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Kyle Busch- Formula 1? February 27, 2009

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Talladega, AL 4-08 arriving for nascar race
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Kyle Busch came into the media center today and everyone wanted to know what he thought of the though to going to F1.since the new F1 team to be based out of Charlotte mentioned his name. I thought you’d like to read exactly what he said:

Do you have any thoughts of running in Formula 1 anytime in the near future?

“I have not been talked to, no. I don’t know if (Jeff) Dickerson (business manager and spotter) has or not. I toss the idea around — it’s definitely something I wouldn’t shoot down but I don’t think it’s the right time yet in my career and where I’m at. I’m happy with where I’m at. And, obviously the focus here is to go for Nationwide and Cup wins and championships and compete for championships – try to dismantle Jimmie (Johnson) off the top of the thrown so we have to work on that. It’s something that I’d love to give a shot at one day. Toyota gave me the opportunity to go over there last fall and do a test in Fiji (Japan), but we weren’t able to get there. Hopefully one of these days maybe I’ll get a chance to drive one and see if I’m any good at it.”

Did you ever think F1 was something you could do and was it ever on your radar?

“It was never on my radar, no. Open-wheel stuff wasn’t but it’s something that I wouldn’t mind trying. I wouldn’t mind trying IndyCars and running the Indianapolis 500 or Formula 1. It’s not quite the time for me to do that yet. I’d like to – if I could win a championship here in the next two or three years then I wouldn’t mind going over there and doing that, trying it for a few years and coming back. I think I’d still be young enough that if I could win a championship by 25, go run Formula 1 for a few years, be back by 28. I still have plenty of time left to run in NASCAR. It’s just what I see but a lot of things would have to work out for that to happen and you’d have to be guaranteed a spot with a team to come back with. That’s not always possible.”

Do you think your love of racing (always likes to race a variety of vehicles) is why you might look at driving a Formula 1 car?

“It’s just trying other things — doing something different. You kind of probably get dull sometimes and that might be why you see guys make moves from their teams. Granted Jeff (Gordon) has been at Hendrick forever and Kenseth and Biffle have been at Roush forever. It’s just a different form of racing, it’s a different auto sport. (Juan) Montoya looked to be like he was doing that. He went from CART to — I don’t know if he went to IRL or not — but then he was in Formula 1 for a while and then he came back and ran NASCAR. I think it’s just racers want to race different things all of the time and see what it’s like.”

Claire B

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Infield at Vegas Behind the Scenes – Might Surprise You! February 27, 2009

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Las Vegas Speedway
Image by tequilamike via Flickr

Infield at Vegas
Behind the Scenes – Might Surprise You!

Hey! You know I was compelled to write you about something that happened last night as I got off air and left the media center. I never feel alone because listeners cross country and coast to coast are always with me on air. But it was dark, it was late (11 p.m. EST) and no one was here in the media center. I packed up my equipment and walked down the dark hallway and down the elevator to the main floor of the media center building.

I asked a security guard if the gate was unlocked and wove my way around the gates to my car and headed towards the exit. Well – by the time I got to the exit gate that would allow me to turn right and go into the tunnel to leave the track I saw the bright, gleaming NASCAR Sprint Cup haulers blocking my path and coming into the track.

I realized it may be over an hour before I could leave the track and I shut the car off.

Here’s the kind of thing that makes my day. As I sat there and watched the haulers come in by myself in the dark with the car turned off and tired from having flown in from the east coast that morning..a sense of pride began to replace any sense of tired. I noticed all the fans, a large crowd of them that had come into the track and gathered at the fence in the dark of night to welcome the haulers to town and to the track. The fans were laughing, and jumping around, and taking pictures and holding up their cameras and having such a great time that I enjoyed it immensely.

Soon a white van pulled up. Two PR reps had just left the spa which is attached to the media center and they were laughing and thrilled with the spa treatment. When their hauler passed by they jumped out of the van and ran over to the step of the hauler and jumped up – their hauler driver was laughing and joking with them and the atmosphere, again was one of laughter and full joy. How could that not catch on?

Security soon came up to shoo the PR reps from the step of the hauler – thinking they were fans and the reps began to laugh with abandon. Sitting in my car – I cherished the moment and laughed as hard as they did.

Finally – the security let our two vehicles slide through an open spot between two haulers and leave the track. As I moved my car between two of the haulers, which by then were beeping and laying on their horns in response to all the fans, I noticed one woman in a NAPA jacket jump from the crowd and stand in front of the NAPA hauler. Her friends shot photos of her and as I passed her I saw such a complete picture of eureka and joy and laughter and happiness that I thought – this is something really incredible. I am so lucky that I saw this tonight.

I could hear the haulers horns beeping in jubilation and tribute to the fans as I left the track. The faces of the fans who had come out late at night to just get a photo and see the haulers – no drivers, no racing, no teams, just the haulers gave me such a great feeling inside about the fans here at Vegas.

Here I was stalled in traffic and it turned out – it was the best moment of the day.

I feel pretty lucky to have been stopped in traffic to see it. Isn’t that how life is?

We are handed hardships or frustrations and then find out later that there was a reason -because the frustration ended up being a blessing.

Thanks to the fans who added joy to my day Thursday night on the road at the track late at night at Vegas Motor Speedway.

More from the garage a little later today. I just had to let you know about this seemingly small but really large moment last night.

Claire B

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On to Vegas! If You Don’t Want To Watch – Don’t February 25, 2009

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Hey all! Here’s my broadcast schedule this weekend:

Wed. (Feb 25) 7-10 p.m. EST (“Dialed In” – LIVE from Satellite Studios at Claire’s House)
Thurs. (Feb 26) 7-10 p.m. EST (“Dialed In” from Las Vegas Motor Speedway LIVE)
Friday (Feb 27) “Dialed In” – On after Sprint Cup Series Qualifying until 11 p.m. EST

Saturday (Feb 28) 2-4 EST – “Dialed In” pre Nationwide Race
AND “Dialed In from the end of the Nationwide Race until 10 p.m. EST

Sunday (Mar 1)
CBL Anchors pre race with Steve Post 12:30 -2:30 p.m. EST pre race

Post Race: CBL live in victory lane — with SIRUS TEAM until 11 p.m. EST

NOTE TO ALL: Thanks for all the emails at insidercbl [at] aol [dot] com. I have gotten a bit behind from my normal mode of answering all emails just because of the trip from Daytona to California and back to Vegas. Be patient if you have not had an answer yet – and keep sending the emails I love them. Thanks – great conversation and I appreciate it.

Here’s something to chew over:
If You Don’t Want To Watch – Don’t
Covering Auto Club Speedway – On to Vegas!

Ok – I’m going to say it – and it’s unlike me to be so up on the wheel. I am not afraid to say what the heck it is that is on my mind. No one has ever told me not to. But in the world of cynical journalism – I have looked around and I guess that I have figured that I am simply the eternal optimist.

I usually see the best in people and while I relish good hard questioning of the values and rules and officiating of our sport each week, which is good healthy discussion, and callers who might ask the hard questions, which is also good, I am not one to want to spend hour after hour of my life on national radio being unduly negative.

I want to hammer home the truth, ask the question others may not and dig deep for the real story –even when its tough tickets or may cause uneasiness – it’s the job of a journalist. I just am interested in doing it in a way that does not include bashing for the sake of bashing. Salt in the soup is good. A vat of salt is too much to take. Enough said.

I have a new philosophy. That is this – if anyone listening doesn’t like the racing, or a particular track or our sport– then don’t watch, don’t listen and don’t come. Let folks who have saved their money to go, finally got a day off work, or carved out precious time in the week to enjoy the sport they love have some fun.

I repeat, I am not looking for a ban on great discussion- even rants and arguing or mentions of dislikes and fan to driver rants— not at all. In fact, bring it on. I don’t even expect you to understand how I feel – because it’s hard to explain. If I’m wrong tell me – black flag me – and tell me to my face on the radio.

Here it is. I get calls occasionally from race fans who are going to their first race, taking their wife to their first race, or going to the race they have gone to for twenty years. I hear the excitement in their voices as they call in on the air and they sound like people I could be friends with. I’d love to sit next to them or camp next to them cause I can hear right through the radio what genuine people they are and I only know them from what they say from the heart and it touches me.

Occasionally they will tell me that they are having hard financial times but they found a way to go to the race and they are so excited they almost can’t stand it — that their race weekend has started. I actually get to feeling happy for them that they are going to have some fun in these tough times. They are packed up, they are on their way, they are at the campground, they are hunkering down at home in front of the TV to watch and they love racing.

Mind you- I am not trying to sell tickets with the above comments or to fill up race tracks. I cover what happens. I don’t try to make the news. I am telling you, though, that I hear such excitement and happiness in the voices of these callers and I am so happy for them and so appreciate that they would call my show and I want to be able to talk racing with them, have fun doing it, enjoy the discussion – and leave them less than beaten down and depressed for planning the trip and calling or tuning into my show.

Ok – yes, I know I’ll get letters from people who had a problem and didn’t have fun because of a logistic issue – and when you gather that many people in one spot that happens. I also know that I was working in the media center and had media access so I enjoyed it from a different level. I always seek to find the story of the race, that no one thought of –and I really enjoy trying to find that ever elusive nugget that will make following the race more interesting. It seems I am never bored with trying to find that story – and dig deep into it.

You know – I’m just the kind of person that covers what is there – I work to bring what is happening to life. Maybe that is it – I’m not trying to change it – I am simply covering it and I find our sport fascinating every single minute of every single race. Some races are more exciting than others – but I really never ever am uninspired by what there is to cover.

I can always find a story waiting around the next turn.

Talk to you on the radio!
Claire B

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California and Auto Club Speedway Weekend February 18, 2009

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Main grandstand at Auto Club Speedway
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Before I leave for California and Auto Club Speedway (fly out at 7:30 a.m. EST Thursday) I wanted to drop you a quick note. How are all of you? I’m working through emails – I got so many after the race at Daytona. Whew…the opinionated nation is up and at it.

Here’s my personal broadcast schedule from Auto Club Speedway:
(of course I am on Wed Night (tonight) (SIRIUS NASCAR Radio – Best of SIRIUS Package on XM – Channel 128 – 7-10 EST)

Thursday: “Dialed In” 7-10 EST live from Auto Club Speedway
Friday: “Dialed In” with Claire B. Lang- End of Qualifying until 11PM EST
Saturday: “Dialed In” with Claire B Lang -2p-2:30p EST (Camping World Truck Series pre-race)
Saturday: “Dialed in” with Claire B Lang End of Camping World Truck Series race until 7PM ET, handing it off to MRN Nationwide Series coverage
Sunday: 12p-2:15p ET “Dialed In” with Claire B Lang
Sunday: 2:15p-4:15p ET (SIRIUS NASCAR Radio Pre-Race Show with myself and Steve Post), straight into MRN Cup Series coverage/race.
Sunday: End of Cup Series Race until 12AM ET (SIRIUS NASCAR Radio Post-Race Show)

Rain Shortened Daytona 500:
I have had so much email with folks asking me if I didn’t wish the Daytona 500 had gone to the full length before the checkered. Of course, who didn’t? Here’s my story:

I anchor the rained delay coverage for Sirius NASCAR Radio. That means that if the network (MRN) throws it back to affiliates and says they will return later – I pick up the coverage. I also am LIVE from Victory Lane once the race ends. With about 20 laps to go I walk to the MRN trailer to pick up my live gear and then head to Victory Lane.

I was between a rock and a hard place. If MRN threw it back I had to be in the studio in the media center..if the race was to be ended early I had to be in Victory Lane. I decided when the race was red flagged to go to the MRN trailer and see if I could pick up the equipment early. I was able to do that and as I was headed on the long walk from the MRN trailer (near the care center) I heard the word via a phone call from the program director that the race had been declared over.

With all the gear on in the rain I began running the long distance to Victory Lane from the MRN trailer. I wanted not to be out of breath when I got there and opened the post race show. I got there and was set to go when – my equipment did not seem to be right. Soon, a voice in my ear told me that they had forgotten to put a battery pack in my equipment so although I could hear them they would not be able to hear me.

I began running from Victory Lane back to the MRN trailer….and an engineer met me about half way and walked with me to Victory Lane to test the pack.

Good to go – I felt like I had been hit by a truck lol. I was soon caught up in the energy of the moment and as I interviewed Matt Kennseth his eyes began filling with tears and then turning red. Then, his chin began to quiver and I was like woah I’m going to remember this as one of the moments I have covered that will stick with me for a long time.

Earlier I had been at the care center when Kyle Busch came out – and as the national media waited for him to appear he flew by in a golf cart. “Look,” I told the group, “There goes Kyle.” In the blink of an eye the media group turned and jogged towards the garage where Kyle was dropped off and began walking into the garage.

He stopped for an interview and I was walking right behind him. The press of the media group against me I thought, “Good Lord, Don’t let me knock him over!” LOL.

It struck me how he talked about Brian Vickers and Dale Junior without using their names…he called them “lapped cars,” and when talking about Dale Junior did not use his name – not once even though he was angry. That sort of struck me.

I’m busy packing for the Auto Club Speedway and will have plenty of time to blog on the airplane…..so stay tuned for some inside stories.

What’s my take on the deal between Vickers and Junior? Not smart –both of them lost and someone should have backed off. It took a lot of cars out – and restrictor plate racing is a bit insane to me anyway. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy watching it cause I do. We see some pretty crazy stuff at these races. How can you judge one incident sanely and not all that have transpired over the years with the “big ones” caused by bonehead moves. It’s plain insane to me so how do you judge any of it with any sanity? Answer is I’m not sure you can. You can comment, wrangle, argue and put your two cents in but really – how crazy is talking about two guys going that fast racing that hard that close and who should have done what? Insane.

Agree or not?

For now…I’m getting the show ready – and packing.

More once I arrive in California. I’ll be blogging on the airplane so get ready.

Thanks for listening.

Claire B

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What a Wild Ride February 14, 2009

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Jeff Gordon in August 2007 a...
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What a Wild Ride
Claire B LOG – Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Welcome to Daytona – the eve of the Daytona 500. It’s been one really busy week and I thought I’d send you a postcard from the media center. I’m on the air tonight (Saturday) from 7-10 p.m. EST – for a final recap before race day.

Story of The Day – Stewart Haas Crash in Saturday practice

Today was wild. Watching Ryan Newman spin and Tony Stewart plow into him in the final practice – the crash drew a gasp from even the hard core media. The media here in the media center, most of them, got up off their chairs and stood at the monitors , almost in disbelief that lightning could strike Newman again and that the Stewart-Haas team which has been so organized leading into this race here at Daytona. This, in the last practice before the big race.

Out to the garage we went. Newman was Newman – pleasant but as honest as the day is long, unflappable and seriously frustrated with Goodyear and he wasn’t going to back down. Tony was pleasant and business like but it was one of those interview sessions where all of us knew that if you asked a stupid or ill thought out question, get ready, cause Tony would let you know in no uncertain terms what he thought of it. Tony told everyone that he was in an understandable bad mood and he wasn’t in a good mood. I think he was letting us know that he was still boiling inside so understand that.

One reporter asked Tony “Does this tire make you concerned for your safety?” and Stewart was on the edge, saying “Get out of here!” to the reporter. He later told the reporter that he’d likely not be talking to him any time soon. Those on the PR side of the fence thought it was an incendiary question and understood why it angered Tony. To his credit -Stewart spoke at length with the media and didn’t cut it short or run off – he but his anger at Goodyear was evident in his eyes.

Stu Grant the GM of Worldwide Racing for Goodyear came into the media center……and said that Newman’s tire showed no indication of high wear —and that they looked for fender rub – there was not enough of the upper side wall to give an indication of that. In their exam Grant said that Goodyear officials found a clear puncture or hole that was the “likely” cause of the air loss in Newman’s Tire. This is not what Goodyear wanted.

Newman tells me it was not a punctured tire

Later, back in the garage, I asked Newman about the puncture comment from Grant and he said “I’m sure he would have said that yes,” I asked him if he looked at the tire and Newman said, “It came apart. I felt it coming apart before it blew up. I was running 195 miles an hour and there’s nothing you can do. I mean it’s just – it exploded. A puncture in a tire doesn’t lead it doing what it did…the rest is more than obvious.”

In his media center session I asked Grant, “Tony out in the garage pretty much said not to let him anywhere near you guys when I asked him if he was going to go chat with you. Are you going to call a little pow wow with him this afternoon?”

Grant answered, “It’s not unusual to be very upset when you go through something like that as a race driver as a race owner and certainly that’s understandable. I do want to talk with Tony and I do plan to talk to Tony. Yes, I’ll do that Claire.”

Sometimes with Goodyear and Tony it takes more than a day for them to get back together. No idea if that meeting will happen before the Daytona 500.

Gordon Works on Back Issue -Stronger in 09

Here at Daytona Jeff Gordon had said that he was working on the issue with his back that had affected him last year. I asked him about it……”You were talking about your back -did you hurt your back or are you just trying to build up the strength in it,” I asked him. I had heard some back comments last year but this one seemed more serious. Could it be that a bad back – more than just a small back problem was bothering the four time champ and affecting his driving last year?

“It’s something that’s been lingering for a while. I think it’s just years of bouncing all over race tracks going around in circles,” Gordon told me ” You know, I’m getting older and so, you know, I gotta pay attention to those things and work on them. You know especially when I get to short tracks and the road courses pushing on the break pedal is really affecting it. So, it’s something that I really noticed the last couple years but I really started working on it last year and during the off season I was really able to go to work on it and I hope it will pay off.”

Jeff Gordon’s Rabbit Foot:

John Bickford, Jeff Gordon’s step-father in victory lane after the Gatorade Duels told me with a big grin— “I asked (Jeff) if he emptied his rabbits foot box out to make it through that maize of cars and he said, “I think I got one left, I’m saving it for the 500.”

Meanwhile, Johnny Sauter, who raced on Friday the 13th in truck #13 -told me he was not superstitious. “I don’t believe in luck I don’t believe in any of that,” he told me before the Camping World Series race with a cheery disposition. “If somebody told me I had to wear a green uniform and there was peanuts all over inside my truck I’d say, Alright, let’s go race.” Sauter was out of the race caught up in an early incident not of his doing.

Luck in the 500. Oh yea..you have to have it.

Boris Said – Says We’ll Get Out of The Mess We are In:

Boris said did not make the Daytona 500. A comment he made here earlier in the weekend was worth posting in the blog, though, I think. “If you don’t think this is the best entertainment out there. If you didn’t like that Budweiser Shootout the other night. To me that was one of the most exciting races I’ve ever seen,” Said noted.

“Granted this economy is in a hole right now,” he said. ” But it’s the greatest country in America no matter who you voted for we have a new president and sooner or later we are going to get out of this mess and our country will be thriving. I’m a big believer in that. Unlike NFL which is the most popular sport in America. In NASCAR you can come here and you see the fans faces when they see Dale Earnhardt Junior and they can actually get his autograph. I have been to a football game and I have never got anywhere close to a Brett Farve or somebody to get their autograph. So I think it’s a unique sport in the fact that it is a fan friendly sport and hopefully NASCAR will still do their best to still keep it that way.
I think that’s kind of what’s grass roots about it. I see NFL and NBA players. I mean they are so sheltered and they are such babies about who they are. They don’t give back to the fans like racers do. So I think it is a good investment cause it’s good entertainment.

Shout out to Boris!

Daytona 500 Pick – Not Going to Happen:

Driver after driver this week has told us that it’s almost impossible to make a good pick for the Daytona 500. Impossible. Jeff Gordon said that anyone can win. He talked about how although Ryan Newman won the 500 last year he would never have selected Newman as a front runner before the race from racing around the team or seeing the practice sheets.

In this race you have to have help at just the right time. You ,preferably, would like a push from a teammate – and even that seems to be like two ships passing in the wind that at the right moment in time, when each driver has been patient enough to get ready to pounce and they meet at just the right moment in the race for the push to be executed.

Shut your eyes, point to the starting line up and have at it. LOL

I’ll be anchoring the pre race show tomorrow (Sunday) for the Daytona 500 and will be hosting “Dialed In” live from the media center 7-10 tonight. I’ll catch you then and will try to blog you before the start of the race Sunday.

So keep posted.

Take care, enjoy!

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Claire B Lang- Schedule for Daytona 500 Weekend-2009 February 12, 2009

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Daytona 500
Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to Daytona!

Here are the broadcast times for “Dialed In” and when I’ll be on the air with the team for pre and post race — through this Daytona 500 weekend.

“Dialed In” on SIRIUS NASCAR Radio (Sirius Channel 128 – and “Best of Sirius” Upgrade on XM on Channel 128) will air the following times for the Daytona 500 weekend:

Thursday, Feb 12, 2009
“Dialed In” With Claire B Lang
7-10 p.m. EST Tonight (Thursday)

Friday, February 13, 2009
“Dialed In” -Pre Race: 7-7:30 p.m. EST Pre Camping World Truck Series Race

CBL Anchors Post Race – (completion of race until 12:00 midnight)

Saturday, February 14, 2009
“Dialed In” – 7-10 p.m. EST

Sunday – February 15th, 2009
Daytona 500 Pre Race – 11:30-1:30 p.m. EST
Post Race – Two full hours of post race programming after the race is over

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’ll be blogging more as we get started into the season. So stay tuned. I’m headed to the garage and will be back in a few minutes with more.

Stay tuned for the Gatorade Duels…..It’s going to be crazy with a lot to talk about tonight!

Claire B

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Welcome to Daytona International Speedway’s Media Center! February 7, 2009

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American NASCAR drive Richard Petty meeting Ge...
Image via Wikipedia

I wanted to let you know all that is going on here at Daytona and send you a few thoughts.

Around the Garage:
First: I heard wind that NASCAR might be looking at the restart lines at the race tracks and the pushing of the limit of picking up speed in the “vicinity” of the line by drivers abusing the system. It seems that the competitors have pushed that rule to the point that they may be abusing it. That is why you may have been seeing cars behind the restart line starting to “go go go” when the flag is not out yet and that some of the restart messes you have witnessed may actually not be the guy holding speed on the restart who gets the blame – but the guys behind him who are jumping the gun and abusing the restart line rule. Look for some thoughts on this to be reviewed. What do you think?

48 team replaces tire specialist at 11th hour:
Hearing that the 48 tire specialist Sean Kerlin was replaced the day before the team left for Daytona on Wednesday evening. Sean did driver comfort for Jimmie Johnson and was the teams tire specialist….He was replaced by LIsa Smokestead who is doing tires for the 48 team here at Daytona. She has been the data base manager and has been the tire specialist for the test teams of the 88 and 48 and I am hearing she is a temporary replacement.

Budweiser Shootout Pick Party:
Yep I was standing out in the cold at the Speed Stage as well as inside the media/VIP tent at the Budweiser Pick Party. Drivers huddled inside the tent prior to heading up to the Speed stage “Bar” set up. I got a kick out of AJ Allmendinger wearing his new “AJ” gear cap. Did you see his cap on the TV broadcast? It was a good one. It’s available on line. David Reutemann was teasing him in the tent before the pick party that he wanted one —and AJ said he’d make sure to get it. So if you see Rutemann wearing and AJ cap don’t be surprised. Most of the drivers huddled in the tent talked about being ready to get out on the race track….finally.

Viewers watching the Bud pick party were studying #20 crew chief Greg Zipadelli’s interaction with his young driver Joey Logano. I got this email:

CBL do you get a sense that Zippy and Joey (Logano) are getting along ok because last night on the (Bud Pick )show where they picked their starting position they barely spoke to each other. I didn’t know if it was just Zipp was annoyed he had to be there because his driver is under 21 or there are “issues”

No- there are not issues. I spoke with Zippy before he went out on stage in the TV area and he simply had a terrible cold and was feeling awful. He was sick…and didn’t feel well. If he was quiet that was the simple explanation. The two are doing fine.

THE KING – & NASCAR’s Top 35 System:
Richard Petty Motorsports unveiled today a paint scheme with historical significance at Daytona International Speedway. (The newly-formed Richard Petty Motorsports’ No. 44 Valvoline Dodge Charger, driven by AJ Allmendinger during Daytona Speedweeks, will feature a tribute to winning history with a replica paint scheme of the Valvoline Dodge that Kyle Petty drove to an ARCA victory for Petty Enterprises at Daytona 30 years ago.)

Question to The King – What is Kyle Petty doing these days?
Kyle Petty taped his show for Speed, as his father, Richard Petty, was in the garage unveiling the paint scheme of the No. 44 car (to be driven by AJ Allmendinger) that has been made to resemble Kyle Petty’s ARCA car that he drove to a win in his Daytona debut in 1979. Question to the King…what is kyle up to these days?

“Last time I seen him he was doing television. I don’t know, ” Petty answered. “In fact I have not seen him for a pretty good while. Cause we’ve been busy. I was in Connecticut yesterday talking to the Stanley people. So you are out there doing all that stuff. Then he’s out there doing a bunch of stuff. He’s been doing a bunch of stuff for the camp. Then he come to Florida to do a Red Cross deal this past weekend sometime and then he was at the 24 hour run for four or five days, I don’t know,” Petty said.

We have racing on the track. I have missed talking cars on the track with you. Cannot wait! The race season has actually started. Here is my weekend Sirius Schedule:

Friday, February 6th –
Dialed In with Claire B Lang
7-10 p.m. EST

Saturday, February 7th-
Dialed In with Claire B Lang
2:00 -4:15 p.m. EST
I anchor Bud Shootout Pre Race Show 4:15 p.m. EST leading into Budweiser Shootout

Sunday, February 8th –
Following qualifying until 8:00 p.m. EST

Looking forward to covering the 2009 race season and for you all and taking you live to races coast to coast.

Thanks for being such a big part of it! I appreciate your emails and live on the air discussions and your opinions and race rants.

Claire B

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