymore were as Johnson is! I think most Gordon fans don’t like Jimmie Johnson winning because it reminds them of the good ole days!
From Ann in Indiana (who called in to “Dialed In”)

Thanks for having me on. You know you- and Jeff- are the only reasons
I’m sticking around, because I truly am fed up. You would probably
know this. Do the drivers, crew chiefs, or someone on the crews
listen in on the radio feeds to what is going on with their
competitors? Do they have private channels for communication that we
can’t hear? I’m on the computer now and my radio is in another room,
so I can’t listen and type at the same time.

Ann from Indiana

Email from a hard working transport driver:

I delivered in Mc donough,ga last night. I drove by speedway. Looked ready For you. passed few RVs on there way. And few speckled in RV lot. Looks like a party to me. Brewing. But wife and 2 children in Peoria,IL got priority so headed that way I go. And a new trumpet for my 15 year old is on plans so enyoy the fun and be safe Ron piper
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

On Jimmie Johnson and 48 team wins.

I am a tony stewart fan but i say good job to jimmie johnson. however, having him win over and over again is killing the NASCAR audience. it getting boring. I used to have a deal with my mother (a johnson fan) that every time jimmie wins i buy her something from nascarsuperstore.com but i had to stop because it was making me go broke.

Jay in NH

On the Driver for Five:


Jeff has been doing the “Drive for Five” for awhile now. So we will keep that tag line for him.

Jimmie will be “Strive for Five” or “Stride for Five” so we can keep them separate from each other.


From Shawna Robinson, who has a new web site – and has started a chair business: Way cool

She writes: Check out new website!

Many Thanks!
I asked Chad Knaus in Victory Lane at Las Vegas if he commiserated with Steve Letart who took two tires while he took four. He joked that he didn’t know the meaning of the word. Haaa! Here’s an email on that.
Hey Claire:

Maybe Chad did know what it meant!
Here is what the Merriam Dictionary says is the definition of commiserate.

Entry Word: commiserate with
Function: verb

Meaning: to have sympathy for
Also see pity.


Love your show. I am working tonight on my laptop and enjoying the NASCAR talk!

Greensboro, NC
AFTER Daytona win by Jamie McMurray:

Hi Claire B.
I’m stoked I stayed Loyal to Egr. And the 1 team and they did not dissappoint….It’s Awesome Daytona 500 winner.. Jamie and Bono and the team were Awesome…
Old School With An Attitude
Go Jamie McMurray and the Whole Team….KICK ASS AND TAKE CAR NUMBERS

BUDWEISER SHOOTOUT NOTEBOOK – The “Green White Checkered” Finish Discussion February 8, 2010

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– Claire B. Lang 3/7/10
The “Green White Checkered” Finish Discussion:

The entry blank for the 2010 Budweiser Shootout indeed said there would be one attempt to finish the race under green — exactly as it played out Saturday night. Several drivers thought that they heard TV commentators say that the race had to end under green. That of course was not correct information.

Here’s exactly what drivers Kevin Harvick, Kasey Kahne and Jamie McMurray and NASCAR said about the matter after the race ended:

Q. Kevin, was there any confusion as to whether they were going to do multiple attempts at a ‘green white checkered’ at the end? Did you pretty much know what was coming?

KEVIN HARVICK: I was a little bit off kilter on that one. They knew. But I thought myself, I didn’t say a word on the radio. That’s why I didn’t say a word. I read on something somewhere, it wasn’t the entry blank, I know that for sure, but I read race will end under green. Maybe it was on a TV telecast as I was delusional sleeping in bed on Thursday. I don’t know. Maybe I dreamed it. But they knew what was going on. As long as they know what’s going on.

(NASCAR) KERRY THARP: The entry blank was ‘green white checkered’ one attempt.

KEVIN HARVICK: I should have known that because that’s how it ended last year. It ended exactly the same as last year.

Q. Did you think this race was supposed to end under green? Regardless, if you did or didn’t, would you have liked to have seen it end under green?

KASEY KAHNE: I’m happy I’m right here. I mean, I don’t know. I thought it was ‘green-white-checkered’.

JAMIE McMURRAY: I’m the same way. On TV it said it must end under green. There wouldn’t have been anything left. They would have just kept wrecking.

KASEY KAHNE: In the drivers meeting they did say one attempt at a two-lap ‘green-white-checkered’. That’s what I understood. The way it ended was normal

Danica Patrick – Nationwide Racing at Daytona!
“Have at it Boys,”…..you too Danica

At 8:01:25 a.m. this (Monday) morning the (not unexpected) news release came out that Danica would be racing in the Nationwide Series season opener at Daytona (Fla.) International Speedway. The majority of the media center was pretty sure after the ARCA show by Danica that the decision would be to race –for most of the media corps it seemed a matter of when the announcement would be made. The announcement was not a shocker, and everyone was glad it came first thing in the morning. Kudos to Danica, Junior Motorsports, GoDaddy and IMG for making a decision early but also for announcing it when they did. It shows strength and foresight and organization and believe me it can’t be easy for all her camps to get on the same page. Danica is in control, she knows what she wants. She had a great time racing in the ARCA race – and the fans can’t wait to see more.

Through The Field – 2010 Bud Shootout

A look at the handling of the race cars, the drivers’ perspective on the racing, and the issues that the teams had during their first race outing this season. On the first outing of the Sprint Cup cars this season we saw the largest restrictor plate since 1989, slight tweaks to the shocks, curved end plates on the wings, and new fins on the rear window and deck

Out of Control:

KEN SCHRADER, No. 82 Red Bull Toyota Camry, (finished 14th)“Everybody was just out of control. I think you can make a lot of changes on the chassis, but it’s not going to do anything because there’s nothing holding it down. It’s not on the ground, so I don’t think it’s going to make much difference. I like the cars. They are out of control and race cars aren’t supposed to be real easy to drive.”

Drivers’ Meeting Plan:

KASEY KAHNE No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion (finished 6th) “To me, my car slid around a lot, but it always turned. You can’t really push off these corners because it kills your straightaway speed, to me. So the way ours was, it slid around a lot but it was fast that way, and I thought it was some pretty exciting racing. I was on edge from the time it went green. Even in the first 25. In intros there were guys saying, Should we take it easy? Should we do this? Should we do that?’ And I felt like it was on from the time the green flag came out tonight.”

What was the issue?

KYLE BUSCH: #18 JGR (finished 4th) “I couldn’t keep the throttle down the way that I wanted. Dave (Rogers, crew chief) and I will go to work and fix it up to get it ready for the (Daytona) 500.”

Behind Jeff Gordon – bammmm

MATT KENSETH – No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Finished 16th) – “You
don’t expect it because you know that you can wreck anytime at a plate
race, but you don’t really expect it. When you’re behind Jeff Gordon,
who is one of the sport’s best, and the 16 was on old tires. I don’t
know, one of them got into each other and lost it or something.”

OUCH- Another Hard Hit for Kurt

KURT BUSCH: (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger) at the care center: “Tough night for our Miller Lite Dodge. I’m not sure what really happened. I’m just making more laps in the ambulance than I am on the track (chuckles). We still have two good bullets. I thought that I was in the outside lane, crossed into the middle; I was just trying to figure out the draft with the big restrictor plate. Man, I’m making a bunch of mistakes I guess.

“Once I got hit, the hood just popped up and I couldn’t see much. I was just trying to stay out of the wall, but the momentum took us up there. All in all, I thought that I was in the high lane and I got on the high side of Mark (Martin) going through Turn 4. I don’t know if I pinched him or he wanted to come up. It’s not fun. I’m making more laps in the ambulance then I am on the track. Sorry Roger (Penske, team owner). I’ve got two burned up cars. We still have our primary (car) and a primary back up, but not a good average right now. I’m just looking for this weekend to be over and we’ll start up again next Wednesday.”

We’re in a Tight Space

JOHN ANDRETTI – No. 34 Window World Cares Ford Fusion (Finished 22nd)
– “Somebody turned the 51 and, boom, there he was right in front of
me. It happened that quick.” YOU TALKED ABOUT THIS RACE BEING
“Well, it is but this is our backup car, so now we’re in a tight

I Don’t Know What Happened – No backflip

CARL EDWARDS – No. 99 Scotts Ford Fusion (Finished 17th) – “I didn’t
see what happened, but they all started wrecking there. I saw Biffle
get real sideways, but I had a lot of fun. We led a bunch of laps and
it’s just too bad it ended that way. That was coming for a long time.
Guys did a really good job, everybody did, the whole day or racing
pretty clean.” WHAT DID YOU LEARN FOR NEXT WEEK? “My pit crew is
really good. That’s good.”

And It’s on to the Duels…….

Welcome to 2010 Race Fans! January 6, 2010

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Are you ready to go racing? Let’s Kick Start 2010.

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog- I tried to take a little break during the holidays and, this year, I have a new resolution to keep you posted more often with inside stories and information. I hope you are all well and enjoying the start to a fresh new year. Here are some quick updates:

“Dialed In” back on the air on Sirius NASCAR Radio this week:

Yea! “Dialed In” on the air tonight (Wed. Jan. 6th) 7-10 EST, Thursday and Friday of this week. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve all be up to and share my off season adventures with you. It will be great to be back with you live on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio this week kicking off a bright new season of covering racing from inside the sport.

Heading to Sound and Speed in Nashville this Weekend!
Live from Nashville Friday Night.

I will be traveling to Nashville this Friday, Jan 8th for the Fifth Annual Sound and Speed Presented by Suntrust. I dedicate an off weekend each year to the worthy causes of this event – the Victory Junction Gang Camp and the Country Music Hall of Fame – and have been a part of and a supporter of this event since it’s inception. The drivers love the event and it’s fun but also something that helps others and the community of NASCAR joins the country music stars to show some love this weekend.

I will be doing my “Dialed In” show from the Sirius XM Studios in Nashville this Friday night (7-10 EST) and then I’m going to be on the stage emceeing at the Sound and Speed Fan Festival event on Saturday. The Nashville studios are incredible and I always enjoy the hospitality and atmosphere of the studios, the staff there and the city of Nashville. It’s a great event and I hope that if you are near Nashville you can come on over. Visit http://www.soundandspeed.org for more information on the fan events.

Congratulations Jimme and Chandra!

If you listen to “Dialed In” regularly then you got the scoop on Wednesday, December 23 that the Johnsons are expecting a baby in 2010. The story has now been making it’s way around the web sites with a formal announcement. I didn’t make much of it or post the story on the internet because Gary Johnson let the great news slip on air (he couldn’t contain how happy he was about it) and I wasn’t sure the Johnsons were ready to announce it officially so I didn’t post it. I figured anyone listening would hear it and the rest of the world would hear it in a formal announcement. You heard it first on “Dialed In.” Gary Johnson says his son is so caring that he thinks he’ll be a great father. I agree. This is happy news for the entire NASCAR community!

Listener “Tom” and his weight loss:

I read the email from Tom – a listener who included me in an email asking for support and prayers from all of us on his need to loose weight, or he might die. Over 300 pounds – Tom had never been on a diet before – and was publicly committing to change his life. Many
“Dialed In” listeners called and pledged support. I have been emailing Tom and trying to keep him on track, although I have never met him. But your support was huge and he knows that. Here’s the latest update from Tom:

I thought I had done better this week than since the diet began. I cheated less, exercised more and walked more. I am not 100o/o confident about my scales this week but it looks like I gained almost 2 lbs this week.

We are back in the truck and on the road. The scale may not be accurate due to the carpet. I will find a way to create a better, harder platform for them by next week,
I promise you all that I will work even harder this week. I am going to reach my goal. I still feel better. I am hurting less when I walk, and I didn’t run out of wind as fast so I know I am moving forward. Thanks for all your continued support.


Tom has a ways to go – and is still needing support. We’ll stay on him.

The Loss of DJ Richardson:

I am still incredibly sad over the loss of DJ Richardson the tire changer for Richard Childress Racing who died of complications from H1N1. His memorial service was in New Hampshire and I wasn’t able to go but am still so sad at the loss. He was a regular on “Dialed In” and he was a tough guy -who fought the good fight – and we miss him. Several team guys called me over the holidays about the loss and we had long conversations about DJ. There’s going to be a service in Charlotte and I plan to go. I’ll keep you all updated on what is planned within the NASCAR community. I hope DJ found a good poker game up above and I say to him – go rest high on that mountain. Sad story and felt by the guys out on pit road. It’s a close community.

That’s it for now. I’ll be updating more regularly.

Thanks for the friendship and for listening.

Claire B

STOP Stereotyping NASCAR Fans: NASCAR Fans and Starbucks November 13, 2009

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Starbucks logo
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Claire B. Lang, Phoenix International Raceway, November 13, 1:00 p.m. EST

I’m sick and tired, honestly of NASCAR fans being typecast. I live my life at NASCAR tracks and I look into the stands and walk with the crowds at the races and talk to fans on the air during my “Dialed In” show and they come from all walks of life, all incomes and yes, they do drink Starbucks.

Starbucks dips their corporate toe into NASCAR this weekend – with Starbucks and Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew logos on the TV Panel of the No. 1 Chevrolet driven by Martin Truex Jr., an associate sponsorship. In addition, a fleet of Starbucks branded golf carts will be combing the PIR property passing samples of Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew.

This associate sponsorship led Caleb Hannan who writes for Seattle Weekly to blog a story with the headline, “Attention Starbucks: NASCAR Fans Might Not Be In Your Target Market.” The story featured the back of a fat, hairy race fan with the #3 carved in the hair in his back and a caption that reads, “Dale Earnhardt’s biggest fan can’t start his day without a carmel Macchiato.” Of course the caption was tongue in cheek. Caleb who admits he has never been to a race, says that the few NASCAR fans he has befriended all looked alike, “White dudes with ball caps and empty Mountain Dew bottles half-filled with their Skoal backwash,” he writes. He says Starbucks might not be able to interest most NASCAR fans in the product they sell, and refers to the fact that $4 does not describe what NASCAR’s average fan might spend on a cup of coffee, but says since they love themselves some chew maybe they can use the Starbucks cups as spit receptacles.

I read Hannan’s blog and frankly – it really set me off. So I discussed it on air and asked for fan reaction. Whew, still getting emails today, and all from well-educated, smart , non-dipping NASCAR fans who want a piece of Hannan so they can tell him how uninformed he is on the NASCAR fan base.

Three hours of calls later, one of the final calls on my “Dialed In” show was from a trucker whose daughter runs a Starbucks. He said on Sundays they drag a big screen TV over to the local Starbucks and all gather there to watch the race.

I’m sick of references to NASCAR fans as if they are stupid -because they are not. They follow one of the most complicated sports in America with mechanical issues and rules that have been created to beat out the most brilliant of engineers. I have discussed this with engineers who came over from F1 who say that the engineers in NASCAR would rival the engineers in any auto sport in the world.

According to Marketing Research the average NASCAR fans has completed a higher level of education than the average American. Now I’m not saying some fans don’t fit the perception that some of America has of this sport’s fan base…but the NASCAR fan base is a cross section.

And that cross section called in to my radio show for three hours straight last night.

Below are some of the emails that I have received. I think they speak to folks like Caleb Hannan whose father is a race fan, but who has not backed up his story with any stats, interviews, background or information. He’s simply trying to pass is one sided bias from Seattle.


I think its great that starbucks is going to be on a nascar car! Like a whole lot of your listeners I am a truck driver. I drink a lot of starbucks coffee but I’m not overweight or scruffy faced although I do have long hair. Anyway I think we should take this guy 1 of those 10 cent instant coffee machines like they have at a lot of shippers! Hell the way you described that pic he probably thinks earnhardt sr is still racing!


Mmm. Starbucks. Good stuff.


It would be cool if you got the president of Starbucks on
I bet they know exactly what they are doing
I think it a smart move
Two big brands makes sense to me
Eugene needs to write for mad magazine


If NASCAR fans stopped drinking starbucks they would have to close more stores.

Claire B:

I am looking forward to getting the email address for the Seattle goober. I am really going to give him a piece of my mind. After spending 5 days in the campgrounds at Talladega, a small piece is all I can afford to. In a way he’s right. I don’t drink Starbucks, but I have been known to by a double espresso or a good friend of mine, who came rushing in off the road and had to go right on the air.

Heck Claire, I don’t drink coffee at all anymore. I gave up tobacco products going on 10 years ago. Some people just feel the need to bash the NASCAR nation. I think it’s a good idea to get this clown on your show and let him find out first hand how wrong he really is.

Your friend in speed
Dennis from Missouri

………………….My wife and I live in North Central Nevada though my wife is originally from the Seattle area. Being as she still has family in the area we spend plenty of time in Seattle drinking ……. yes “Starbucks Coffee“. Oh by the way our entire family are all NASCAR fans.

I find it all rather ironic. The way I see it some 80 to 90 % of the NASCAR fan base makes more annually than this guy, as well they have been exposed to more culture than this guy will ever know. I do understand where he might get this impression though as many of us toothless, barefoot, moonshine run-n heathens travel thousands of miles to camp in a parking-lot in our quarter million dollar Coaches and RV’s just to watch a bunch of cars go around in a circle.

These days ignorance is no excuse for this kind blasphemy. The NASCAR Culture is like no other and is as broad as the world is wide. For this small minded simpleton to express himself and his Starbucks Coffee as somehow better than those of us who are the fans of NASCAR is a travesty. Ultimately I feel sorry for him and his small view of the world we live in.

Thank you,

Claire my family are huge Nascar fans from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.For the past 8 years we’ve made the 2400 mile round trip to the August Michigan race.( Driving)
I was even chosen one of their “Fan of The month” contest winners for October 2006.
Over that time we have met some incredible people. One such couple we like to call the “4 rows over & 3 cars up” people. It seems every year we park in lot 11 our friends usually show up at our car within 1/2 hour. It”s like magic. There’s a huge parking lot but somehow we always manage to find each other.
In 2007 our Nascar friends invited my wife, son & myself to come visit them in Iowa the week before the race of which we accepted. No one knew what the other did for a living & the only common thread was theirs & our love for Nascar. I was shocked to find out my friend was an Attorney at Law. The way he was dressed there was no telling what he did. Turns out he is what I like to call a “weekend Redneck”. Beer & a tee shirt on the weekend & a business suit for the rest of the week. My wife is the same way. Business suit all week & race nut on the weekend. See even Canadians can be “Weekend Rednecks” & know what Clair we love it & wouldn’t have it any other way.


Hey Claire,

Now that my blood pressure has returned to normal, I would like to elaborate on a couple of items regarding this “article?” in the Seattle paper.

Firstly, I certainly sure that a corporate giant like Starbucks would not invest time or money in a venture that would not be beneficial to their bottom line. To that end, many of your callers (self included) are big coffee drinkers, regardless of profession. Therefore, Starbucks’ step into NASCAR appears to be a nature fit. Here in Canada, many of my coffee buddies are dyed in wool “Tim Horton’s” drinkers, but their passion for the sport is none the less there. These fans included fellow provincial government employees, military personnel, truck drivers (both local & long haul), CPA’s and the list could go on forever. My point is that NASCAR appeals a very WIDE portion of the population.

Secondly, if this gentleman (and I’m trying to be polite!) was to actually step-up and face the fans, he would find his face covered with egg. Tom from Texas (or was it Mike from Cali) said he would be run out of town on a rail. Frankly, I really doubt that Mark (your producer) will convince him to get on air with you and the fans.

Thirdly, for him to say that NASCAR fans would not pay Starbucks’ prices is foolhardy. You know very well how far some of us travel to attend races. Las Vegas for my granddaughter and I is approximately a 3 DAY DRIVE (that’s one way because I’m the only driver, Alyssa is only 7)! Just getting off the island (Vancouver Island) the ferry costs are about $50 + each way. Add in accommodations, meals and GAS, and this calculates to about $1000 just to get there and then home again. Then there’s hotels, meals and tickets (not forgetting souvenirs) once we get there. $4.00 for a coffee seems pretty reasonable, don’t you think!!!!!!!!!!! (Needless to say, this is a once a year trip.)

Anyways, I will get off my “soap box” and will close for now. I would, however, like to say how much I enjoy the 128 Sirius NASCAR station. On my way to work and the drive home is made far more enjoyable because of Sirius. My best wishes to all and keep up the good work.


Hi Claire,

I am going to search for that journalist’s contact info to let him know how ridiculous and ignorant is his narrow minded, uninformed and insulting view of NASCAR followers. I only caught a part of your show tonight but was totally outraged. I am one more example of everything that contradicts the NASCAR stereotype: I am an Assistant Principal with four college degrees (one at the graduate level and one post-graduate), working in a community that pays $33,000+ in school levy taxes alone. My salary is obviously not very chintzy, in the 6-figure range; and I am a NASCAR nut. My car has Tony Stewart personalized plates (2 DEGA), there is a big #14 on my rear window as well as a bumper sticker proclaiming myself a “Long Island Redneck.” I own and drive a high end RV and love nothing more than living on the road and tailgating on the infield. I can mingle at any black tie affair with a martini on one night and then hang around a campfire sucking down a longneck on the next. How dare this guy suggest that NASCAR fans are uneducated and Starbucks is above us. His article does nothing more but perpetuate the stereotype of how ignorant is the non-NASCAR fan as they have not clue to how intellectually stimulating is our sport.

Thank you for this opportunity to vent. Thank you, too, for another great show!


I drink starbucks am a 35 year NASCAR fan



On behalf of all humans who love Nascar I would like to invite the seattle weekly human to the woodshed for a cup of Starbucks with a lot of Happy Jack in it. Ie. Jack Daniels. Lol
Grand Rapids MN

Hey claire i’am clean a trucker and a NASCAR fan i refuse to pay for coffee at truck stop but I will spend money on a STARBUCKS.Tony TX

Kaleb. Put down the Seattle Best coffee. Borrow some money and buy a cup of Starbucks. Take a drink and wake up and smell the coffee. If you had been drinking Starbucks you’d be awake during the races to be able to actually write something of truth about our sport. Any new sponsor in Nascar is awsome. It even helps expand our fan base. It is the perfect TARGET MARKET for Starbucks. What we save on ticket prices compared to NFL or MLB or NBA we can buy STARBUCKS. And lots of it. Many fans already do. Don't write about things you don't understand. We have all colors and nationalities of fans. Not just white rednecks. Wake up Idiot. Why don't you go write about something more up your alley like SLUG RACING ON SALT FLATS. I really hope your computer gets a virus and melts. Sincerly a very pissed off TRUE FAN of Nascar. Chris in Montana. Thanks for letting me vent Claire B.


And the emails keep coming in. I’ll post more.

What’s your take?

Claire B

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Claire B. Lang’s Broadcast Schedule – California Speedway October 10, 2009

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The “Dialed In” With Claire B. Lang Broadcast Schedule in California Speedway this weekend is as follows:

Thursday, October 8th
“Dialed In” LIVE from California Speedway
7-10 EST

Friday, October 9th
“Dialed In” POST Sprint Cup Series Qualifying until 10:00 p.m. LIVE from California Speedway

Saturday, October 10
“Dialed In” 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.EST leading into the start of the Copart 300 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. LIVE from California Speedway

“Dialed In” after the Copart 300 until 9:00 p.m. EST

Sunday, October 10th

CBL on Sirius NASCAR Radio Pre Race show at 11:30 -1:30 EST LIVE from California Speedway

CBL in Victory Lane post race and in the field for two full hours on the SIRIUS NASCAR Radio Post Race Show

“Dialed In” after the Post Race Show until 11:00 EST

Greetings from Bristol August 21, 2009

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Hey and Greetings from Bristol:

It’s a short weekend here at Bristol. I’m not on the air today on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio with “Dialed In” because Sprint Cup Qualifying will go right up to the start of the Nationwide Series Race the Food City 250 and PRN radio’s coverage of the race.

I will be standing by just in case there is any time between qualifying and the start of the Nationwide race but I’m expecting the coverage will stay seamless on PRN between the two events and that they will not throw it back to me.

However, it does look like rain here and I’ll be doing rain delay coverage (seems like a weekly event) so will be close to the microphone 🙂

So how’s your day?

Here’s a run down of my broadcast schedule for the short Bristol weekend:

Saturday, August 21

“Dialed In” With Claire B.
2PM-3:30 p.m. EST

SIRIUS NASCAR Radio Pre-Race Show
3:30PM-5:30PM ET – I’ll be in the booth – Steve Post in the garage
Sirius NASCAR Radio Post Race Show:
I’ll be in Victory Lane LIVE when the race is over for two full hours after the race.

Brian Vickers signs a new deal with Red Bull Racing and Stands up to Kyle Busch
“He’s out of Rope”

The media session here at Bristol Motor Speeway is always loud. Brian Vickers and Jay Frye (GM Red Bull) came in to talk about Vickers new contract with Red Bull. But as loud as the cars were outside on the track —the sound in the room of Vickers saying he’s not taking any guff from Kyle Busch was so loud that everyone in the room took note. After being asked questions about Busch – and answering them no uncertain terms – Vickers left the room after delivering his own closing statement that pretty much clarified any questions about how Vickers feels about racing Busch.
I included below the full transcript on the issue- as well as the closing statement that was not included on the initial transcript. Enjoy.

Are you still upset about what happened with Kyle Busch following the Nationwide race at Michigan?
“I’m not still mad about it. Like I said after the race, definitely I put it in the memory bank for the next go around. I don’t know if you want to call it ‘strike-one’ or ‘strike-two,’ but either way he’s (Kyle Busch) out of strikes. It’s definitely in the memory banks – it’s not something I’m mad about. I wasn’t mad about it at the time, to be honest with you. Like I said last week, in a lot of ways I feel sorry for him. I hate that he lives in such an angry place. To be so mad about something so small – it must be miserable to live like that. That’s just not the way I live my life. I’m very blessed to have great parents that raised me to be a very different person. I’m in a great position there and I’m very lucky that way that I was raised differently. I’m fine with it – whatever happens moving forward – the ball’s in his court. I’m willing to race him hard and clean and move on down the road and if he’s not willing to do that then I’m willing to take whatever path he chooses. I’m going to race him the way he races me – he knows that and he’s been aware of that for a very long time and that’s not going to change.”

What is your outlook on what winning should mean to a driver?
“I think it should mean a lot. I think pitching a fit and a tantrum after a race — I wanted to win that race as bad or more than he (Kyle Busch) did, but I handled it very differently. He was mad because I raced him. He was mad because he said that I should’ve let him go so that the 88 (Brad Keselowski), who didn’t deserve to win, shouldn’t have won. That’s what he told me. That the 88 (Keselowski) didn’t deserve to win and if I would’ve let him go and let him win, then the 88 wouldn’t have. And frankly, I don’t really care if Kyle Busch wins and I’m proud of the 88 (Keselowski). Good for him. He snuck by both of us. It’s my job to race for the win and that’s what I want, is to win the race. If I can’t win, I don’t really care who does to be honest with you. My concern is not him. I think it’s good to have for the sport, to have emotion — maybe someone getting out of the car and pitching a fit and crying is a good thing. It definitely made a lot of headline news. But, when I talk about being upset about a small thing, he probably caused — I don’t know. The damage he caused between his car and my car post-race, running into my car, was a lot. The way he got out of the car and how angry he was, I just feel bad for him. I’m mad that I didn’t win the race, too. To live with so much anger, I don’t know. It just must be miserable, to be honest with you. I don’t know what you expect out of someone who wants to win the race. I love what I do and I’m very upset if I don’t win, but if that’s what it takes to win, then maybe I don’t want to, because I don’t want to live my life that miserable. I just don’t. It’s just not who I am. I just don’t want to be that upset because I didn’t win.”

What do you mean when you say Kyle Busch is out of ‘strikes?’
“What do you think it means? I’m going to race him the way he races me, but he’s out of rope.”

Do you have a rivalry with Kyle Busch?
“It depends on how you define rivalry. Do I concern myself with where he’s at? No.”


In closing I will say this. You know most importantly – focusing on last week , you know I was really proud of the effort by everybody on both teams Dollar General and Red Bull. We sat on two poles had a second and a win. You know obviously I wanted to win the race really bad but I know you guys want to make something a lot more out of it for a story. You want to create a rivalry. I understand that. But it is what it is. My point is and I am going to race him the way he races me. In my book he’s out of rope. I’m just done. I’m just to my limit. To answer your question again…if you think he acted appropriately would you have acted that way? Ok. So Yea I understand. That’s all you got to think about. I mean I think I made it very clear. Obviously I want to win races really, really bad. But a lot of life is how you handle yourself too. That’s the bottom line.


Woah how about those comments from Vickers? I can’t wait to see what happens if the two tangle here at Bristol. Hard to avoid each other – everyone tangles at Bristol Baby!

Enjoy the day.

Claire B

Road Trip!! LIVE from Batesville, Arkansas April 9, 2009

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Road Trip!!
LIVE from Batesville, Arkansas

5th Annual Mark Martin Fan Appreciation Days
Thursday, April 9th & Friday, April 10th, 2009
Mark Martin Ford Mercury Dealership, Batesville, AR

I’ll be broadcasting live tonight (7-10 p.m. EST) and tomorrow (11a.m.-3:00 p.m.) from Batesville, AR. and Mark Martin Fan Appreciation Days. Several members of the SIRIUS team will be there broadcasting live and although my schedule has not allowed me to accept the invite to attend in the past I was honored to be asked to come – and this year I was able to make it happen. Mark has been doing holding this event for a number of years now and his fellow racers will be showing up in support. My 3 p.m. show on Friday will be a repeat of the mid day LIVE show by the way.

AJ Almendinger: “Lynne and I aren’t doing a thing this weekend. We’ve been gone every weekend since before Daytona so this weekend we are just going to hang out around the house. Lynne has family and I have some friends coming over and we are just going to have fun. It will be nice to take a break from racing for a while. But I’m sure after a couple of days I’ll be ready to go again.”

Reed Sorenson: “My off weekend plans are pretty simple. There are a ton of things that I have to do around the house with putting in some hardwood floors at the top of the list. After that, there’s a lot of little things that need to get done. We travel so much that I just haven’t had the time to just get to work. So that’s what I plan for this weekend. Probably not the most exciting thing in the world, but it just has to get done.”

Elliott Sadler: I’m heading down to Nags Head, NC to spend some time with my wife and family. My mom makes sure that every year we spend this time together as a family. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together each day and do most things as a family. This is also my first trip back to Nags Head since I proposed tomy wife so it’s going to be kind of a special trip for us to go back and be there now that we’re married. We also try to get out and do some deep sea fishing or play some golf. This is really just a complete vacation from racing.”

Casey Mears: NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series takes the weekend off with this being their last break until mid- July. Jack Daniel Chevy driver Casey Mears has family and friends in Phoenix so, since next weekend’s race is in the valley of the sun, he’ll head out to the desert early.

Go Karting Tonight: Tonight from 6-7:30 p.m. Burney Lamar and Trent Owens will join Toyota drivers Jason Leffler, Joey Lagano, Michael McDowell and Leffler’s crew chief, Scott Zipadelli in a little on track fun with members of the media at the Cedar Creek Sports Center in Mount Juliet, TN.

Listen- the airplane is about to board and so I gotta go. I’ll keep you posted with a blog from Batesville. Lots of inside stories from there.

Take care..enjoy the day! Oh yea and be sure to check out the new photos posted on the blog.

Claire B

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