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Kyle Busch Confirms Getting the Toyota Call August 31, 2007

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I’m here in the garage at California Speedway. If you’re looking for a “say it ain’t so” on the story I talked about on the air yesterday about Toyota is going to Joe Gibbs racing you won’t find it with Kyle Busch. I just left the garage meeting room where Kyle Busch said about Joe Gibbs going with Toyota: “I think that they are going to be just fine. This is a business decision that they felt ah right -and I guess now I gotta talk to five star race car bodies to make me a late model body that is a Camry so I gotta make my changes too.” I asked Kyle if he knew ” They kind of led into the fact that they were definitely looking at that and it was a very good possibility – they never gave the definitive answer whether or not it was going to be true so you know I got the call and you know pretty much was OK with it I mean it’s something more so that the crew chief’s and the engineers and all those guys need to approve on you know us drivers it doesn’t matter what we’re driving especially next year it’s just going to be the motor that is going to be the biggest difference you know the bodies are all pretty much close to being the same.”

Patent and Trademark Office Gets Hendrick Number Request August 28, 2007

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I am sitting in my studio in Charlotte, North Carolina and have in my hand the United States Patient and Trademark Office request from Hendrick Motorsports for the use of the #38, #51, #81, #82, #58. The filings from Hendrick Motorsports for these numbers started on July 25th and the #81 was the first, the last number requested was the #38 which was on August 9th. Hendrick Motorsports says that they will not comment on their plans and are not ready to do so – but it’s obvious they are preparing for the various options. CBL

List of numbers requested to NASCAR August 28, 2007

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Here’s a TIDBIT: Regarding the use of the numbers by Hendrick Motorsports for use by Dale Junior – I have heard now that NASCAR has received an “informal request” for a list of numbers for Hendrick Motorsports for use asking them to “hold” a list of numbers. Nothing “official” but a list of numbers including #51, 58, 81, 82, #38.

#38 was only an informal discussion August 28, 2007

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I worked a good part of the day yesterday on the report/rumor about Hendrick Motorsports supposedly asking for #38 from Robert Yates Racing for Dale Earnhardt Junior when he moves to Hendrick Motorsports. TIDBIT: What I was able to find out is that the topic of using the #38 was only “informal conversation” with someone at Robert Yates racing. I would guess Robert. That could range from a phone call to talk in the garage between Robert Yates and someone at Hendrick. Yesterday afternoon, a NASCAR source told me that no official request had come in for the number to them. Jesse Essex from Hendrick Motorsports replied to me by email “A formal announcement will be made when plans are in place. Thank you for the inquiry, but we do not have additional comment at this time.” No confirmation or denial. My guess is that there was informal discussion about this number but it was not to the stage of formally requesting it from NASCAR. It may be one of the numbers they were looking at on a list – they’d have to see if the number(s) are available to even discuss them but that by no means indicates they’d use that particular number. I would guess as they do their research on any of the numbers they are looking into we’ll see more rapid fire stories. I’ll keep you grounded on this as I hear more reality. CBL